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  1. Emma Sea Emma Sea says:

    I wish I'd read Erica's review before I started this or I wouldn't have wasted my time I read the whole thing hoping it would become the book I expected And what I expected was something far about uncertainty on a philosophical level Instead this is a generic own your life self help book aimed specifically at creative entrepreneurs If you're at all interested in this genre you're read this exact book a dozen times before ie foster a growth mind set use process visualization build a supportive community get feedback yadda yadda yadda And meditate There was a lot on meditation specifically TM I guess Fields is a yoga teacher so that makes sense As others have noted there are no notes Nada There is a page of additional resources This consists of details of Fields's own online diagnostic tool pdf workbook training courses and a email link to book Fields for speaking engagements Make of that what you will15 stars rounded up

  2. Erica Erica says:

    I couldn't even make it to chapter two I was originally intrigued by this book because there's so much uncertainty in everyone's lives and I thought I'd like to find a way to turn something so stressful into something positive The first thing I noticed was there were no bibliographical resources no references When I see that I often assume the writer is just sharing an opinion something he's thought long and hard about and put to paper While opinions are great I'm not sure they should be foisted off as researched theories and methods Maybe that's not what this books is supposed to be maybe it is just opinion and maybe that's ok but that's not what I'd wanted to readI had a difficult time with the writing; there were a few malapropisms and some wonky sentence structure In some cases I could not figure out what he was trying to get across By the end of the first chapter I felt that a lot of what I'd read was either common sense or general blathering and I was not motivated to read further

  3. Kara Kara says:

    When I pick up a new business book the first thing I do is flip to the back to check out the notes I have a strong preference for books with lots of notes It shows the author did his or her research that the book is based on something other than just one person's ideas Ideas from just one person however grounded in experience just aren't a big enough sample size for me If there are no or very few notes I assume the author's of a motivational speaker than a writerI opened Uncertainty flipped to the back and noticed the conspicuous absence of notes I expected a fluffy read full of personal stories You can understand my astonishment at the discovery that this reads like a well researched book The author references studies a ton of other books interviews with other business authors and real life anecdotes So where are the notes? He says things like A 2006 Dutch study of 19288 twins and their families that demonstrated that those who exercise were 'less anxious less depressed less neurotic and also socially outgoing' Without notes we don't know where this was published who conducted the survey or anything about its methodology in other news Fields that was not a sentence and should not end with a period Does Fields assume his readers won't be interested enough in what he has to say to want to read the source material? Worse is he trying to hide the source material because maybe he was twisting it to what he wanted to say I wouldn't typically bring this up but I found it interesting that Jonah Lehrer was mentioned; in Fields's defense this was published before Lehrer was exposed No I don't think Fields had any malicious intent here but without a Notes section it's hard to tell This is at best really lazy I do not like lazyBeyond the irritating lack of notes Fields took a fairly egotistical tone throughout the book I'm not used to so many Is in books like this I learned and I did and I found Is Jonathan Fields a big deal? How has he proved that his opinions matter? Now there are a LOT of biographies and business books written by successful leaders and entrepreneurs that contain a lot of Is But we want to hear what they have to say to see if we can find the key to success in the somewhere It's awfully presumptuous of Fields someone you couldn't call well known to speak to his readers like this What are his credentials?This isn't to say that the book doesn't contain good ideas or that Fields's thoughts aren't worthwhile They are but should have been presented differently I was actually uite enjoying the book until it got all pseudo sciencey about exercise and meditation Again if you're going to make scientific claims you need to cite your sources and anecdotal evidence just doesn't cut itIt seems like the purpose of the book was to promote Fields's consulting and speaking business The book would probably make a great presentation Unfortunately as a book it falls shortReceived through 12books

  4. Thomas Thomas says:

    I won this book through First Reads woo Now I am obligated to review it though I would have anywayJonathan Fields has felt uncertain before As a lawyer turned personal trainer who launched a yoga center in NYC the day before 911 he must have faced fears and falls They haven't stopped him from writing Uncertainty though In this book he delves into the damaging effects of doubt and what we can do to defeat it He draws from many fields ranging from cognitive neuroscience lifestyle reorganization and and brings to light how the negative side of uncertainty can be beatenAfter reading this book I imagine that Jonathan Fields is a nice guy From what he's shared he seems to be practical down to earth and a great father and husband He's someone I wouldn't mind having lunch with on a random WednesdayHe writes well too His writing is clear and concise and it's not difficult to digest However I felt like none of the chapters were particularly powerful the entire book floated by but did not force me to flip its pages or lose sleep over itHe covers a lot of topics including but not limited to meditation business scientific experiments fixed vs growth mindsets exercise etc While I appreciated the scope of his book it never completely came together It wasn't exactly all over the place but the book could have been cohesive if certain parts were cut out and others developedOverall an okay read I wouldn't go out of my way to recommend it or buy it as a gift for a friend but I wouldn't discourage others from trying it I am content with my first book won on Goodreadsreview cross posted on my blog the uiet voice

  5. Mark Mark says:

    A good enough read on how to not let uncertainty doubt and the fear of judgement paralyze you Best bit of advice for me pay attention to my work habits throughout the day and notice when I start to fade and not be keenly engaged in my work Jot those times down and at the end of a week I have a pretty good pattern to guide me in structuring my day For me my best work is done between 700 and 900 am After that I'm really only good for about 12 hour spurts of focus The odd thing is that while my best work is done in the morning and by work I mean grinding out the the routine tasks my best thinking and strategery comes in the afternoon and late evening Knowing this and seeing it played out over a span of time has really freed up a lot of time where I would otherwise be inefficiently slogging away at a task not inspired not making connections That time I can now turn over to trying to do things a little bit differently coming at an old problem with a new approach and not feeling overwhelmed by the additional workload

  6. Ron Ron says:

    As a general business book it falls flat after a few chapters However if you are a bootstrapping entrepreneur creative type or someone who has been in the kind of high pressure situation solo targeted in this book without of course the benefits of support systems corporate training or the benefits of a support network and your family this book is a gem I found myself nodding my head constantly and although I found that I had already discovered many of the techniues that the author describes I found myself wishing somebody had given me this book the day I open my business three years ago It would've saved me a tremendous amount of self doubt self torture and wealth goose chases Not for everybody but perfect for the right reader

  7. Angela Kidd Shinozaki Angela Kidd Shinozaki says:

    I listened to this as an audio I have to admit that the voice on this one threw me just a bit bc of the constant intonations But the book itself was wonderful I think everyone starting a business or artistic project should read it This concept is the key to making it as a creator Leaning into fear and judgment Conducting seemingly wild experiments freely We must let the uncertainty fuel us bc it is a necessary evil Otherwise what we do is simply derivative It even talks about what to do after you go to zero which is the worst case scenario We can bounce back But the worst thing we can do is nothing The part about rituals and envisioning the process and not just the outcome was especially meaningful Having a hive is also a cool concept Some sections may feel like a review such as those about the importance of exercise balance and meditation in relation to creative work But overall this book is a winner So take uncertainty and run with it

  8. Tara Brabazon Tara Brabazon says:

    This book has some interest and strength because it turns 'dreams' and 'aspirations' into a plan While there is attention to visualization and meditation importantly there is attention to creating a plan strategy and consolidated effort The capacity to work hard and with intensity rather than long and freuently unproductive hours is powerful and convincing Uncertainty is uneven But there is excellent understanding of the value and importance of a uestion and summoning the focus to search for the answer The book also stresses the importance of being unpopular and operating outside of normative parameters while creating something new

  9. Mark Rosemaker Mark Rosemaker says:

    What is the book about?The book is about dealing with uncertainty doubt and fearIt explores techniues of benefiting from theses emotions states or at least overcoming their paralyzing aspectsWhat problem was the author trying to solve?He was trying answer the uestions How can I make uncertainty doubt and fear work for me? How much uncertainty is good for me? How do I decide when to keep doing what I do or change course?What are the main arguments? Do I agree? Uncertainty doubt fear judgment risk are essential and can promote creativity and great achievements The following are useful techniues which help dealing with uncertainty etc fixed habits certainty anchors sport meditation process visualization growth mindset creation hive downtime reframingI agree to a great degree and found no major flaws in his reasoning I found many of his ideas very helpfulWhat did I learn?He was able to alleviate a lot of pain I had because of uncertainty by showing me how to use it for my benefitI learned that negative feedback can be very helpful if approached with the right mindset In fact judgment risk uncertainty etc are all essential and should be treated as INFORMATIONPeople who do big projects are not fearless they are just as terrified but they have found a way to use that fear as fuelI learned a great deal about visioning and found some arguments against outcome visualization and the benefits of process visualizationThe author also has some great thoughts on exercise and argues how and that we should make it fun againIn essence he has a whole list of rules and ideas that are necessarily very general but can be applied to many different situations in lifeWhich three facts ideas or principles do I want to remember the most? 1 Importance of refueling no longer than 45 to 90 minute work bursts 2 Habits and rituals unlock creativity because they serve as certainty anchors 3 It's important to reframe eg see judgment and the body's emotions as informationWhich of my beliefs were challenged?He showed me negative sides to outcome visualization I hadn't consideredHe encouraged me to think about things I hadn't thought much about before For example he inspired me to explore process visualization I am also intrigued by his idea of building a creation hive a larger tribe of people who contribute with feedback which makes me excited to open up to my audienceHe reinforced some beliefs I held but weren't acting upon or thinking about as consistently eg he inspired me to view sport meditation and regular breaks even positivelyHow did my life change by reading this book?I now have fun while doing sport look inward and feel competent to deal with situations that evoke uncertainty fear and doubt I feel balancedWhat are three action items I learned that I need to implement as soon as possible? 1 Embrace lean into uncertainty by going out of my comfort zone often 2 Do regular process visualization 3 Adopt even a growth mindsetWhat else did I like about the book?I loved that he starts out with stories and also inserts many stories throughout the book These helps to illustrate his points and show that they workI loved that at the end of almost every chapter he summarizes the action steps He also has chapter summaries at the end of the book which has been most helpful

  10. Yevgeniy Brikman Yevgeniy Brikman says:

    I didn't get a whole lot from this book It's supposed to be about how to navigate uncertain situations eg starting a company but in practice this turns out to be a fairly standard business book It covers all the generic advice I've read in a dozen other contexts eg Google 20% time treating willpower as a finite resource following the lean methodology to create MVPs following mindfulness and meditation practices and so on I take copious notes when reading but the only new insights I got while reading this book were 1 Establishing and following a routine throughout most aspects of your life—eg when you wake up when you exercise when you take time off when you go to bed etc—makes it easier to take risks and do crazy stuff in the few uncertain parts of your life eg a job It's much easier to take excursions into unknown and uncharted parts of the world as long as you know you always have rituals and certainty anchors that you can return to 2 Life has no neutral There is only up or down That is things either get better or worse; they rarely stay the same For example if your current job isn't making you happy happy if you take no action 5 years from now you won't be in the same spot Instead you'll likely be even miserable than before So when choosing between a riskyuncertain path eg leave your cushy but unhappy job to start a company and changing nothing eg staying at your crappy job realize that changing nothing isn't a real choice Instead the real choice is to do the riskyuncertain thing or become steadily and miserable with status uo That's about it I think every other thing in the entire book I had already learned before It's not that this is a bad book but if you're an active reader of business books there isn't much new here If you're just starting your career or considering a major change and have read relatively little i this genre before this is not a bad start Just be aware that it's a lot of generic advice that's useful across a wide variety of business contexts with relatively little that is uniuely helpful when dealing with uncertainty

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Uncertainty ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Uncertainty By Jonathan Fields ❤ – Thomashillier.co.uk Uncertainty will freeze you in place if you let it   Jonathan Fields knows the risks—and potential power—of uncertainty He gave up a six figure income as a lawyer to make 12 an hour as a personal Uncertainty will freeze you in place if you let it   Jonathan Fields knows the risks—and potential power—of Uncertainty He gave up a six figure income as a lawyer to make an hour as a personal trainer Then he signed a lease to launch a yoga center in the heart of New York City the day before But he survived and along the way developed a fresh approach to transforming Uncertainty into a catalyst for innovation and achievement   Fields draws on leading edge technology cognitive science and ancient awareness focusing techniues in a fresh practical nondogmatic way His approach enables creativity and productivity on an entirely different level and can turn the once tortuous journey into a enjoyable uest.

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