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The Unforgettable (Macon Valley Ménage #4) [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Unforgettable (Macon Valley Ménage #4) Author Rory Michaels – Contemporary Western Erotic Short Story MFM est 5000 wordsA Macon Valley Ménage Story Twin brothers Levi and Lyle Ackerman have had their sights set on Sally Young for years now Lyle manned up and as Contemporary Western Erotic Short Story MFM est wordsA Macon Valley Ménage Story Twin brothers Levi and Lyle Ackerman have had their sights set on Sally Young for years now Lyle manned up and asked her out beating Lyle to the punch Sally had always seemed so sweet so untouchable Now she's within the boys' reach and their ready to spend a night exploring every inch of her giving her pleasures she can't deny Warning This short story contains ménages a trios light mmf mfmexplicit sex strong language and cowboys who will melt your socks offThis book is not for the faint of heart If you're looking for tons ofplot and not sex move along this is not the book for you This novel contains adult content and is intended for mature audiences only Must be years or older to read If you enjoyed the Macon Valley Menage books please try Rory's Hazard County Threesome Series as well A Macon Valley Ménage Series The Unexpected BJXPThe Untold BLLIWPY The Unspoken BRKRThe Unforgettable BNOThe Unwrapped BVFGAKM The Unabashed BSTKGThe Unbridled coming soonThe Undressed coming soonHazard Count Threesome SeriesTheirs to Take BBBWA Theirs to Hold coming soonTheirs to Tame coming soonCowboys SupernaturalsBlaze of Glory BLVPIKParker's Honor BWHClockwork Law coming soonThe Inventor's Promise coming soonThe Raven books titles have complimentary material at the end in the form of excerpts and blurbs from select other Raven Book titles These are provided at no extra cost to you In an effort to keep marketing costs down we do cross promote titles within this complimentary section and these savings are always passed on to you the reader We work hard to keep our prices fair and to provide books you love We hope you enjoy the title and the additional material provided free at the end Thank you for reading The Raven books.

10 thoughts on “The Unforgettable (Macon Valley Ménage #4)

  1. Nstefa Nstefa says:

    This series is definitely Insta sex mfm all the way I have read all 4 books in a couple of hours not much of a story but definitely great sex scenes

  2. Cilicia White Cilicia White says:

    i read this book as part of a collection and reviewed the same wayThis is one hot box set This is the first four books in the Macon Valley seriesThe Unexpected tells the story of two childhood friends Perry and Sean who share everything including women Their plan is to share Perry's Fiance Jesse Jesse has heard rumors but wants to give Perry his fantasy not knowing that the pair of friends want her for keeps Will Jesse be able to give the men what they want after they give her the best night of her life? These boys know what they want and will stop at nothing to get their womanThe Untold is about Cody and Everett who a business partners and much When Cody marries Nicole and brings her home she has no idea that Everett is suppose to be a big part of their lives Nicole is attracted to Everett but has been bought knowing that loving two men is wrong but why does it feel so right Will Nicole let Everett into her heart also if he and Cody has anything to say about it she willThe Unspoken is about two friends who have come home after serving their country to come home to serve Harley Wyatt and Clay have always known that Harley is the one for them but living in Macon Valley it won't be easy because they have seen what the people of Macon Valley thinks since Harley's brother Cody is in the same type of relationship They all know what they want and what they want is each otherThe Unforgettable stars twin brothers Levi and Lyle and the woman they both want is Sally Wanting Sally for the last ten years the brothers finally get a chance with her They thought Sally was shy but she is a surprise for they brothers because shy is last thing she is and she knows that she wants the twins foreverEach book is a standalone with each having its own HEA I received a copy of this collection for a honest review

  3. Vanessa theJeepDiva Vanessa theJeepDiva says:

    The Unforgettable is strictly male female male ménage Lyle and Levi are twin brothers thus it would be creepy any other way They want Sally They have admired Sally from afar for way too long Lyle finally decided to ask Sally on a date Lyle and Levi knew it was only a matter of time before one of them did They have decided it is time to see that the three of them get their happily ever after Sally has longed for the twins for a while She is ecstatic when she finds out they both want her After the twins shut down their bar one night the trio finally explore all of their romantic options One of the aspects that I like most about the Macon Valley Ménage series is the fact that each book works as a stand alone You can pick up book #3 and not have any clue that there was a book #1 I’ve only read 2 other series that worked that way It is nice to find others I would love to read a full length novel by Rory She writes extremely hot sex scenes She also gives her characters a strong romantic connection in such few pages

  4. Cheri Cheri says:

    Book four and twins brothers needed the same woman to complete their family They have her all picked out have had for years Now is the time Will she agree? And when she does will it be a one time or for life like the twins want? These hot cowboys live in Macon Valley where the population may not agree with the lifestyle of a growing part of the population but and couples are becoming throuples the menage is becoming and popular with the marriageable set Not the usual party group these guys and their ladies are in it for the long term marriage and babies One legal husband and another heart husband with a wife who loves them bothDon't expect a simple love story with one man one woman But do expect hot sex gorgeous guys and beautiful woman who dare to take what they want no matter what others think A recommend I was provided an ARC for an honest review

  5. Nikki Brooks Nikki Brooks says:

    Unlike the previous books in this series this book is strictly MFM ménage Lyle and Levi are twin brothers and both lusted after Sally But Lyle was the one who finally decided to ask Sally her out Once they have been dating for a short time he sells her on the idea of a threesome with Levi Sally has lusted after the twins of a while and seems turned on by the fact that both of them want her After the twins shut down their bar the trio finally explore all of their fantasies Whilst all the books in the series are stand alones I prefer reading them in order This book actually has an epilogue where we see some of the earlier trios and what has happened to them in the interim when was greatAnother great story and brilliantly endearing characters

  6. July July says:

    The 4th story in the Macon Valley Menage series The Ackerman Twins own the bar in Macon Valley Lyle and Levi have known that they wanted Sally Young for years but haven't acted on it The Lyle went and asked Sally out on a date Sally and Lyle have been dating for a month now And Levi has been so jealous because he didn't ask her out Now Lyle has been sweet talking little Sally into a menage between him and his twin The night has come the bar is closed And Levi asked Sally if she really wanted to go through with this Then Sally says yes Hot damn What a night Hot sex Happy endingShort story

  7. Tracie R Tracie R says:

    The UnforgettableSally had admired Lyle and Levi Ackerman from afar and when Lyle finally asked her out she knew her time had finally come Sally had her the rumours and she wanted what she had heard one night with the Ackerman brothers Lyle and Levi have known for a long time that Sally was the one for them and when they finally have her together they have no intention of letting her go So will Sally be ready for what the Ackerman brothers want from her and will she turn out to be their girl after all?

  8. Rustye Rustye says:

    Good short story

  9. Rochelle Rochelle says:

    Loved it

  10. Dar Dar says:

    Same as the preceding three books just different names but same story No mm in this they are brothers after all

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