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7 thoughts on “Three Men in a Boat

  1. Shravanthi Shravanthi says:

    I expected the Graphic Novel to add to my experience of Three Men in a Boat But sadly the narrative only helped to take away the magicGood work on the illustrations

  2. Clio Clio says:

    I'll need to read the actual book I think but this was a cute graphic novel and a very uick read I've wanted to read Three Men in a Boat since I read To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis

  3. Becky B Becky B says:

    Jerome K Jerome's classic fictionalized tale about a boating trip up the Thames with two friends and a dog This version of the story has been adapted into graphic novel formI was disappointed that this adaptation cut out three of my favorite parts of the original There's no thoughts on cheese in a boat no swans how can you cut out the swans? and no bagpipes So sad It's still a fairly good adaptation It keeps the sarcastic spirit of the original and the illustration style definitely fits the mood A good introduction to this classic but I'd still encourage readers to check out the original for the full comedic enjoymentNotes on content One mild swear word No sexual content or decency issues No violence except a dog killing a rat True to the time period all three men smoke pipes and have alcoholic beverages with meals

  4. Lydia Lydia says:

    Contains much of the original story and Jerome K Jerome's style of writing works very well in graphic novel form However cuts the darker elements of the story the worst part in this one is when they consider eating a rat Montncy brings them and only has one of Jerome's deep solilouies which is given one frame on the page In other words kept the cream took out the meat; the full book is better Content notes Includes mild swearing occasionally; no sensuality; threatened bodily harm but no violence other than boat collisions where no one is hurt

  5. October Pixie October Pixie says:

    It is hilarious Easy to read if you are waiting for your turn somewhere D

  6. Amanda Mic Perkins Amanda Mic Perkins says:

    The art is good and the story is funny It was well adapted to graphic novel form

  7. Naomi Ruth Naomi Ruth says:

    Okay Enjoyed it Probably won't keep it

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Three Men in a Boat [Reading] ➮ Three Men in a Boat ➶ Nidi Verma – One of the best loved classics of all time Three Men in a Boat is a hilarious account of three friends and their dog on a holiday trip on the Thames in England Harris George Jerome the narrator and Mo One of the best in a Epub Û loved classics of all time Three Men in a Boat Three Men PDF or is a hilarious account of three friends and their dog on a holiday trip on Men in a Epub Ü the Thames in England Harris George Jerome the narrator and Montncy the fox terrier decide to take a break from their tedious routine to restore their 'mental euilibrium' And so they take a trip on the Thames between Kingston and Oxford making certain stops at interesting places camping out and inadvertently landing up incomical muddles and misadventuresoriginally planned as a travelogue this book turned into a literary classic thanks to the narrator's humorous digressions segueing into the historical background of some places It is sprinkled with his own musings as they cross Hampton Court Palace Monkey Island Magna Carta Island Marlow little villages and other known landmarks on the wayThe three men in the novel are based on real life characters Jerome himself and his two friends George Wingrave and Carl Hentschel.

  • Paperback
  • 72 pages
  • Three Men in a Boat
  • Nidi Verma
  • English
  • 08 October 2014
  • 9789380741079