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The Life and Death of a Sex Doll (Volume 2) [PDF] ✩ The Life and Death of a Sex Doll (Volume 2) ❤ Zoe E. Whitten – The year is 2028 and Kelly Braun is a single Internet stock broker incapable of having children Unable to adopt Kelly chooses to alleviate her loneliness by purchasing a top model Sensu Doll Modifying The and Death of a Epub / year is and Death PDF/EPUB » and Kelly Braun is a single Internet stock broker incapable of having children Unable to adopt The Life Epub / Kelly chooses to alleviate her loneliness by purchasing a top model Sensu Doll Modifying the sex doll with a childlike appearance Life and Death Kindle ´ Kelly recodes her toy with new personality modulesKelly hoped to use Ashley Braun in a sophisticated game of house but the Life and Death of a Kindle - doll’s core functions often make playing the game awkward or embarrassing As Life and Death of a Kindle - Ashley continues to grow taking on of her creator’s traits and growing willpower the game becomes her daily lifeA sci fi coming of age story Adopting a Sex Doll and When a Sex Doll Dies follow the development of an artificial family and explores what it means to be a parent even if one’s child isn’t real.

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  1. KV Taylor KV Taylor says:

    This is one of those reviews where I feel super weird about it because it's for a book from my own publisher in this case Belfire Press saying something nice feels kind of self serving but I liked the book so much I have a really hard time not saying anything Especially since I think this book really deserves a lot attention then it's had so far Just because of that I'm not gonna rate the book but I do want to leave my thoughts because I really enjoyed this oneETA 6 21 12 Yeah it's not with Belfire any so I can officially rate it So goodI think the biggest point about this is that it's what sci fi is there for to show us what we are by amping it up somehow In this case the juxtaposition of Kelly's narrative in ADOPTING A SEX DOLL and Ashley's in WHEN A SEX DOLL DIES is extremely clever and important These uestions we've seen in books about robotics since Asimov in Star Trek everywhere are tackled from a new and interesting angle that's particularly human in that the robot in uestion is not only created to serve human needs but a need that is both now and in Whitten's near future construction provocative And insistentThe struggles of the two women in the book compare and contrast brilliantly While Kelly has accepted herself she's still not uite comfortable in some lingering very poignant ways Ashley's journey doesn't precisely mirror it but the contrast is tellingThis is really good sci fi I mean to say My single complaint with this is that some of the dialogue felt rough to me a little stilted and I think that might've been a product of not just the robotics aspects as it was common with the human characters but of the worldbuilding itself being from a time far enough removed from ours that perhaps people speak a little differentlyGive it a shot I think it's worthwhile to anyone who can enjoy the human exploration possibilities of science fiction

  2. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    I wasn't going to buy this book I thought it was going to be some kind of erotica due to the title I read the description and I thought it sounded uite good and hey presto I had the book I wasn't even going to read it right away but I opened it up and read a page or so and Zoe had me instantly hooked It's fantastic from the beginning and continues to impress through every event I was almost sad to finish the bookLet me tell you right now this book is so original so convincing and so beautifully written you will not regret buying it It amazed me the characters are fantastic and it doesn't take long to develop them you will feel empathy for all characters doll or human I couldn't put this book down The story really does keep you turning pages and will leave you hungry for wherever you try to leave itI liked how Ashley experiences all kinds of feelings throughout this book and you really end up feeling for her in her times of happiness and times of need There's really not a lot else I can say about this book to do it justice it speaks for itself What I will say is no matter how strange or unusual you think a title is read it anyway never judge a book solely on its cover and always read with an open mind You might surprise yourself910 Read this book

  3. Wendy Wendy says:

    Ms Whittens stories are original and uniue but if you like Asimovs robots and the type of characters that you find in Heinleins universe you will definitely enjoy the two novellas in this book A wonderful mix of happy and sad funny and serious this kept me reading until I finished both storiesPart way through it dawned on me that there was a uestion to which I reallyneeded the answer and there was no way that this book was getting prised from my fingers until I knew I now have my answer and I'm not disappointed but I'm not sharing any spoilers here I can say that the interactive ads on the bus made me simultaneously laugh out loud and cringe with sympathetic embarrassment not an easy combination for any author to achieve and any book that can have an effect like that has got to be worth buying

  4. Zoe Zoe says:

    Okay yes I re read my own book I ran across a glowing review that made me go Hey I need to read that again I fell in love with the book all over again but as it's my story I won't give it a ratingBut I liked it yes This is probably my happiest lightest story which may explain why I spent so much time giggling on the reread I would recommend this to sci fi fans who like stories about androids

  5. Cliff Townsend Cliff Townsend says:

    I enjoyed them Some of Zoe's creative works especially the first part Looking forward to the next one

  6. Amy Cossano Amy Cossano says:

    Greatly enjoyed this book Fastfascinating read Hard to put down

  7. Katey Hawthorne Katey Hawthorne says:

    Original ratingreview here

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