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Insatiable [PDF] ✅ Insatiable By Opal Carew – How far would you go for a taste of ecstasyCrystal never dreamed her engagement would end this way with her fiancé breaking her heart the day of the weddingand his best man stepping in to mend it  N How far would you go for a taste of ecstasyCrystal never dreamed her engagement would end this way with her fiancé breaking her heart the day of the weddingand his best man stepping in to mend it  Now she’s about to embark on her dream honeymoon with the sinfully sexy best man  But when the groom shows up determined to win her back she ends up in a highly unusual situationon a honeymoon for three Caught between two gorgeous guys — each determined win her hand by showing her the most pleasure — Crystal has an impossible decision to make  Who will she end up with once the honeymoon is over  And how can she follow her heart when it belongs to two men at once .

About the Author: Opal Carew

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Opal Carew loves cats Zentangle and wild nail polish.

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  1. Dinjolina Dinjolina says:

    So How did this novel start?Very very promisingWe had a straight man and woman madly in loveThe problem? The man’s best friend was also in love with the woman Oh Drama on the horizont Ta da da dummmIt all started when the other man kissed the bride to be on her wedding day making her husband to be take off to parts unknown The bride and best man hit it off in the aftermath and all is well in paradise with a new love bloomingThat isuntil the almost husband returned ad decided to fight for his womanHow? By orgasmsscreams from joy over the plotBy this pont I was panting with excitement at having a grand big ménage I haven’t read a good ménage in a whilefolksI was also very curious to see how the author was going to introduce the ménage because the husband to be Brent was a bit of a stiff neck and not somebody I could imagine taking a step to the wild sideSo how did the author do it?By making an other woman fondle the heroine on a beach Eh? YeahI was a bit skeptical also because frankly? Our heroine is only slightly loose than future hubby Brent Her character up to there should have slapped the woman and scrammed But still What do I know? It served the purpose it was supposed to made our heroes so hot they HAD to have her Feeeewww fans herself Now everybody who thinks our two heroes and the heroine had mind blowing sex and lived happy ever after they are wrongAfter this the whole book went down the drain in such a hurry I almost could not keep upA talk with her new booby touching friend makes the heroine sad because her men have not done a DP with her She instead of taking a deap breath and letting her fears go in order to share something really special with two men that have never done this beforegives them to her booby touching new slutty friend Sarah I kid you notBecause that was just the most logical thing ever Give away men that you love to a random skanky chick you meet on a beach so they can ‘see it all from a new perspective’ What new perspective you ask? I have no idea The one they will see while sharing a first time experience with a random woman while the woman they love watches Let me inform you of one thingthis was also supposed to be a voyeuristic scene Sadly the only thing I got to read about was how the heroine was left out She had some fondling from the booby toucher but after that she just stood on the lines looking in in a very non sexy wayHow can it be non sexy?Well we have this scene in a partial POV from one of the man and he ‘Forgets everything and everybody around him but the soaking pusy and Evan’ Let us do the mathwe have Evan Brent the OW and the heroine If Brent forgot EVERYBODY but the OW and Evan who does that leave us with? I know you see where I am going with thisSo after reading this scene I felt alone and like somebody sucked all the romance out of me leaving only literotica And when I say literal porn I mean hard core almost insulting only sexy to man literotica at thatHoping nothing could be worse than this and having a slight OCD when it comes to finishing books I read onTHE AGONY OH THE AGONYSeemingly out of nowhere men that were friends for 20 years men that never had a gay tendency in their life and finaly men that did not even feel very free with sharing a womandevelop a strong need for each other’s penisIt was not subtle it was not written well and it was not believableSo why was it there? Because this is a whole new issue that is threatening their happy ever after Ohyesthey STILL have no happy ever after even thou nobody knows WHYThe heroine has a light bulb moment What could help? Why going back to the booby toucher’s villa and getting it on with her and her casual love partner with a big penisOMFG? Right? Could somebody step in to this relationship? Maybe the heroine’s sister?At this point the former best manalso know as the man that basically started the spin of this whole story is all open to new things He is open to some sex with Sarah he is open to having sex with Sarah’s male loverthank God there were no pets around he would have probably wanted to tray that on for size So I was starting to ask myselfwhy did he not just leave the heroine and Brent alone? I mean even thou he is so very much in love with the main girl he is prepared to wreck her wedding and fuk over his bf he is also very eager to stick his penis in to ANYTHING Because it is fun And he is such a easygoing guy Riiiiigt Also out of nowhere the author broke out the big gunsBDSMSarah apparently is a dominatrix mistressYeeeeah It seems only the kitchen sink is now waiting to be thrown inat this point I was having the HUGEST headache of all timeAny waymoving onThe whole group sex scene was plain old cringe worthyI know we were supposed to learn SOMETHING but I have no idea WHATKane Sarah’s lover did a BJ on the other two men Well okwhat ever Introduction to gay sex I guess But then Sarah gets naked and strangely it is again all about herEvan the above mentioned eager beaver is the first to jump at the opportunity to do DP on Sarah with Kane thus confirming my theory that Brent and Crystal are better off on their own without these other creepsWhy do I call them creeps? Well while Brent and Crystal are happy in their bubble Sarah has a hissy fit and decided to punish them for doing it all alone because duuuh she is THE MISTRESS and she says soThe heroine is now having sex with the huge penis ed lover of Sarah while Sarah is jumping on Brent Why oh why you ask?Because Sarah is just so special and we should all love hershuddersThe book continues on trough silly issues that have no place in the story Even thou they seem to get along just fine with having sex with EVERYBODY the two men fret over Crystal picking out just one of them I personally snorted every time any one of the characters thought this because franklygoing back to normal after all these shenanigans? PftTo my utter horror but true to the authors leitmotiv there is one HUGE Sarah and Kane scene right smack at the end After a big grand revelation that what they all did was sex and it was now time to think about doing something with the initial love and the initial characters Crystal runs to consult with Sarah but finds a naked Kane ? Her men are of course not jealous No They want Kane to have sex with her ? Soon enough Sarah comes in and it is all about Sarah again Like you did not know that was comingAt one point all THREE men are having sex with Sarah while the heroine stands on the lines ?Brent the big unflappable straight laced dude form the beginning has a super sexcapade with Kane because it seems Evan infected him too and he is now ready to have sex with anybody Even OTHER MEN OTHER MEN THAT ARE NOT EVEN EVAN All this orgy goodness fades to black and we have a final scene in which nothing happens Just the heroine all happy on the beach because she now has two men and oh joy They like one anotherBottom line? No issues are resolved but the book still ends suddenly on a false happy note Nobody in the whole story is exclusive I am still staggered by the fact that not even Evan and Brent had stayed true to each other It seems that in the end this was not even a gay for you book It was a ‘screw whatever has a whole’ book Which makes the whole dealings even less special and the author never gave me even one romantic scene A real romantic ‘I love you we can do this’ sceneAll in the name of sensualitythat btw was not there Because nothing in the whole book was subtle and tought trough plot wise SoSoehmsoeerrrmmWHAT A MESS This book has officially turned me indefinitely from ménage sex and gay for you sex Maybe even from any erotica books at all I am now too scared to start reading anything because THIS book had such an innocent blurb You almost had no idea it was going to be a ménage Let alone a sex buffet with take anything you like for 99All in all horrible and not worth your time Any erotica reader and ménage lover worth their salt will want to bleach their brain after thisMe included

  2. Booklover, Indianapolis Booklover, Indianapolis says:

    April More like 15 I have read a couple of other OC books and from what I recall they are forgettable sexfests The only reason I read this is I came across a very funny review and though nah can't be that bad but oh yes it is This trainwreck of a book is the kind of book that gives all erotica a bad name And the sex while plentiful and I mean plentiful is not even all that hotThere is barely a story on her wedding day the best man confesses his love to the bride She ralizes she's always had feelings for him and passionately kisses him and the groom sees this and walks out on the wedding bride has no idea he's seen this She's devastated to be left at the alter so she gets over her sadness by having sex wthe best man deciding to then take him on her two week honeymoon Groom shows up as well full of apologies and wanting her back Bride is like hmmmmy fault for kissing someone else but he walked so maybe if we marry he'll walk at the first sign of troublewhat shall I do? I know Have lots random sex because that will help me decide who I love And off she goes she has sex wthe groom the best man a woman she meets on the beach that woman's boyfriend anal oral threesome etc The men meanwhile also have sex wBeach Woman and discover out of the blue they've always had feelings for one another so they also have sex weach other and wBeach Woman's guy After many orgy like scenes the bride groom and best man decide they will make it work somehow probably wlots of sex they will live HEA wprobably no marriage but kids and dogs and a white picket fence I've lived in the suburbs my whole life and have yet to meet any poly families but boy romances like these make them seem so normal

  3. Pete Pete says:

    Insatiable an strange story by Opal Carew I thought I was out of control on roller coaster This story was too weird Seems like Crystal was on drugs or something kissing the best man of the intended groom I thought I was in a drama class of third gradersOn again off again with who is making the most mistakes The writing was terribly hard to follow and awkward I got lost in this bizarre romance to the point that I almost dnf It went on to encompass ménage and bdsm

  4. Regina Regina says:

    SpoilersJust when I thought the story had a good premise going the improbable happened Crystal who claimed to be in love with her fiance Brent finds herself in a heated kiss fest with her soon to be husband's best friend Evan just thirty minutes before her wedding But that's okay right since she's always had a certain sexual attraction to Evan Then the groom doesn't show and of course the good friend steps in and before you know it they're knocking boots in the honeymoon suite Okay maybe it'll get better I tell myself but then they're off on the honeymoon trip together Good grief The groom follows nursing a broken heart because he witnessed their heated embrace yet Crystal feels that's not as bad as being jilted Sure she feels just a little guilty for having already slept with Evan but that was justified right? Stop already No amount of erotic scenes with however many partners was going to make up for Crystal and Evan's duplicitous behavior I just couldn't get past that and didn't finish One star

  5. jenjn79 jenjn79 says:

    Rating 25 5By far not the worst Opal Carew book that I've read that honor goes to Six but this book falls short of what I want out of an erotic romanceSeries NoteNo known series connectionsSummaryJust before Crystal's wedding is to take place her groom's best man Evan a friend of hers as well confesses that he is in love with her and asks her not to get married They share a kiss but Crystal plans to go through with the wedding Unfortunately her groom Brent sees the kiss and runs away leaving Crystal almost at the alter To get over the devastation Crystal still goes on her honeymoon to the Cayman Islands but she takes Evan the best man with her Why not see where things could go with him Though she's always tried to deny it she's always been attracted to himThen Brent decides to chase after Crystal and win her back But when he gets there Crystal can't just toss Evan aside and go back to Brent She proposes they spent the rest of their time their as a threesome and at the end she'll pick who she wants In the course of their sexual escapes some surprising things come to light and at the end Crystal isn't sure if she can pick just oneReviewI knew going into reading this book that there was a good chance I might not like it I've read a handful of Carew's books and they're very hit or miss miss than hit But I saw that it was a bi menage story which I generally can't turn down So I thought I'd give it a goThere are a lot of problems with this book but oddly enough I didn't hate it and liked it to a certain extent At the same time it was lacking in a lot of areas and does not deliver what a reader tends to want out of an erotic romance The premise of the story is that you have three friends Crystal Brent and Evan Brent and Evan have been best friends for like 20 years Crystal and Brent are getting married with Evan the best man Just before the wedding Evan tells Crystal he loves her and wants a chance Brent sees and runs off Crystal ends up going on the honeymoon with Evan and Brent comes after her The three end up having lots of kinky sex together while Crystal has to choose between themInitially it sounded like an interesting premise but once you get into it and see what's really going on things seem rather shallow and you kinda shake your head and say whateverBut for me the biggest fault in the setup of the story and it's something I've noticed with Carew's books before is almost a total lack of character portraits By that I mean your average romance book sets up it's charactersyou get a portrait with words of the characters age general physical appearance full name job etc etc Facts that let you know who you are reading about It helps you connect with the characters Carew has not yet mastered this techniue In this book you're left knowing very very little about these 3 main characters I don't think any of them were given a last name you only had a general inkling of their ages I don't know that I could tell you what any of them looked like Unless you want to know what their dicks looked like The author spent time describing Brent and Evan's dicks than she did the characters That's a major fault in my mind By the time I finished the book I felt like I hardly knew anything about these charactersexcept for what their dicks looked likeIt's a fault that sometimes pops up in erotic romances Not so much these days as I think erotic romances have gotten a lot well rounded but some of the first erotic romances I read were like that Not enough focus on the characters and the story and just a lot of sex And that's kinda what you end up getting here I was hoping for a solid story with good character development lots of emotion and some hot sex with it I think this book started off on the right foot in a way minus the lack of character portraits I was actually maybe halfway through when it occurred to me that the book was rather tame for an Opal Carew book But then things go a than a little crazySuddenly a story based on the romantic conflict between the three characters who was Crystal going to choose how would things work out etc morphs into a story that was a sexual free for all The three hook up with a sexually open couple in the villa next door and then you're getting sex in just about every way imaginable What could have been a decent bi menage story of three people adjusting to a new situation just degraded in a story of sexual experimentation It makes you go a little cross eyed and wonder WTF? I don't fault the sexual experimentation except that it came out of left field and didn't fit the story in my opinion It takes the focus off what you want the story to be about Then there's the bisexual issue of the story where Brent and Evan start messing around with each other Now I certainly don't care that that happened I absolutely love bi menage stories but this one was off You've got the two guys who have been best friends for 20 years with nothing sexual at all between Then boom Brent's wondering what it would be like to suck Evan's dick And you're left wondering wait where did that come from? It comes off as something that's just plopped in there for the sake of adding some MM sex and to make the menage relationship complete It makes things on the unbelievable sideThe book as a whole is just a bit whacky chock full of gratuitous sex and lacking the development to make it a well rounded story But oddly enough I didn't hate it It's definitely a hot story but it's not a fulfilling one I wanted WARNING this book contains explicit sex explicit language oral sex anal sex mf sex mm oral anal ff oral mfm bi sex mmmff group sex of various sorts some light bondage some semi public sex and yeah you get the point right?

  6. Amy Amy says:

    I gave up on page 63 The writing style is adolescent I couldn't stand the dialogue when the two guys started fighting over the girl Do guys really have these kind of discussions with each other? This sounds like a cat fight between two teenage girls to me Try to imagine two girls fighting over a guy like this and I find it realistic Here's an example of the writing style from page 59 60 Evan watched Crystal stride away then turned his gaze back Brent to find himself staring into the piercing brown eyes of his friend Or rather ex friend from the look on Brent's faceHow the hell could you do this to me? I thought you were my friendEvan felt as though he'd been kicked in the gut I amBrent's fists clenched You have a f cking lousy way of showing itI'm sorry about the way this worked out I really amWhy don't I believe you? You stole Crystal from me right before our wedding Now she's here with you on the honeymoon It seems to have worked out pretty well for youShe's only here with me because you didn't show up for the wedding Evan shot backBrent took a step toward Evan his eyes blazing I didn't show up for the wedding because I believed she'd already decided to run off with YOUEvan sucked in a deep breath realizing this was only making things worse He took a step back and held up his hands Brent look we both made some mistakesSo you admit you made a mistake?Only in waiting so long to tell Crystal how I felt about herBrent glared at him Some f cking friend you areJust hear me out Evan leaned against the back of the couch I've had feelings for Crystal for a long time but I suppressed them She was your womanDamn right So why the hell did you change your mind?Mainly because those initial feelings of attraction turned into something deeper until I finally realized I was in love with her Hi wiped his clammy hands on his shorts If you two got married I knew I could never keep being friends with you feeling about her the way I do It would be too difficult I also started wondering if maybe she had feelings for me I thought I'd sensed something between usF ck did you hit on Crystal before?Evan shook his head No nothing like that but occasionally I'd see her looking at me andI don't know it just seemed Brent scowled So my girlfriend gives you a sidelong glance and you think you have the right to tell her you love her?Damn it Brent Evan pushed himself from the couch and paced across the carpet Try and see it from my point of view I was in love with her There was a chance she returned those feelings but momentum was carrying her forward to marry youMomentum? Brent's sharp voice slashed through EvanI know she cares about you but what if it's me she really loves? Don't you want her to be happy?Don't give me that crap Of course I want her to be happy And I'm the man who'll make her happyAnyone as sickened by this sordid drama as I am? Blech

  7. Vashti Vashti says:

    This was not a favorite read of mineI should have known better that this writer is just not my cuppaI meancome onon the day of your wedding to a man you supposedly loved his best friend comes to you and tells you that he loves youGee what is a girl supposed to do but admit that she has feelings for him sexual or otherwise and promptly begins to kiss each otherNot known to themthe fiancee sees them in a passionate kiss and leavesthus standing her upWell nowthe sexxing beginsshe has sex with the best friend on the day of the aborted wedding and in the Cayman Islands where she was supposed to go on her honeymoonGuess who shows up at the villa they are staying atthe now exPoor guyshe feels bad for him and she does love himso sexxing againGoes to the beach and meets very attractive womanwell she just had to put suntan lotion all over her breastand who but her two fav boys sees this happeningWell this just turns them on even this book starts out with her having sex with one manthen anotherlets just throw in some oral sex with the womanthen having sex with the woman's lover because she wonders what it would be like with a man that is that hungREALLYthen throw in a group orgyDid I forget to mention that said fiancee and best friend do the DEED also with each other and the well hung stud they have feelings for each otherhow did that happen? Ohwellthey are on a vacation and things do happenI have read alot of erotic romances in my timecertainly not a prude when it comes to the sex in thembut I like that there be some LOVE between the participantsJust did not feel itonly lustSo if you want a book with sexsexsexand varied multiple partnersthen this is itCertainly did not buy the Hea in this one

  8. Darcy Darcy says:

    I had a hard time buying into this one I was ok with Evan telling Crystal he loved her before the wedding ok with Brett running after seeing them together Where things went wrong was just hours after being left at the alter Crystal has sex with Evan Even with the big confession I can't see that happening Things went further off the tracks when during the honeymoon when all three are there together things turn into a sexfest where anything and everything goes mf ff mm plus up to a 5 person orgy I also had a hard time buying into that all of a sudden Brett and Evan who have been life long friends not are into each other as lovers too not just a menage with Crystal All of the sexual exploration seemed to come out of thin air and all of a sudden it became okay to try it all I guess they were just lucky enough to find another couple to help them explore this side of themselves

  9. BookKraze BookKraze says:

    This was one hot read Enjoyed the beginning and the sex scenes were off the charts I think this could have been a great read if it had substance between the main 3 characters I hated the fact that while on the honeymoon the author decided to throw in 2 random people to the sex mix which in my opinion negated the Love factor

  10. ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~ ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~ says:

    ✰✰½ Typical OC read with even less believable plot than most of her other books Sexfest with any and all and two guys friend who had never had an inkling of wanting man on man sex are jumping cock first into the pool Yet I still read them or at least skim them ;

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