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Captain America by Ed Brubaker Volume 1 [EPUB] ✼ Captain America by Ed Brubaker Volume 1 ✿ Ed Brubaker – Best selling Cap writer Ed Brubaker and superstar artist Steve McNiven bring you the next huge chapter in Steve Rogers' life and it's a perfect jumping on point for fans of the Cap movie A funeral for Best by Ed Brubaker Volume PDF or selling Cap writer Ed Brubaker by Ed MOBI î and superstar artist Steve McNiven bring you the next huge chapter in Steve Rogers' life and it's a perfect jumping on point for fans of the Cap movie A funeral for a fallen friend turns into a race against time as the original Captain America makes his explosive return Find out the secrets of the mission that went wrong in WWII and why old friends Captain America Epub / are now old enemies It's all out Cap action America by Ed Brubaker Volume Epub / and history the way you like itin a cage match for your comic reading pleasureCollecting Captain America .

10 thoughts on “Captain America by Ed Brubaker Volume 1

  1. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    Cap’s being targeted by another blast from the past This time it’s a fellow soldier and former ally called Bravo that got left behind on a WW2 mission and has somehow survived to the present day and is now allied with Hydra This is a decent Captain America book but I think Ed Brubaker’s gone back to the well of WW2 and brought back a new forgotten characternemesis of Cap’s one too many times at this point It’s also hard to care about the latest person from yesteryear with a grudge against Cap for this or that we’ve just met the person but we’re instantly meant to be invested in their revenge scheme? Hmm I liked some of Brubaker’s flourishes like the Inception esue dream states in Jimmy Jupiter’s dreamworld and the 18 foot tall android in a Cap uniform Ameridroid was amusing in a campy way It’s also cool to see some elite Hydra soldiers causing trouble for Cap somebody in that organisation’s gotta be dangerous otherwise they’re just even of a jokeSteve McNiven’s art is once again a highlight basically every time this guy’s on a book his artwork becomes the best part about it He has a very appealing cinematic style that’s really clean making it look like you’re watching a bright HD screen lots of wide shots and big panels show off the action superbly And I liked that this was still when they were using the classic Cap outfit with the scaly chainmail the wings on the helmet and the bitchin’ corsair boots I like the modern Cap uniform too but the classic look is classic for a reason Ed Brubaker is still the best writer to read on a Captain America book but this one came out some 7 8 years after Winter Soldier and it feels like his inspiration for the character at this point is running low It’s not Brubaker’s most engaging effort but it’s not bad and Steve McNiven’s art is always worth checking out Cap remains the man out of time who can’t escape his past no matter how much you wish he would and deal with present dangers instead

  2. Kemper Kemper says:

    This is a bucket of original recipe Captain America with Steve Rogers back in his old uniform and teaming up with Version 10 Nick Fury instead of V20 Ultimate Samuel L JacksonRogers Fury and Sharon Carter are attending the funeral of an old friend when they’re attacked by a man that Steve recognizes from his World War II days A botched mission from back then has come back to bite them and they find themselves up against a former ally as well as elements of Hydra It’s getting seriously hard to imagine anyone but Brubaker writing Cap from now on He delivers satisfying stories that regularly delve into the past of the character while always keeping him moving forward into the future I especially liked the undercurrent of dissatisfaction that develops with Steve starting to uestion what America has become

  3. Chelsea & Chelsea & says:

    This was just okay A little bland The art was drop dead gorgeousOne thing I appreciate about Brubaker's Cap he really gets the supporting cast Dugan Fury Sam and Sharon are here and they all have a role This is probably the most I've seen Sharon get to kick ass and fight It was greatly appreciated There isn't a ton of introspection in this volume but the set up at the end makes me think the next one will have some

  4. Donovan Donovan says:

    My first Captain America comic ever And it was awesomeBrubaker is known for his crime comics and this is no exception Well with the exception of alternate dimensions I guess that's new But Cap is a time traveler so that's not a stretch At any rate this is action packed There are great twists and moments of suspense And the dialog is top notch Most of all it made me care for Steve Rogers' character and his complex history Steve McNiven is cinematic His illustrations are from the school of realism like Brubaker's indie cohort Sean Phillips They're bold sharp with fluid actionOverall I was surprised This was an exciting read I'm not a big Marvel fan But if anyone could convert me it's Ed Brubaker

  5. Martin Martin says:

    Yet another reboot of the Captain America franchise a book you will most likely read in one sitting for the 2 following reasons 1 the story is good albeit with the by now overly familiar Brubaker touch of yet another hiddenforgotten chapter in Steve Rogers' life this time with a hint of Christopher Nolan's Inception thrown in; and 2 the book looks absolutely amazing in fact that is what elevates it to four starsCheck it out if you like but I would advise not getting too drawn in to the story arc because to date there have been no less than THREE subseuent reboots of the Captain America comic book series It's hard to keep up

  6. Kurt Kurt says:

    This new volume of Captain America is a chance for Ed Brubaker to get back to the brilliant work he was doing when he began writing about this character Brubaker's grasp of Cap is superb Captain America is a hero through and through with a supporting cast to take care of moral complexity and vulnerability and with a long history from which to draw for organic story ideas McNiven's art is beautiful with great facial expressions and clean action scenesThe story here is that someone from Cap's past returns under mysterious circumstances and Cap handles the punching and running while his friends do detective work This is exactly the structure I want in an Ed Brubaker Cap story and it's great here The actual details of the story are a little implausible but if a comic book is going to be derivative of the movie Inception it may as well be a comic where the title character embodies the American Dream All of that worked for me as did the revitalization of Hydra and the flashbacks to Cap's beloved 1940s This is accessible enough for a new reader but I especially recommend it for fans of Brubaker's original run

  7. Peter Derk Peter Derk says:

    I thinkthe story was good but I'm having a problem with Captain AmericaReading this guy is like dating a lady who's really not over her ex Everything is about the pastIt's always Um by the way I forgot to mention something or When will these ghosts from my tumultuous past stop haunting my present?With the girlfriend it's not stuff that's as exciting as a giant Captain America android wrecking up the city But still at some point we need to start living in the present making decisions about the present wrapping up the past to a degree that we don't worry about what the hell is going to come up next and start worrying about being present

  8. Frank Frank says:

    Being out of comics for decades this was recommended as a nice start to Captain America without going back to the Siler Age books In any event i enjoyed the introduction to this long story which as I understand goes through five volumes of omnibus which I plan on trying to find to read the remainder of the story arc

  9. Brent Brent says:

    McNiven is a fine superhero comics artist The collaboration with Brubaker on this set of stories is uite good Still ends on a cliffhanger I had read these stories in individual issues and still enjoyed rereading themRecommended

  10. Quentin Wallace Quentin Wallace says:

    Captain America has always appealed to me because while he is a super hero he's not Superman He's faster stronger smarter than the average person but he's still human He doesn't fly around and he's not invulnerable His stories have always had a realistic feel to them than some superheroes for that reasonHowever Cap just isn't made for this type of story at least in my opinion This is a really far out science fiction type tale and while it was entertaining it just didn't seem like a Captain America story to me The story is very well done and they did a good job of fitting it into the Cap universe so to speak but still it was just not Captain America To be fair he has had some very far out stories in the past such as the Cosmic Cube Infinity Gauntlet etc and those stories worked well but something about this one just felt a little off to meThe art from Steven Niven was great so no problem there And the story itself wasn't bad it was well written I just didn't think the premise fit Cap very well I'm sure some loved the story just wasn't for me I would still recommend it for any die hard Captain America fan because it's not terrible and if you like heavy sci fi in your comics this may be the story for you even if you aren't a huge Cap fan

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