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Somebody's Husband, Somebody's Son [PDF / Epub] ☉ Somebody's Husband, Somebody's Son By Gordon Burn – It seemed the case of the notorious Yorkshire Ripper was finally closed when Peter Sutcliffe was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1981 But in the early 1980s Gordon Burn spent three years living in S It seemed the case of the notorious Yorkshire Ripper was finally closed when Peter Sutcliffe was sentenced to life imprisonment in But in the early s Gordon Burn spent three years living in Sutcliffe's home town of Bingley researching his life A modern classic Somebody's Husband Somebody's Son offers one Somebody's Husband, MOBI :↠ of the most penetrating and provocative insights into the mind of a murderer ever written'A book which will with some justice be compared to In Cold Blood and The Executioner's Song It's as if Thomas Hardy were also present at the writing of this account of the Yorkshire Ripper' Norman Mailer.

About the Author: Gordon Burn

Gordon Burn was an English writer born in Newcastle upon Tyne and the author of four novels and several works of non fictionBurns novels deal with issues of modern fame and faded celebrity as well as life through a media lens His novel Alma Cogan which imagined the future life Somebody's Husband, MOBI :↠ of the British singer Alma Cogan had she not died in the s won the Whitbread Award for Best First Novel.

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  1. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    There are extraordinary side stories that get overlooked in the welter of blood and horror created by serial killers like Peter Sutcliffe the Yorkshire Ripper and this is oneSutcliffe began his attacks on women many of them prostitutes in July 1975 Over the next four years eleven women were killedIn June 1979 George Oldfield the cop in charge of the case received a cassette through the post followed by three letters The cassette tape said I'm Jack I see you are still having no luck catching me I have the greatest respect for you George but Lord you are no nearer catching me now than four years ago when I startedI reckon your boys are letting you down George It can't be much good can ya The only time they came near me was a few months back in Chapeltown when I was disturbed Even then it was a uniform copper not a detective I warned you in March that I'd strike again Sorry it wasn't Bradford I did promise you that but I couldn't get there I'm not uite sure when I will strike again but it will definitely be sometime this year maybe September or October even sooner if I get the chance I am not sure where maybe Manchester I like it there there's plenty of them knocking about They never learn do they George I bet you've warned them but they never listenAt the rate I'm going I should be in the book of records I think it's 11 up to now isn't itWell I'll keep on going for uite a while yet I can't see myself being nicked just yet Even if you do get near I'll probably top myself first Well it's been nice chatting to you GeorgeYours Jack the RipperThe voice had a very distinctive accent – experts pinned it down to the Castletown area of Sunderland 40000 men in that area were investigated and the tape was splashed all over the press by the cops Help us find the RipperThe tape was a hoax But the cops fell for it 100% During the four year investigation the cops had interviewed Peter Sutcliffe several times And they interviewed him a few times after the tape came out but by then they knew it couldn’t be him he had the wrong accentWhile the cops were running around after the fake Jack Sutcliffe himself killed another three womenHe was finally caught in January 1981The cops tried to find the hoaxer and failed 24 years later there was a cold case review of the evidence and some bright spark realised that the tape had been sent in an envelope they still had and so they analysed the bit of the envelope where the sender had to lick it to stick it and bingo they had a DNA match it was from a drunk disorderly charge from 2000 Their hoaxer was a labourer with a drink problem named John HumbleHe was prosecuted and served three years in prison I heard on the radio that he died today

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    A true crime classic Somebody's Husband Somebody's Son is a biography of Peter Sutcliffe than the typical true crime book Burn spends a large portion of the book chronicling Sutcliffe's life from childhood to the murders extensively interviewing his father and two brothers with about 50% of the book devoted to this The second half is focused on the murders themselves and the subseuent trial I'm sure other books on the Ripper have a greater focus on Sutcliffe's crimes and the police investigation but this one is a little lighter on those aspects This was fine by me because the biographical sections are engaging but is worth knowing before you go in

  3. Lisa Lisa says:

    Despite being something of a true crime aficionado until now I’ve restricted most of my reading to crimes committed far from my shores – for some reason while the crimes of our transatlantic cousins are never not disturbing reading about British killers makes it all a bit real and grim for me However having had my interest piued by a number of true crime podcasts I decided it was high time I looked at those closer to home and so chose to start with Somebody’s Husband Somebody’s Son – an excellent book that looks at the life and crimes of Peter Sutcliffe AKA The Yorkshire RipperHaving achieved notoriety in the UK for his brutal slayings of women – predominantly prostitutes although that distinction mattered less to him as time went on as he widened his net to include any woman that caught his eye – Sutcliffe’s modus operandi included attacking from behind with a hammer yeesh and then a horrific amount of stabbing Eventually convicted of murdering 13 women and attempting to murder 7 Sutcliffe is serving a life sentence in prison and thankfully in this instance life definitely means life with the High Court confirming in 2010 following an appeal that he will never be released from custody Somebody’s Husband Somebody’s Son looks at Sutcliffe’s whole life based on extensive interviews with his family and friends except for his strange wife Sonia who continues to keep her silence With lots of the anecdotes and conversations reported in the local vernacular this really enhanced the narrative making it feel like a particularly grim fiction and the cast of ‘colourful’ characters the men in particular that made up Sutcliffe’s large family seemed straight out of an even depressing than usual Ken Loach film When the only barely decent man in your family is also the one who has spent a large portion of his life living in the fucking woods you know your family is all kinds of screwed upAlso looking at the police investigation in to the crimes of The Ripper which found itself waylaid by believing hoax letters and tapes sent to them and the press and not bothering to investigate the many tips they received from people in his life believing Sutcliffe was the Ripper Somebody’s Husband Somebody’s Son also makes clear how easily he could have got away with it all as is often the case it was a traffic related crime that eventually got him caught Reading all of this true crime while fascinating has definitely shaken my confidence in the ability of investigators to catch the perpetrators and I’ve uickly come to the conclusion that if I ever got murdered my mum would crack the case faster than the policeIf you’re at all interested in true crime this really is an excellent entry in the genre – just be prepared to look askance at every bearded lorry driver you come across afterwards The same author has also written a book on Rose Fred West an even notorious couple of British killers – on the strength of this book I’ll be hunting that one down soon as I continue my grim odyssey across BritainAlso posted at Cannonball Read 9

  4. Susan Susan says:

    This must be one of the most fascinating and unsettling books I have read Rather than a 'true crime' book this is a biography of Peter Sutcliffe looking at his family childhood and youth through his adulthood crimes and imprisonment The book in no way dehumanizes Sutcliffe's victims but what it does do is show us the bizarre way that the Yorkshire Ripper was both a savage killer and the man who visited elderly relatives at Christmas; a man who helped his father and brother rearrange furniture and then drove straight to the location where he had hidden a body who had both a human and an utterly demonic sideIn hindsight it is easy to spot bizarre and worrying signs in Peter Sutcliffe's early years but mainly he seemed to be a fairly average person He did not achieve great things either academically or career wise drifting through various jobs and marrying his wife after she had a breakdown and in spite of the fact she was seeing another man Although essentially a loner this was a person who had parents siblings a wife relations and friends It is almost inconceivable that he was not arrested earlier despite being interviewed five times by the police with early indications that tied him to the case a £5 note found in a victim's handbag that was given in a paypacket to one of a handful of firms including his; the fact he was fined for hitting a prostitute with a weighted sock before the murders and that he was also arrested lurking behind a hedge with a hammer Possibly today with modern computer systems his name would have been flagged up much sooner Although this was obviously a huge manhunt people who knew Sutcliffe including members of his own family considered that he could be a possible candidate for the 'Ripper' and certainly at least one of his former friends visited the police to voice concernsMostly though this really is a book about the true face of evil It is a sad fact that this man was undetected for so long because he blended in From a small town yet anonymous once in his hunting grounds he did not look or appear threatening Sadly many of his victims did not see the attack coming it is awful to contemplate how this man literally attacked and killed and then appeared so normal to those around him The author walked a fine line writing this book but he was fair in his representations of everybody he wrote about This is an excellent read and I recommend it highly

  5. POW! POW! says:

    Another true crime masterwork from Gordon Burn I had read his account of Fred and Rose West Happy Like Murderers and was so impressed with his writing and gift of narrative that I had to investigate thisI'm glad I did although I appreciate that this genre is not for everyone Incredibly well written and paced Burn gives a chilling insight into the mind and motivations of the Yorkshire psychopath

  6. Brian Hamilton Brian Hamilton says:

    I literally could not put this book down Although written at a time close to the events Gordon Burn offers a uniue and insightful perspective beyond the lurid sensationalism almost all writing about this case descended toThe amount of time he spent with the family of Peter Sutcliffe clearly shows through and whilst neither he nor we can properly gauge and dissect Sutcliffe he certainly presents a rounded portrait that the standard bogeyman trope thrown out by lazy journalists and authorsI suppose on some level we do not want to understand this man for understanding is perhaps the first step on the road to forgiveness And in the final analysis who really wants to give this man the time needed to forgiveBurn is an excellent author that speaks in a homely style and offers strong insights without patronising or alienating the reader I cannot recommend this book highly enough an esential read for anyone with a passing interest in true crime Burn is a very underrated author and disappointingly any time I browse the true crime section in my local bookstore there is nothing by Burn but reams of filler material about 'hard men' and 'Guv'nor' characters Shame really as there is a depth of true crime writing out there which is worthy of reading

  7. Babs Babs says:

    This kind of book isn't to everyone's liking But if you are interested in the psychology of or rather the clues allowing you to guess at the psychology of serial killers psychopaths etc then this one is for you I find this area fascinating anyway but Gordon Burn is a very intelligent sophisticated and careful writer to boot He manages to convey a sense of pervading menace and darkness in his tone He also fundamentally writes of the people involved in a way that emphasises that they are real people who existed a tad uiet had a stroke at 55 belonged to a secret club as a teenager had a suint liked hammers etcAfter all the most spine tingling amazing and possibly most important thing that the author points out is that the victims were everyday people and so was the killer apparently; until he finally and utterly randomly got found outA gripping and thought provoking book that borders on literature

  8. Dick Dick says:

    Having read a few of this authors other books I read this having little knowledge of the case other than it being seemly ever present on the news as I grew up This book presents the facts of the case in a non sensationalist manner but doesn't shy away from the horrific deeds of Sutcliffe and shows how he was eventually brought to justice However it is also a terrifying snapshot of 70's Britain where the police are ineffective the media are ghoulish ambulance chasers and most horrifically women are very much second class citizens Burn doesn't draw attention and point fingers but casual mysogyny is peppered throughout the book in a way you cannot fail to notice From the threat of violence within the home to football fans jeering announcements at matches designed to catch the ripper A gripping brilliantly written social document

  9. Xanthi Xanthi says:

    I found this book engrossing The author gives you a solid feel for the place he wrote about and the era This book focuses upon who Sutcliffe was where he lived what his family and upbringing were like his social life etc It gives an account of his life between the murders The murders themselves and the trial are touched upon but it is the Yorkshire Ripper's private life that the author focuses upon I read this book with some morbid curiosity I guess though have to point out in no way is this book sensationalist or tabloid ish in anyway Worth reading alongside Wicked Beyond Belief

  10. Chris Wright Chris Wright says:

    As much a book about a community at a specific period of time as about the Yorkshire Ripper One of the few books to give voice to real people and their opinions are laid out in amazing detail I would think the book would be an eye opener for those who never come into contact with the sort of people as the Sutcliffes and their friends Doesnt really come to any conclusions about Sutcliffe himself Was he mador bad or is it irrelevant anyway

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