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  • Paperback
  • A Short History of the Arab Peoples
  • John Bagot Glubb غلوب باشا
  • English
  • 04 September 2014
  • 9780812813517

About the Author: John Bagot Glubb غلوب باشا

Lieutenant General Sir John Bagot History of PDF/EPUB ä Glubb KCB CMG DSO OBE MC aka Glubb Pasha was a British Army officer who was for many years seconded to A Short Kindle - the Arab Legion of the Trans Jordan later The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan which he ultimately commanded until dismissed by King Hussein in March He wrote Short History of Kindle Ö many books after his retirement primarily on the history of the Middle East and on Mili.

10 thoughts on “A Short History of the Arab Peoples

  1. Mike Mike says:

    I’ve said it before but will say it again; sometimes history is just so damn interesting This is an excellent book for anyone to get grounded on the Arab peoples from 600 AD to the 1950’s although I thought the Ottoman era did not receive sufficient attention One of Glubb’s main themes is that the West is not taught about the 5 centuries from 600 AD to 1100 AD with Europe cut off from the world The Arabs owned the Mediterranean and the land from the Mahgreb to Afghanistan a barrier to the trade and intermixing that was a part of the Greek Roman and Byzantine eras on this later We in the West like to think our heritage and history was passed down directly from the Greeks and Romans but it was the Arab civilizations that formed the bridge between medieval Europe and the earlier periods The Arab peoples added to the Greco Roman knowledge base while passing it on Glubb attributes the failure to teach this history to fear of the Arabs even into the Renaissance and a desire to play down any contribution from outside the Western Canon I think he is mostly right I don’t remember any significant history from the age of Constantine until the Crusades “Algebra” and “Arabic numerals” are just about the only contributions generally acknowledgedA Short History of the Arab Peoples gets 4 Stars and a permanent place on the history shelf This book is a series of small chapters each covering a time period and a geographical area An outstanding part of each chapter is a map pertinent to the topic showing key movements boundaries and battles; along with a genealogy of rulers and the names of key players For example the map of the Middle East as the Abbasid dynasty begins to disintegrate and the Byzantine Empire regains military prowessview spoiler hide spoiler

  2. Adam Ames Adam Ames says:

    Incredibly informative can't believe there's so much I didn't know about this region of the world

  3. Rogier Rogier says:

    This is a really good introduction to Arab history written by John Bagot Glubb the commander of Transjordan's Arab Legion between 1939 and 1956 The book starts with history of pre islamic Arabia and ends in the 20th century Glubb also gives the Western reader an excellent understanding of the Arab mind and sense of what an Arab is In the West we love to think of peoples as homogeneous wholes living in a certain territory 'the French' 'the Germans' or 'the Danes' This might work well for the nation states of Western Europe which have for historical reasons developed along this path but this logic breaks down when looking outside of Europe which is why Glubb uses the term 'Arab peoples' instead of 'the Arabs' The difference between urban Arabs and Bedouin Arabs and the original Arabian and other culturally Arab but ethnically different Arabs living outside of the Arabian peninsula in the Levant and Northern Africa are made very clear for a Western audience which thinks in peoples and nation statesThe different stages of Arab history are explained very well I thought Glubb's comparison of transition of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire to the transition of the Umayyad Caliphate to the Abbasid Caliphate was very poignant for example As an advocate of the theory of cyclical history see Glubb's The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival 1978 Glubb makes countless other parallels between Arab history and Greco Roman or Western history two histories about which a Western audience will be much intimately knowledgeable than about Arab history The book also contains dozens of helpful maps and family trees that provide a helpful guideline to keep up with the large amount of information contained in the book If you want to understand the Arab mindset and see the parallels between the history of the Arabs and the history of Greco Roman civilisation and our own civilisation this book is a must read

  4. Jay Wright Jay Wright says:

    This is not an easy read The names are confusing and they throw a lot at you It is not well footnoted but throwing that aside it is a short history of Arabs and the Islam religion in only a few pages I learned a great deal in those few pages Finally I recommend this to shed new light on an old problem Palestine

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