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スキップ・ビート! 1 ❴Download❵ ➵ スキップ・ビート! 1 Author Yoshiki Nakamura – Thomashillier.co.uk Amazing ePub, スキップ・ビート! 1 By Yoshiki Nakamura This is the best favorite book with over 263 readers online here. Amazing ePub, スキップ・ビート! By Yoshiki Nakamura This is the best favorite book with over readers online here.

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  1. Mary Mary says:

    Don't be put off by the length of this series You will regret it And there is a VALID REASON WHY THIS SERIES IS SO POPULARDon't like shojo? That's fine because Skip Beat makes fun of it I was worried to pick this up because I tend to not love the popular series I want my romance done right with tension and a good female lead I want comedy a swoon worthy male lead And I want a girl who isn't afraid to stick up for herself and to go for what she wants a careerKyoko Mogami was a naive and romantic girl who let a man named Sho break her heart She vows revenge enters showbiz through hilarious means and runs into the sexiest man in showbiz Ren Tsuruga They instantly hate each other He doesn't like that she's only here for revenge and believes acting should be cherished She can't believe that he judges her for this and constantly is criticized by himWhat does Skip Beat do that causes so many people to praise it? It gives us a story where the heroine doesn't fall into cliches that most others do She gets violent she envisions strangling her enemies she badmouths the love interests and she barricades her heart so she doesn't fall in love The main love interest Ren makes fun of his cliche as the childhood friend that Kyoko doesn't realize he is We see him fall in love with her first We see his thoughts and we watch as he goes from hating her to respecting her to finally falling for herI dislike showbiz but omg this is entertaining It's hilarious it's gripping and the romance isn't in your face The heroine guards herself but she's not an annoying dunce She's oblivious about Ren's feelings but it isn't annoying Because the way it's set up is so that Kyoko has to grow into a stronger woman before she loves again And Ren needs to earn her love and respect 100x over and that means revealing dark secrets The romance is tension filled and slow burning and there's great female friendships No pointless girl hate XDI can't recommend this enough and I'm mad at myself for not picking this up sooner If you're tight on cash the omnibus is the best way to go Support manga guys

  2. Lynne King Lynne King says:

    The attention to detail in this Japanese comic book is uite remarkable both in the exceptional artwork and in the text itself especially the asides that are thrown in that give the idea of a play and yet the story is relatively simple in conceptBriefly Kyoko is interested in pop star Sho who abandons her in Tokyo and Kyoko wanting revenge and bearing a grudge this is the theme in the book is determined to join a talent agency and the LME Talent Agency is her targetWith sheer perseverance I always admire that in an individual when they know what they want be it for whatever reason apart from wanting to kill someone of course she doggedly pursues and manages to persuade “LME Talent Agency Talento Section Supervisor Takenori Sawara age 41 born March 10 Blood type AB” to consider her for an audition and would you believe that Sho’s rival Ren Tsuruga belongs to this agency And what is the end result? Well that’s for you to find outI’m not too sure of the exact meaning of Manga – does it mean comic books or cartoonish art? Either way the book states that it is for thirteen year olds and upwards and so that includes meI’ve always had a great admiration for the Japanese Their history their age old customs and traditions their stoicism in times of disaster I still shudder when I think of that shameful episode in 1945 with such a tremendous loss of life their inventiveness and advances in technology over the last few decades and now I see that Manga is now another string to their bowWhat I particularly liked were the comments made by the author on the left of the page and studded from time to time throughout the book as to how the book came to fruition Her editor appears to be uite a demanding individual too what with four different attempts at Kyoko’s hairstyle uestioning the title of the book etc Also there are end notes at the beginning I mean the end as you have to read the book Japanese style from the right to the left giving short meanings of some of the terms usedHere are a few of them“The big sneeze In Japan sneezing is a sign that people are talking about you Sneeze once and you are being praised twice and you are being criticized three times and you are being laughed at or admired or scolded and four times means you will catch a cold”Also “Straw doll In Japan straw dolls can be used much like voodoo dolls to put a curse on someone” And “The hand coming from Kyoko’s throat In Japanese there’s an expression ‘to want so much that a hand comes out of the throat’ This is a visual representation of that expression”I came across this book by chance as a recent Goodreads’ friend had this as his favourite book And when there’s one favourite book not many involved I always like to check it out as it gives me of a clue about the personality of the friend concernedAll in all this is a super little gem of a book and highly recommended to arty farty types like myself

  3. Meridith Meridith says:

    Manga is something that I like reading again and again; Skip Beat is my favorite series in the world Why might you ask? I would be glad to explain it The story is great the artwork is great it's never a chore to push through chapters; the story is slow as is the romance and the two main characters love each other because they love each other not because they're randomly attracted to one another If you read manga a lot you know what I'm talking about It happens in literature too but it's just so I don't even know how to explain A lot of the time there is no growth in the relationship It starts out as a the girl and the guy having some sort of weird obsession with the other that they call 'love' In Skip Beat there is serious progress starting with both of the characters hating each other down to their cores Then it turns into respect and even when Tsuruga realizes that the two have a very significant past together he doesn't suddenly go Aha I love this girl No He says to himself I shouldn't like her just because of my memories with her It's only when he starts getting to know her as the person that she is now that he lets himself treasure her As for the main character spoiler Kyoko she doesn't even know she likes him yet—yes not even in the currently being released Japanese chapters It's because of how nastily she was treated by her childhood friend Sho She loved Sho and he broke her heart Now she's vowed never to love again et cetera Just because Tsuruga and Kyoko haven't sworn eternal love yet doesn't mean it doesn't have its intense moments though It's not like a super prudish series that you shouldn't read because there's absolutely no romance uite the contrary there are a lot of moments that make your skip a beat or two pun completely intended Though seriously after twenty nine ish volumes if Nakamura sensei doesn't progress their romance further sometime soon I am flying to Japan to file a formal complaint—not really because I think she's doing it perfectly as isBasically this series has something special about it that I think makes it than worth reading

  4. The Crimson Fucker The Crimson Fucker says:

    WOW You know those little books that end up surprising you? when after a few pages you think you know where that shit is going? And then BANG you get a 180 no scope right in your face That’s what this little manga did to me it all start with this girl Kyoko you get drop in what you think is going to be a romance story She left school she abandoned her life she gave up everything in life for her boyfriend the only problem is that her boyfriend is one of those Diva dudes who only care about themselves and there was I thinking that this shit was going to be about the power of love over coming everyting And making her boyfriend realize what an ass he was but then one day she walks into her boyfriend while he is having a conversation with his agent and he is bragging on how he used her to pay for all his expensive taste how all he had to do to get himself a slave was ask her to come with her how she have to have 2 jobs to pay for his fancy apartment and his food What an ass Then right there something beautiful happened Kyoko heard everything And that’s when that little manga turned into something beautiful It was not the romantic crap I thought It was going to be oh hell no this is a psycho bitch revenge story Like Kill Bill Kyoko goes into a rampage trying to get him and fuck him up But she can’t touch him cuz he is a famous Pop star and has security around him so what she does? She decides to become a pop star herself in order to get her revenge I know it don’t make sense But since when what psycho bitches do makes sense? and its just mad fun for there on She does voodoo she stalks talent scouts she shows amazing knife skills Hell she even out runs a taxi in a bike while chasing one scout Bitch is crazy Maybe I’m reading between the lines or reading than what there actually is to it but this is one sick little manga I’m seriously looking forward to read the rest of this series I’m impressed with it highly impressed

  5. Megan Megan says:

    Don't judge a book by it's cover The cover of this book looks all girly right? Wrong Maybe guys don't like these kind of books but some girls look at the cover and go urgh I love this series Th girl on the cover is named Kyoko She's a sweet naive and funny character She's clueless about love but still awesome I couldn't stop reading and the artwork is great It's one of my favorite manga series I would recommend it to everyone

  6. Steph Sinclair Steph Sinclair says:

    I haven't finished this series completely yet But I am thinking of going back to re read this one

  7. Nina {ᴡᴏʀᴅs ᴀɴᴅ ᴡᴀᴛᴇʀ} Nina {ᴡᴏʀᴅs ᴀɴᴅ ᴡᴀᴛᴇʀ} says:

    I have a proper review somewhere I absolutely love this series One of my favourite shoujo mangas ever Kyoko is awesome in her wacky intense yet likable way Ren is curiously interesting and dedicated to his work And Sho he is the villain who very villain like but yet as the series goes on proves that he is capable of feeling human Actually I find his character intensely interesting just like Kyoko's and Ren's I guess they are just one of the reasons why I'm so drawn into this series The other reasons include one the plot and the insight I get into Kyoko's journey through showbiz I think it's amazing watching her transform and grow each time Two the other characters Three Kyoko Four Ren Five what else? Everything elseAnyway I'm writing this particular review since I've done one already on another of the volumes is because recently I just started watching the live action Taiwanese adaption And normally I'd hate it but I needed to practice listening to Mandarin I have to say I'm actually kinda really super dooperly impressed with the adaption I think with the exception of the CGI it's done really well I like how it is and I can't seem to get enough of it I think as an avid fan of Skip Beat this does justice to the series or at least after the first episode and up to where I am now I've also heard some not so good things about the last ep though of course this probably can't match up to the anime much less than the original mangaFor a in depth review which I wrote at some point in August in 2012 please click HERE I also realised I don't have a proper review on Goodreads somewhere but I felt if I copied and pasted my old review here it probably won't make much sense since it has spoilers and scenes from other volumes

  8. Courtney Courtney says:

    Kyoko our main character is a sweet hard working young girl at the start of the story She and Sho her childhood friend and crush have been living in the city for a few months while he works towards his goal of becoming a famous musician while she works two jobs to support him Her happy existence comes to an end however when she overhears Sho talking about the real reasons he brought her to Tokyo with him Now Kyoko is out for revenge and won't stop until she manages to make it in the entertainment world herself and surpass ShoI grabbed the second volume on my last run to the comic store so I've been picking this up and reading a few chapters a bit at a time over the last few days working towards book 2 It's still uite entertaining upon a re read The plot is interesting and it should be interesting to see if and how Kyoko manages to achieve her goals You can't just go up to a director and demand they put you into a movie after allCons to the manga I'm not a huge fan of the art It's early in the series so it might improve later right now the character designs seem a little odd though Very pointed chins on the faces giving the characters a rather alien appearance Some people might not like the characters either the manga is humorous in nature and Kyoko's behavior is uite exaggerated to accentcreate this It's over the top and a little ridiculous at times but still entertaining

  9. Jack Jack says:

    My guilty pleasure Do I have to give up my man club card now?

  10. Jaclyn Jaclyn says:

    Ok about Skip Beat I must say that I truly enjoy this particular manga The heroin at the beginning is every run of the mill shojo character However after she realizes that the one she loves does not love her and in fact has been purposely using her for his own gain she shows her darker side that is both scary and comedic She vows her revenge on him in the only way that she can hurt him to be a bigger star in show biz Through out her trails she shows unbelievable feats of physical strength in a comedic way and her devil “helpers” often come out in her anger Also she does not break into showbiz right away which is a reality relief for shojo manga I know that I find it slightly laughable that when ever a girl wants to break into showbiz in a manga suddenly in the second book she’s on her way to be a star Also when she meets her other love interest in the story she hates him Not only that but she has sworn to never love again so I can be happy to know that I won’t be seeing any sappy love parts in the middle of her trying to get revenge Also because she has sworn to never love again any love that she does feel will have to take it’s time and develop It won’t be they see each other and fall in love

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