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The Ugly Duckling ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Ugly Duckling By Iris Johansen ⚣ – If fate suddenly made you beautiful than you ever dreamed possible, would it be the beginning of a fairy tale, or your worst nightmare The brutal attack should have killed anybody, but Nell Calder di If fate suddenly made youbeautiful than you ever dreamed possible, would it be the beginning of a fairy tale, or your worst nightmare The brutal attack should have The Ugly PDF/EPUB ² killed anybody, but Nell Calder didthan survive She emerged a woman transformed, with an exquisite beauty found only in fairy tales Nell Calder deserved a happy ending Instead, her descent into terror has just begunHer attacker is still on the hunt, determined to finish what he s started And Nell, protected by a new face, is just as determined to fight back and take her revenge But to catch her prey, she will have to expose herself even if it makes her a killer s prime target.

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  1. Jessica Jessica says:

    First Johansen novel I ever read, and I was hooked I think this was the first time I d read a novel solely about a woman making it on her own, and I found I liked it.Nell suffered a great deal before her transformation, but I loved her determination to exact revenge on those who started the suffering She wasn t about to be bullied, and she was going to use her new face and figure to her advantage, come Hell or high water.That she didn t need to put herself in mortal danger was never a consideration for her That she had no idea how to track down the people she was looking for, or how to go about getting the revenge she so desperately needed wasn t even a consideration Her sole focus was the end result, and she knew she d get there somehow.Part Rambo, part femme fatale, Nell emerged from under the knife and the hospital visit as someone she didn t even know, and didn t stop to reflect or figure herself out until she had accomplished her goal.

  2. Carolyn Bunkley Carolyn Bunkley says:

    This is one of the worst books I ever read I stuck with it to the end, though, because it was a best seller and reviewed well, so I had to try to find out why I then passed it to a friend without telling her my opinion of it, telling her we d discuss it after she finished she then tortured her sister the same way.We were never able to figure out if Johanssen was writing tongue in cheek, or if she were trying to write seriously She stumbled back and forth across the line so may times it was impossible to decide I ve picked up a few of her works and flipped through them, and the writing seems so similar that I just put them back on the shelf.The heroine is seriously disfigured, so a plastic surgeon gives her a beautiful face with a Roman nose Really Then there is the continued reference to how fat she is a hideous size 12 With all the concern about eating disorders, to consider a size 12 hideous is just wrong The plot is preposterous, the phonetic spelling of the accents of one of the characters hilarious, and to top it off, not one of the characters is really likeable in any way Just goes to prove that a book doesn t have to be good to sell well I said I would recommend it to nobody, but it might be a good cautionary how not to example for a fledgling writer Awful, simply awful.

  3. Parvathy Parvathy says:

    First off the book did fall short of my expectation though it was an interesting read I still don t get the need to turn the character beautiful So you have a plain jane, plus sized heroine who is a doormat Trampled by her husband, parents and pretty much every one she meets and she takes it in good stride because..she is not attractive..believable Then she is targeted by some mysterious gang which ends up killing her husband and daughter whom she really adores and damages her face beyond recognition A perfect set up for a revenge story Then you have this hero who also has a scarred past and score to settle going on a guilt trip because he was unable to save the woman and child he just met decides to fly in the world s most renowned plastic surgeon and get the woman s face fixed So the good doctor gets creative and decides to give our plain Jane a face better than that of Helen of Troy The hero decides to fake the women s death and give her a new identity to eliminate threats while the Plain Jane turned Helen of Troy wants to do the same but KILL BILL style Till this I was completely with the author and was pretty sure going to give this one a four star but then as the story progressed I realized there was no particular reason for the face change What was the author trying to prove I get it if she used the face to gain information from her former acquaintances or act as a double agent or something but that is not the case She still goes into hiding, she still needs to train and she still does every thing the way it should be done The whole time I kept thinking she could have done all this things with her plain self why set up this elaborate plastic surgery ruse if you are not going to use the idea The writer seems to be saying a pretty face gives confidence and strength but I think anyone has gone through what she has would become strong irrespective of the face Which still brings me back to square one Why the face It is not as though the villains would recognize her like that..She had luck blending in as her former self So there you have it, I have reduced one star for not adequately exploiting the premise but other than that the book is an enjoyable read that should be given a try

  4. Cheri Cheri says:

    This was much better than I thought it would be I didn t figure out the mystery til it was solved

  5. fleurette fleurette says:

    This is a really strange book that reminds me of some of Linda Howard s books Iris Johansen, on the other hand, also sometimes has tendencies towards similar novels.The main characters, Nell and Tanek are all right I like him a little than her But neither of them is a hero that I will remember for years Tanek is probably created a little in the likeness of Roarke from the Nora Roberts series, but he lacks a bit In general, Tanek seems to be unrealistic Nell is an interesting character who undergoes a significant change However, I find it hard to believe in love between them, friendship and deep respect is credible but love not really.The plot of this book is really strange, although to some extent typical for Iris Johansen You can talk about the action here rather than about the criminal intrigue The whole story resembles a scenario of an action movie, also in the absence of any realities I think I d rather watch this book as a movie than read it The whole story focuses on the mother s revenge for the death of her child However, I could have read too many books of this type because some solutions are obvious to me view spoiler as, for example, that Richard lives and is a traitor hide spoiler

  6. Rachelle Rachelle says:

    The book held my interest throughout, I think partly I thought the writing style flowed well and partly because I wanted to find out why Nell was a target I found some parts annoying and unnecessary, for instance, the training camp I thought the way these multiple men wanted to rape her was treated kind of lightly She actually went hiking in a swamp with them the day after the attempted rape incident, like it was no big deal Also I didn t really understand the point of Peter being in the story And am I the only one who thinks Tania and Michaela seemed to be almost the same person, taken from the same mold I also thought the whole scene in the auditorium with the sword and the virus was just ridiculous and beyond belief This was my first Johansen book and I will probably try another book by her.

  7. Betsy Betsy says:

    I found the book somewhat slow as well as unrealistic Characters were not relatable Writing style was good though Not my favorite book by the author 3 stars

  8. Jenny Jenny says:

    This book shouldn t have taken me almost a week to finish but I just couldn t get into these characters One thing that Johansen seems to fall prey to in her books is too many characters Some of them don t even have page time, so it s a challenge to me to keep all these people straight I was constantly flipping back to see who the person was And they all have weird names that I think Johasen makes up C mon, Rivil Pardeau Tanek Kabler I m pretty sure she just chooses letters at random and arranges them to make a word I liked Nicholas, but I wasn t really a fan of the main character, Nell She was way too one dimensional I also didn t buy that she so quickly because so smart and confident She was kind of an idiot, too did she really believe that her husband wasn t paid off to marry her DUMB.

  9. joyce lynn joyce lynn says:

    not one of the best of her s that i ve read so far, but certainly WELL worth reading very gripping tale i must admit, tho, i m beginning to wonder if the woman Iris Johansen has had some unpleasant dealings w the CIA or something in her life except for 2 of the books of her s i ve read, she s involved some governmentally abc d agency, if not , in her plots, and they ve not all been clean characters that are SUPPOSED to be protecting us and are SUPPOSEDLY setting good examples for us AND are above reproach , like we d hoped those powers that be would be of course, in the other 2 books i read, the only reason it wasn t dirty CIA agencies was because of the time period THOSE books still had dirty government officials, they were just kings and such as i ve been unfortunately finding and , progress is only truly supposed and it is NOT all it s cracked up to be i think in WAY too many ways, we ve actually backslide NOT moved forward 8 anyway i ll climb off my soap box, for now, and say again that this book, and this author, is a GREAT one if you love mystery, intrigue, twists and turns, and don t mind a little romance tossed in especially if you like gripping the arm of your reading chair most of the time happy readin i m off to play w laundry, do other chores, and TRY and figure out which book in my pile i m going to dive into next oh, SO many books, SOO many authors, 8 and SO SO SSOOO little time 8

  10. Nicole Nicole says:

    Iris Johansen has created and romance, mystery,and thriller all combind into one work of art The story plot is amazing the why she plans out everything to be reveald just at the right moment Nell Calder tricked herself into believing she loved Richard So she settled as being a trophey wife She thought she could not get better She loved being home with her daughter Jill Jill was and will always be Nell s life After Jill and Richard had died, she had no reason to live Tanek didn t agree Plastic surgeon, Jeol Lieber, gave her what every girl wants the swan at the end of every ugly duckling story Well, at least on the outside however, inside, she was empty Once again Tanek gave her a reason to go on Nell thrived on this she became obsessed Deweling on it every minute of everyday doing anything she had to to get want she wanted, better yet, needed Tanek took Nell under his wing and brought her to his secret place She knew she had to keep him emotionally distant yet, she felt the most comfortable with him, maybe even too comfortable The two of them grew closer as Nell learned they both had been deweling on the same issue I would recomend this book to anyone whos looking for something that will make want to never set the book down This is the first of Iris Johansen books that i ve read and i think there will be in my future.

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