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  1. Pablo Hernandez Pablo Hernandez says:

    This is a brief and deceptively simple novel about the real life story of one of the world's greatest runners of all time Emil Zátopek Narrated with gusto and charisma it almost reads like a fable of sorts Very enjoyable

  2. Philippe Malzieu Philippe Malzieu says:

    Echenoz wrote ironics biographie He choose an historic person and he applied a method no empathy for him a certain distance and benevolence He accentuates their greatnesses and meanness There was Ravel Telsa Here it is Zatopeck Easy to read funny fast forgotten

  3. Tyler Jones Tyler Jones says:

    While it does not have nearly as many wonderfully magical touches that Lightning does one must expect the tone of a book to match it's subject Although Emil Zatopec was a colourful character the world he lived in was pretty grey and this oppressive atmosphere seeps its way into the story This dark element is balanced against Echenoz's light touch and charming conversational style and I find this blend of dark and light fascinating Beneath the main narrative of Emil's athletic feats there is the story of Czechoslovakia's political history from the Nazi invasion all the way through to the Soviet's crushing of the Prague Spring and Echenoz deftly ties these two strands together at the end

  4. Adam Adam says:

    An excellent brief portrait of the life of a top athlete in communist Czechoslovakia Echenoz chronicles Emil Zatopek's rise from a non athletic teen working in a shoe factory to an enthusiastic runner and a true sensation of international competition For many years Zatopek was one of the best known celebrity's in his country though his life took a sad turn after his vocal support of Alexander Dubcek's liberalizing but short lived reforms in the late 1960sEchenoz adopts a conversational and often casual tone Reading this book it's easy to imagine that Echenoz constructed a couple of particular narrative vantage points and then worked at creating a style allowing him to slip fluidly between them Trying to pin these vantage points down I began picturing the narrator as perhaps sometimes a close personal friend and sometimes an anonymous countryman who has followed Zatopek's career closely and with great relish And though Zatopek's famous competitions accumulate uickly in this small book there is never any monotony to the races since Echenoz has a great talent for pulling the uniue spectacle out of every sceneFinally I should note that the narrative in this book is relaxed breathes a bit than in some of Echenoz's novels And though it is not uite as challenging as say Chopin's Move the novel is nonetheless a very engaging read

  5. Kelly Kelly says:

    Had a hard time deciding what to rate this book I am a runner and so therefore find most running stories interesting to some extent I enjoyed reading about Emil's training methods race victories and even inevitable race failures later in his career However the writing was poor It was choppy in by that I mean there were times that many details were missing between chapters and even sometimes between paragraphs so much so that on many occasions I found myself double checking that I hadn't missed a few chapters or pages somehow Just one of many examples is when it went from how he agreed with his father that running was a waste of time and in no way enjoyable to him enjoying runs with his buddies There were also times that it read as a biography sometimes when it read as a fiction story and then other times where I felt like I was simply reading Wikipedia

  6. Peter Peter says:

    I am not sure what to make of the style At times it reads like a transcript from a documentary on Emil Zatopek Yet it was engaging At times it read as if a favorite uncle or storyteller was bringing us back to the time of a running hero the story being told in present tense It's hard to say how much I miss through the translation but I always trust that the translator has tried to maintain the voice of the author I am curious and will ponder the style for a while It is definitely a great read for runners and former runners and tells of time before the sport was stolen from true athletes by corporate sponsored performance enhancing drugs

  7. Matthew Martens Matthew Martens says:

    To and through empty with Emil

  8. Mark Mark says:

    Wish I could have read this in its original French But interesting enough

  9. Bill Berger Bill Berger says:

    Interesting novel about a Czech long distance runner during the Communist era and the physical and political challenges he faced Echenoz is a wonderful writer

  10. Jen Jen says:

    A random selection from available library books Translated with an abrupt ending but still interesting to read about Emil Zápotek’s rise to stardom in the running world during and after WW2

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Courir ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Courir Author Jean Echenoz – Logo após a guerra em 1946 nos campeonatos organizados pelas forças aliadas em Berlim atrás do cartaz Checoslováuia para grande chacota do público presente vem apenas um único atleta magro e esc Logo após a guerra em nos campeonatos organizados pelas forças aliadas em Berlim atrás do cartaz Checoslováuia para grande chacota do público presente vem apenas um único atleta magro e escanzelado Mas uando nos metros auele atleta não só se desembaraça em poucos minutos dos seus mais possantes adversários com uma volta de avanço como agora começa a ultrapassá los novamente um a seguir ao outro e enuanto estes abrandam ele volta a acelerar cada vez mais De boca aberta ou aos gritos o público do estádio já não aguenta mais Mais do ue duas voltas vocifera o locutor do estádio Em pé a exultar estão oitenta mil espectadores Auilo não é normal gritam auele tipo faz tudo o ue não deveria fazer e ganha O nome dauele rapaz magro e louro de sorriso aberto nunca mais ninguém o esuecerá Emil Zatopek Poucos anos e dois Jogos Olímpicos depois Emil torna se invencível Num livro comovente e emocionante Echenoz percorre uarenta anos de História recente dando nos a conhecer a vida excepcional de um dos grandes mitos do desporto descrevendo de forma atractiva os seus maiores sucessos mas também as difíceis relações com o poder comunista a instrumentalização da sua carreira como veículo de propaganda censura e controlo e as perseguições politicas de ue foi alvo e ue ditaram o fim da sua carreira.

  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Courir
  • Jean Echenoz
  • Portuguese
  • 12 May 2016

About the Author: Jean Echenoz

Jean Echenoz is a prominent French novelist many of whose works have been translated into English among them Chopin’s Move Big Blondes and most recently Ravel and Running .