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The Dead Smile ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ The Dead Smile By F. Marion Crawford ➦ – This vintage book contains Francis Marion Crawford's 1911 horror novel The Dead Smile With a ghastly banshee a cadaver that's wont stay put and an infectious and sinister smile this eerie novel is a m This vintage book contains Francis Marion Crawford's horror novel The Dead Smile With a ghastly banshee a cadaver that's wont stay put and an infectious and sinister smile this eerie novel is a masterpiece of the macabre that constitutes a must The Dead eBook ´ read for fans of the genre Francis Marion Crawford was an American writer of novels most famous for his notable contributions to classic supernatural and horror fiction Contents include The Dead Smile The Screaming Scull Man Overboard For the Blood is the Life The Upper Berth By the Water of Paradise and The Doll's Ghost Many vintage books such as this are increasingly scarce and expensive We are republishing this volume now in an affordable modern edition complete with a specially commissioned new introduction.

  • Paperback
  • 44 pages
  • The Dead Smile
  • F. Marion Crawford
  • English
  • 11 August 2014
  • 9781447404934

About the Author: F. Marion Crawford

Francis Marion Crawford was an American writer noted for his many novels He was born at Bagni di Lucca Italy In he went to India where he studied Sanskrit and edited the Allahabad Indian Herald Returning to America he The Dead eBook ´ continued to study Sanskrit at Harvard University for a year contributed to various periodicals and in produced his first novel Mr Isaacs This book had.

10 thoughts on “The Dead Smile

  1. Peter Peter says:

    Why is that sinister smile upon the lips of dying Sir Hugh Ochram? Why hasn't he anything against his son Gabriel marrying Evelyn Warturton? What is the deeper secret behind the 'dead' smile and what does 100 year old Nurse MacDonald know about? This story is a real gothic masterpiece full of gloomy atmosphere eerie scenes and a showdown in the crypt I can't think of few stories offering such a dense structure of terryfing scenes and symbols Here horror really strikes at its very best and shivers run down your spine Absolutely recommended great story

  2. Jason Jason says:

    I'm pleased to continue with my Halloween readingThis was rather dated so I was able to see the mystery from miles away I figured it out from the moment it was brought up actually but that's really no fault of Mr Crawford The twist has been used so many times in modern soap operas movies stories whatever since 1899 that it's just easy to peg But I still enjoyed it It has a banshee a corpse that won't stay in its coffin and a smile that infects other people When the baddie smiles others start to smile too and there's nothing they can do about it It's the kind of smile you'd see on a skeleton hence the title of the short story That was the creepiest part for me It also invoked images and memories of smiles that freak me out such as those ofThe Cheshire Cat Agent Smith after he copies himself onto the Oracle Jack Nicholson's Joker His inspiration from that old silent movie The Man Who Laughs Jaws The Grinch Rictus from The Thief of Always Mr Sardonicus This crazy ass little bitch from some old jelly or bread advertisement And several people from Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun music video Oof I just watched it again for the first time in a while and that thing still gives me the willies but I like itAnd here's one to grow on Busta Rhymes' nanny from Gimme Some More I bet Marion never thought his story would cause someone to make that association Anything that brings these creepy things to mind is A OK in my book Check it out

  3. XPHAIEA. XPHAIEA. says:

    A well crafted short about a young man and his intended who are visiting the deathbed of his father It appears there is an element of mystery regarding Evelyn's father an ancient nurse who spends most of her time sleeping upstairs and racketing about the attic accompanied by a cat what else? feels that she knows the 'curse' which is upon the family but won't disclose She's possibly a distant relation of Stella Gibbon's immemorial and wizened Aunt Ada DoomThe grandfather has been entombed in the family vault many years ago but was decapitated and his head has assumed a life of its own the body exiting its coffin and reposing in the corner of the vault at will Upon his death bed the father is urged to confess his 'dreadful secret' by the aged grandmother yet he will not yield cue detailed descriptions of his horrid stained teeth and deathlike grimace eventually both the protagonist and Evelyn are drawn down to the vault they are unable to stay away as the corpse works its strange magnetism on them Evelyn is eventually discovered to be his half sister so of course any intended union between them is void SHOCKINGEnjoyable and creepy good atmospherics I will try by Crawford as he was reportedly influenced by Le Fanu whose short stories I am a fan of

  4. Cynthia Glissadevil Cynthia Glissadevil says:

    43 starsSir Hugh Ockram smiled as he sat by the open window of his study in the late August afternoon; and just then a curiously yellow cloud obscured the low sun and the clear summer light turned lurid as if it had been suddenly poisoned and polluted by the foul vapours of a plague F Marion CrawfordKind of cool to think HP Lovecraft read these words An eerie Gothic tale seething with secrets above ground tombs miasmas and shockAnd the smile widened stretching the pale lips across the discoloured teeth in an expression of profound self satisfaction blended with the most unforgiving hatred and contempt for the human doll The hideous disease of which he was dying had touched his brain His son stood beside him tall white and delicate as an angel in a primitive picture; and though there was deep distress in his violet eyes as he looked at his father's face he felt the shadow of that sickening smile stealing across his own lips and parting them and drawing them against his will And it was like a bad dream for he tried not to smile and smiled the F Marion CrawfordExcellent additon to any early 20th century horror collection

  5. connie connie says:

    Listened to the Dead Meat Podcast where Chelsea read this out Really enjoyed listening to her narration very creepy although I did guess the twist almost immediately because F Marion Crawford has never heard of small hints uotesCan't remember specifics but the descriptor of 'toad' was used a lot Evelyn was also described as 'small' so often I'm convinced she was actually a child and everyone just ignored the blatant issues with that alongside the well you know if you've readlistened to it

  6. Courtney Schafer Courtney Schafer says:

    45 StarsListened as an audio presentation Maybe not such a twist today as I figured it out as I listened but I still enjoyed this

  7. Caroline Åsgård Caroline Åsgård says:

    So spooky Perfect for an October read I only wish it was longer but it was uite effective I imagine it was terrifying at the time

  8. Sandy Sandy says:

    An excellent horror story with a real mean streak Though the twist is a bit too telegraphed for my liking the language and imagery than make up for it This is one of my favourite horror short stories a must read for fans of weird fiction

  9. Judi Judi says:

    Puts one in the spirit of the Season Gothic

  10. Lamprini Lamprini says:


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