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A Forest Garden Year Gardener Martin Crawford Takes You Through The Seasons In His Devon Forest Garden, And Shows You How To Plan Your Planting To Mimic The Layering, Density, And Diversity Of A Forest Fifteen Years Ago, Inspired By The Pioneering Work Of Robert Hart, Crawford Moved From Conventional Organic Gardening To Creating A Forest Garden From A Bare Field Today His Garden Is A Wonderful Example Of What Can Be Done With A Minimum Of Effort To Produce An Abundant Crop Of Unusual Edible Trees, Plants, Shrubs, And Ground Cover The Principles Of Forest Gardening Can Be Applied To Spaces Big And Small A Wide Variety Of Edible Plants Can Be Grown Nepalese Raspberry, Siberian Purslane, Turkish Rocket And Good King Henry, Lime Trees Their Leaves Make A Good Salad , Bamboo Young Shoots Are Tasty When Steamed , Snowbell Trees For Their Fruit , Mulberry, And Chokeberry A Forest Garden Year Shows How To Graft An Apple Tree To Crop A Variety Of Apples Over Several Months, How To Grow Shiitake Mushrooms And Perennial Leeks, How To Pollard And Prune, Protect Crops From Wind, Attract Beneficial Insects, And Increase Valuable Minerals In The Soil All The While Creating A Haven For Yourself And For Wildlife.

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