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Dream When You're Feeling Blue ❰Download❯ ➵ Dream When You're Feeling Blue Author Elizabeth Berg – Thomashillier.co.uk Kitty e Louise Heaney despedem se dos respectivos namorados Julian e Michael ue vão combater na Segunda Guerra Mundial As irmãs Heaney sentam se à mesa da cozinha todas as noites para escrever cart Kitty e Louise Heaney despedem You're Feeling Epub Ý se dos respectivos namorados Julian e Michael ue vão combater na Segunda Guerra Mundial As irmãs Heaney sentam se à mesa da cozinha todas as noites para escrever cartas Louise ao noivo; Kitty ao homem de uem anseia ardentemente receber um pedido de casamento; e a terceira Tish Heaney a um grupo de homens sempre diferente ue ela vai conhecendo nos bailes da United Service Organization Nas Dream When Epub / cartas ue as irmãs enviam e recebem há imagens fugazes e íntimas da vida tanto na frente de batalha como em casa Para Kitty uma jovem confiante e voluntariosa a partida do namorado e as lições ue aprende sobre amor resistência e guerra trarão uma surpresa e revelarão um segredo levando a a uma acção radical em nome das pessoas ue ama ue transformará para sempre a família Heaney As conseuências perenes das When You're Feeling Kindle Ñ escolhas ue as irmãs fazem são o centro deste magnífico romance sobre o poder do amor e a força duradoura da família.

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  1. Jana Anderson Jana Anderson says:

    Okay it is a nice beach read but here is my beef with this book1 In order to take the reader back to the 1940's WW2 era they threw in every random fact about life on the home front into this book Not actual uote I left my victory garden to go bake the sugarless cake I would be sending to Bud in France for his birthday I had better bake this cake now so I don't miss Roosevelt's Fireside chat tonight and I don't want to miss the USO dance tonight either At the dance I am supposed to ask Rosie about working at the ammunition plant which I have also been gathering scrap metals for I will have to use eyeliner to draw a line up the back of my legs tonight to make it look like I am wearing pantyhose which of course I don't have because of government regulations for civiliansYou know? How many facts can the author possibly work in to create authenticity? Apparently too many2 The ending is RETARDEDHow is this book a New York Times Bestseller? A good cover and prime placement in the airport bookstore

  2. Sara Sara says:

    This book was SUCH a disappointment I'd heard of the author kept seeing the book around and decided to give it a shot It started out okay and got better as the story moved forward Some of the period references got old for example instead of just mentioning rations the author went on and on describing the different ways this affected their lives but I was willing to overlook that because I was drawn into the lives of the main characters When I neared the end I thought how much I was actually enjoying this book and then the author went and wrote the absolute worst ending I have ever read in a book Seriously The ending absolutely ruined the book for me it skipped forward in the future robbing the reader of understanding WHY anything happened and HOW it happened and it seemed like the author did not know how else to end it but wanted to surprise the readers It completely ruined my opinion of the book It just made me mad and did not make me ever want to read another thing by this author I hate it when an ending is bad but it's even worse when the ending is SO bad that it makes you forget all the good parts about the novel

  3. Amy Formanski Duffy Amy Formanski Duffy says:

    I picked up this one for our summer reading program Of course it's fun to read about the city I live in during a different time period This is Chicago in 1943 during the second world war when so many young guys were being shipped overseas Three Irish sisters Kitty the glamour girl Louise the sensible one and Tish the youngest and flirtiest deal with life at home while their boyfriends go off to fight Louise is in the most serious relationship Her boyfriend proposes before he leaves The other two sisters flirt with soldiers at the local USO dances They write letters to their guys They eat gross meals prepared with rationed food They listen to FDR's speeches on the radio Kitty takes a patriotic factory job only to find that the men there sexually harass the women workers and that she isn't given a seat on the streetcar because she's wearing unladylike pants Little details show how much Berg must have researched the time period She says in her acknowledgments that she did a lot of her research here at the downtown library and even thanks some librarians that I know She also really has a knack for writing about the intimate details of family life I didn't like the ending It felt tossed in as an afterthought and ruined the flow of the rest of the book She killed off the one character that I just she would off I was annoyed that the one tragedy was so predictable If you don't read the last 20 pages it's a wonderful book I can see how many people would find it overly sentimental and sappy though

  4. Laura Laura says:

    I like Elizabeth Berg's books and I didn't plan on reading it because I heard the ending sucked My grandma liked it and told me I should give a try anyway She grew up in the era Berg writes about in this book and told me her mom and stepdad were so happy that she was old enough to ualify for coffee stamps because they couldn't get enough of it It's hard to imagine having to ration anything let alone coffeeAfter reading it The ending pissed me off way too much to enjoy it the way I would like Despite the rest of the book which gave a glimpse into the life of women who wait for men off at war during WW two the end was abrupt and so STUPID SPOILERS AFTER THIS POINTWho really thinks it's for the best to shove the love of her life onto her sister so her sister can be herself again ? Basically freaking Kitty spends the rest of her life missing Hank and not having kids and he apparently still loves her too though he does eventually marry her stupid sister instead of sticking with her though we don't know whyand freaking Louise just assumes everything is fine and that Kitty and Hank weren't that seriousI don't care how serious a relationship is if my sister was dating someone I wouldn't freaking marry him because that is wrong

  5. Caroline Caroline says:

    I've enjoyed many of other Elizabeth Berg's novels which are well written summer uick reads with satisfying endings but thought that this one was a clunker The story revolves around three Irish Catholic sisters in Chicago during World War II Berg's novel shouts I did research on World War II at the expense of creating a flowing narrative or an interesting plot The ending is entirely unbelievable

  6. Book Concierge Book Concierge says:

    Book on CD read by the author25 From the book jacket Berg takes us to Chicago at the time of World War II in this story about three sisters their lively Irish family and the men they love As the novel opens Kitty and Louise Heaney say good bye to their boyfriends Julian and Michael who are going to fight overseas On the domestic front the Heaney sisters sit at their kitchen table every evening to write letters – Louise to her fiancé Kitty to the man she wishes fervently would propose and youngest sister Tish to an ever changing group of men she meets at USO dances In the letters the sisters send and receive are intimate glimpses of life both on the battlefront and at home The lifelong conseuences of the choices the sisters make are at the heart of this suprb novel about the power of love and the enduring strength of familyMy reactionsIt started out okay got very interesting in the middle and then completely lost credulity in the last two chapters Lost a whole star thereI have to say that what I most enjoyed about this novel was the look at everyday life on the domestic front during this very trying time in history I especially liked the way Berg painted Kitty’s own awakening to her true ambitions and goals in life and how she talked about the way that the roles of women in America were forever being changed by the reuirements of war I also really enjoyed the strong family dynamics in the Heaney family – mother Margaret father Frank and younger brothers all added layers of nuance to the central story of the three Heaney sisters Berg narrated the audio version herself She does a credible job but she should really let a professional voice artist read her books

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    Four discs into an 8 disc book I'm bailing I gave it a lot of play because I really like the WWII home front setting butThis book was TERRIBLE It had all the character depth and dialogue truth of Nancy Drew whom I'm not criticizing because she is a mid century series character written for children by multiple people except with an eccchy Greatest Generation gloss Every character was a stereotype and every speech was some variation on Gee whillikers or It's a bird It's a plane Instead of providing the living skeleton which lets the narrative drape and move over it the historical research poked through page after page of jarring unnatural Facts in Action jutting out of the prose gee whillikersNote I didn't even GET to the ending that so many readers are objecting to not least because I realized as an impetus to ejecting the disc that I legitimately don't care which overseas love interest dies or what the aftermath is Also for the reader who liked it because it's like Little Women yeah that will happen when you just steal the paper doll version of the characters and stick 'em in your book To clarify Kitty is Jo Louise is Meg and Tish is Amy Think the analogy's bad because there's no Beth? Wrong Tommy is Beth Jesus Christ

  8. Linda Hart Linda Hart says:

    45 starsI round up I really enjoy reading Elizabeth Berg novels because her characters are believable the events accurate and settings memorable and because she is always able to keep the story flowing without the crude language graphic sex that seem to be the norm in modern romance and historical fiction This is a character study of how 3 sisters and their Irish American family coped while their sons husbands and boyfriends were away during WWII I found the book educational and appreciate the insight I gained reading about this period in my parents' generation I listened to the audiobook narrated by the author and it was exceptional

  9. Becka Becka says:

    Berg's latest offering of cozy snuggled up with cocoa reading is a flawed but still beautifully written story of an Irish American family in Chicago homefront during World War II The three enchanting Heaney sisters spend every night writing letters to soldiers – stoic Louise to her fiancé Michael caring Kitty to the man that she hopes will propose and flirty Tish to the many men she meets at USO dances The central character is redheaded Kitty who longs for the cocky Julian to marry her but at the same time finds herself drawn to a bright and attentive soldier named HankThere are constant references thrown in to evoke Chicago in the early 1940s down to the girls' shopping bags emblazoned with the silver MF and green detailing a character referring to an article in the Chicago Daily News and a nonchalant mention of the gorilla named Bushman at the Lincoln Park Zoo It's nearly to the point where the reader may feel like screaming YES I know you did your researchThe awkward conclusion is enough to be than a casual annoyance In such stories about wartime romance and sacrifice especially during The Good War a reader usually craves and expects a certain kind of resolution and Berg does not deliver it Dream When You're Feeling Blue is a nostalgic sometimes compelling story until its disappointing and abrupt end

  10. Sam Sam says:

    This book takes place in Chicago during WWII and tells the story of 3 sisters who correspond with friends and lovers who have gone to war Lots of description of what it was like to live in the times and you do get transported into the eraI actually listened to this book and glad of it as there was a lot of description and daydreams that I would have skimmed thru to get to the meat of the story if I had read it At first with the flowery and long descriptions read surprizingly well by the author I thought oh god I'm not going to be able to stand listening to this but I was slowly sucked into the story and started looking forward to being able to listen to itThe ending was abrupt and I thought maybe I had skipped a chapter or two and had to go back and listen to it again to make sure I understood the ending I didn't like the ending but it does make you think Similiar to Anita Shreve who never has a happy ending spoiler alert I wished she had gone into how Kitty ending up giving Hank to Louise

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