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  • 10 pages
  • Before I Go to Sleep
  • S.J. Watson
  • English
  • 18 January 2016
  • 9780062072610

10 thoughts on “Before I Go to Sleep

  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    “What are we if not an accumulation of our memories?” I've had my eye on this book since before it was released and last night I decided it was finally time I really wanted a psychological thriller that would keep me guessing And did it deliver? Well let's just say I was up until 2am partly because this book is unputdownable and partly because it's a little hard to turn the light off and go to sleep afterwardsBefore I Go to Sleep is about a woman called Christine who wakes up every morning with no memory of who she is Through labeled pictures and the help of her husband every day she pieces together her life and learns of the accident that made her this way But then a visit from a mysterious doctor leads her towards the private journal she has been writing to herself a journal that tells her things might not be as they seem and the one person she should be able to trust could be lying Personally I found this book so thrilling I loved almost everything about it Christine was a complex and interesting character I was pulled so far inside her mind that the novel's events literally made my heart pound I love how creepy the novel is and I very much enjoyed almost but not uite figuring out the reveals at the endFor me the best kind of thrillers are those where the story is strong enough that it isn't ruined by an astute reader In other words if you guess what is going to happen it doesn't really matter And I think this is one of those books Towards the end I started to figure things out but rather than being disappointed it made me hang on the author's every word in anticipation and horrorAlso the reveals are multi layered So there is not just one big twistreveal but many things to discover over the course of the book I like this much The biggest complaints from people who didn't like this book are a it is as realistic as The Time Traveler's Wife and b it gets a little repetitive around the middle Both are true but neither bothered me I'll tell you whyThe book gets a little repetitive when Christine must first read her journal every day to understand everything The book obviously doesn't go into details each time but I can understand why people didn't like it I on the other hand didn't mind In fact I thought it dragged out the suspense even and had me mentally freaking out over what would come next I was never bored for a secondAs for being realistic the author manufactures a fictional type of amnesia in order for the story to work an amnesia in which Christine remembers almost nothing of her short term memory but is able to retain her short term memory for the length of her waking hours It is reset overnight But to be honest I absolutely love reading about weird rare illnesses particularly psychological ones And there are so many strange unbelievable illnesses out there that it wasn't difficult for me to suspend disbelief and imagine that a rare amnesia of this sort could existIf you think like me you could overlook the issues above I don't see why you wouldn't like this Very different very unsettling and very enjoyableBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

  2. Joe Joe says:

    I only read reviews on Goodreads after I have read a book I do this because after reading those reviews I wonder if I have read the same book as those reviewing it Most start by giving a somewhat lengthly explanation of the plot of the book Why? tell me what you thought I know what it is about I want to know what you thought of it At this point I get really crazy because the opinions almost always are positive I wish these people were my high school English teachers I would have gotten A's for anything I wroteThis book has one thing going for it a clever premise After that it sinks uickly with an annoying narrator bad writing and a predictable ending I used to wonder what many people get out of reading bad books I now know They think they are good books Good luck That is why James Patterson is making a fortune

  3. Jeanette (Again) Jeanette (Again) says:

    I can overlook a lot of bogus tude for a good story but this one exceeded my implausibility tolerance threshold The analytical portion of my brain wants to give this an even lower rating but it did hold my interest so I have to be fair It has a sinister edge that keeps you reading at least until you start figuring everything out long before it's revealed If I listed all the laughable incongruities and convenient coincidences I'd ruin it for people who just want an absorbing escape read If you're capable of turning off the eye rolling hey no way part of your mind you'll probably love it SJ Watson I wince in your general direction I scoff at your predictability But hey 'gratties on the movie option

  4. Jason Jason says:

    My negative attitude is a ruse I swear it I am such a positive little outlooker Nearly every book I read starts off with five stars in my head It barely has to earn anything; it just has to hold on to what it started with But wow this book fell off a cliff or something What the hell happened??First let’s back the truck out of these plot holes and start from the beginningThe premise of this psychological thriller is fairly straightforward The first person narrator has amnesia More specifically she has a mythical combination of several different forms of amnesia which happen to co exist simultaneously at the exact same time Maybe that should have been my first clue She has retrograde amnesia as a result of a mysterious traumatic episode that occurred years earlier and on top of this she has anterograde amnesia which affects her episodic memory she cannot retain anything new My second clue that this book would be an eye roller is that she has a short term memory capacity of many hours—essentially an entire day’s worth—and it is erased only when she falls asleep which flagrantly stretches the definition of anterograde amnesia by a large margin¹So this unreliable narrator with her unreliable memory is trying to piece together the details of her life while basically having to start from scratch every day I love the idea of this I love the idea that without memory retention one cannot build experiences and without experiences he cannot forge interpersonal bonds with others which means he cannot develop relationships or attain any kind of emotional maturity or love He cannot even experience the feeling of anticipation because it would reuire a preexisting sense of future combined with a knowledge of the past both of which are conspicuously absent when you have to be reminded every morning that you have amnesia to begin with There is no future there is no past there is no anticipation of anything It is only the here and now Because of my interest in this I was able to suspend my beliefs a bit regarding the nuances of the narrator’s form of amnesiaStill Watson manages to muck it all up The narrator’s sense of mistrust confusion and paranoia are there but the frustration of her existence is glossed over at each subseuent sunrise for the sake of plot progression And the ending OH GOD THE ENDING It devolves so uickly to predictable Sleeping with the Enemy–style fare that all enthusiasm for the psychological part of the story is lost Truly I think this could have been a decent novel I really do Watson’s clichéd structure though leaves too much to be desired and the book simply does not live up to its potential¹After writing this review I came across a blog post by the author who sort of corroborates my assertion that the narrator’s form of anterograde amnesia is somewhat of a fabrication Sort of

  5. Alex Alex says:

    I think I tend to judge books harshly when I listen to them because I can't skim the text or skip parts that bore me BUT I DON'T KNOW MAYBE THAT'S JUST MORE HONESTBefore I Go to Sleep is a highly improbable novel that's practically a fantasy A very slow drawn out horribly written fantasy Christine the protagonist wakes up in a strange bed with a strange man He tells her he's her husband Ben and she has amnesia she cannot form short term memories Think Memento Hey in fact this book is just like that movie Determined to figure out the mystery of her past Christine sees a doctor in secret and keeps a day to day journal That's pretty much all you need to knowThe bulk of the book is Christine rereading her journal Which is just ENDLESS accounts about how confusing and terrifying things are Ugh we get the point Perhaps that would be realistic but it's hardly INTERESTING for the reader Throughout the book one finds out as Christine does that her husband is lying to her about how she got amnesia she was attacked; he tells her it's a car accident her son he says they have no kids; they had a son her best friend moving away nope etc etc Obviously something is creepily wrong and yet Christine is like Hmmm GUESS I'LL JUST STAY HERE WITH THIS CREEPY LYING DUDEWe also discover that Christine was having an affair when she was attacked WHICH IS ALSO WHEN I CALLED IT THAT BEN WAS ACTUALLY THE DUDE SHE WAS SLEEPING WITH I didn't uite know how that was going to work but when Claire her best friend was all GIRL THAT AIN'T BEN I was like WHAT REALLY YOU WENT THERE YOU FUCKER????BASICALLY the dude Christine was having her affair with was super obsessed with her to the point of LUNATIC CRAZY and when she tried to break the whole thing off he went BATSHIT and TRIED TO DROWN HER IN A HOTEL BATHROOM Then because her memory was so shoddy and awful her loving husband Ben apparently in this world loving means that he's a handsome successful vegan architect is all like I CAN'T HANDLE THIS I MUST LEAVE BECAUSE I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH AND THIS I AM CAUSING YOU SO MUCH DISTRESS I'M GOING TO TAKE OUR SON AND LEAVE YOU IN THIS REHABILITATION CENTER So then Crazy Dude who's been staring at her through windows and shit this whole time swoops in andmanages to convince the staff that HE's Ben ????????????? and is all YUP I'M TOTES BEN I'M GOING TO TAKE MY WIFE HOME NOW So she's been living with CRAZY UNHINGED DUDE this WHOLE TIME and he's been masuerading as her husbandI can't really go into how much I thought the plot sucked it did; a lot in case you were wondering because my brain might implode But one thing I do want to vent about is HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE TO GET SOMEONE OUT OF A REHAB CENTER BY PRETENDING TO BE THEIR HUSBAND???? DO PEOPLE NOT CHECK RECORDS ANYMORE???? WHAT IS THIS SHIT??? DO REHAB CENTERS JUST LET ANYONE WALTZ OFF WITH CRITICAL AMNESIACS???? WTF????That aside MAN this writing was AWFUL The audiobook narrator did not help She had this grating voice and whenever she read Claire I wanted to throw my iPod out my car window Christine is a HORRIBLE character I mean I was SO SHOCKED that the author was a man haha jk not at all Once again we have a female protagonist with no autonomy And this time it's because her horrible cheating made it so Ladies no sex for you outside marriage even though dudes do it all the time because your lover will probably try to asphyxiate you on a tile floor and then stalk you for years and years only to kidnap you and keep you hostage with him in his love shack ISN'T THAT ALWAYS THE CASE?Also everything was SO SLOW The fight scene at the end when she's trying to escape from BenMike and she's all like I should've probably hit him again when she FINALLY manages to wrench herself free from his violent attack and you're like NO SHIT SHERLOCK and then he GRABS HER AGAIN AND THROWS HER TO THE FLOOR COULD'VE JUST BEAMED HIM IN THE HEAD AGAIN WITH THAT STOOL AND SAVED US ALL A LOT OF TIME YOU WORTHLESS EXCUSE FOR A CHARACTER Oh this is a good segue into the gratuitous violence of the book All the scenes with violence in them few but they are pretty intense are UGGGGGGH It was like and then I cracked my head against the radiator and then he shoved me to the floor and my arm twisted behind my back and then his hands were around my throat and I couldn't breathe I was SUIRMING on the train I CANNOT DEAL And I know why this book had to be narrated in first person present but IT WAS SO AWFUL I CANNOT EVENBee tee dubs the character of Claire makes NO SENSE to me at all She's supposed to be Christine's BFF and she just doesn't talk to or try to see her any? WOULDN'T THAT BE A LITTLE SUSPICIOUS????? If my best friend got AMNESIA and couldn't remember anything I WOULD BE THERE EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY EVEN if I slept with her stupid husband I would NEVER lose contact with her CLAIRE YOU ARE OFFICIALLY THE WORST FRIEND EVER CONGRATULATIONSDear Adam you suck as a son Dear Ben you suck at still being in love with Christine and letting some dude pretend to be you to steal her out of the clinic This book is really just a presentation of THE WORST PEOPLE TO HAVE IN YOUR LIFE WHEN YOU LOSE YOUR MEMORYCongrats SJ Watson I'm so glad your first book is a PILE OF SHIT

  6. Lou Lou says:

    June 15th 2am 2011I am writing this down in my journal I must do this otherwise I fear tomorrow I might not remember anything Anything about the book I read today or about me or my wife well she says she is I woke up this morning and my eyes were cast upon a striking beautiful woman in an even striking body wearing nice lingerie that fits like a glove I have no idea at that moment who she is she says she's my wife but I don't remember being married I am trying to piece together my life All this is too much to muster I have been told I was in an accident I had fallen over an egg and banged my head Strange but I don't remember this this is what she my wife tells me I need to write this in my oh so important journal otherwise I will run through the same routine again and not recollect her or the egg Oh yes that book before I forget this book has inspired me to write into this journal as the female protagonist is in same situation as me Her story is ever so gripping its tense I am almost glued to the pages her uest is heart warming and heartbreaking I felt tears of joy and sadness on the completion of her story The story is in the first person narrative and flows in a visceral fashion They say it can be cured what we have if we piece together our past and write I hope so The story was something fresh and different well worth the read When I wake up tomorrow I must remember on reading this journal that I have to share these thoughts and write a review Review also featured on my webpage here and also Watch SJ Watson on Richard and Judy book club here

  7. Mo Shah Mo Shah says:

    Argh What a frustrating book I want someone else I know to read it so I can discuss it with them to see if they agree with my conclusion Sarah you should read it and let me know what you think I really really liked this book in the beginning The concept while not strictly novel I can recall maybe half a dozen stories where amnesia like this features prominently is utilized to great effect The mystery is initially built uite satisfactorily and you're drawn in as a reader Fairly soon however the concept frays a bit and you have to suspend a little bit of disbelief to get through the book There were holes that I saw not insurmountable ones but still distracting I saw the ending I won't ruin it coming from a mile away only because you know with a book like this it needs a twist of some sort and there was only one particular twist that made sense Even so the ending was a let down because what should have been something emotionally laden was handled like an afterthought With a bit of editing and some revision this could have been a much engaging book The first half works really well and then it sort of deflates for me Too bad it didn't finish as strong

  8. Mandy Mandy says:

    Omg I am totally speechless This book was amazing It had a great plot about a woman who has amnesia and cannot remember her memories from day to day She begins to keep a journal and remember certain events in her life From there the book is amazing I definitely recommend this If you want a page turning psychologically thrilling fall out of your chair book read this So damn goodSide note I've got to see the film

  9. Emily (Books with Emily Fox) Emily (Books with Emily Fox) says:

    This book was interesting to say the leastWoman who can't retain new memories after an accident wakes up every day not remembering the last decides to try and improve her condition She sees a doctor in secret and writes her daily life in a journal she hides from her husbandI liked how you truly don't know for a while who to trust Is she crazy? Is her husband lying? Her doctor?My issues were mostly the weird body part descriptions I NoWorth a shot

  10. F F says:

    Could Not Put DownSuch an unusual perspective to come from

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