[Ebook] While America Watches: Televising The Holocaust By Jeffrey Shandler – Thomashillier.co.uk

While America Watches: Televising The Holocaust The Holocaust Holds A Unique Place In American Public Culture, And, As Jeffrey Shandler Demonstrates, Television Has Played A Strategic Role In Establishing The Holocaust As A Powerful Moral Paradigm In The United States And While Much Has Been Written About Holocaust Literature And Film, The Medium That Has Brought The Subject To Most People Television Has Been Largely Neglected Now Shandler Provides The First Account Of How Television Has Enabled So Many Americans To Feel Familiar With This Remote And Deeply Disturbing Subject In America, Where Mediations Have Always Provided Most People With Their Primary Encounter With The Holocaust, Television Has Helped Transform Watching Into The Morally Charged Act Of Witnessing The Holocaust By Tracing The Course Of Holocaust Television Over The Past Half Century, While America Watches Reveals How Americans Have Come To Embrace This Subject As A Model For Responding To Other Moral Crises, From Domestic Racial Strife To Ethnic Cleansing Operations In Bosnia

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