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WorldPerfect: The Jewish Impact on Civilization In Pursuit Of An Answer To The Question Of What Would Constitute A Perfect World, Author Ken Spiro Questioned Than 1,500 People Of Various Backgrounds And Religions His Findings Revealed Six Core Elements Respect For Human Life Peace And Harmony Justice And Equality Education Family And Social Responsibility He Then Set Off On A Journey To Find Out Why These Were Such Common Goals Across Cultural, Economic, Social And Racial Lines, And In The Process, Traced The History Of The Development Of World Religions, Values And Ethics.As A Rabbi, He Paid Particular Attention To How Judaism Impacted, And Was Influenced By, The Course Of These Developments The Result Is A Highly Readable And Well Documented Book About The Origins Of Values And Virtues In Western Civilization As Influenced By The Greeks, Romans, Christians, Muslims And, Most Significantly, The Jews.The History Of Religion, Presented In Spiro S Highly Readable Style, Is A Fascinating And Timely Subject, Especially In Today S Volatile Religious Climate Spiro Divides His Book Into Five Engaging Parts Where The Quality Of Mercy Was Not Strained The World Of Greece And Rome Against The Grain The Jewish View A Father To Many Nations Abraham And The Implications Of Monotheism With Sword And Fire The Rise Of Christianity And Islam The New Promised Land Impact Of Judaism On Liberal DemocraciesReaders Of All Faiths Will Find That The Elements Of A Perfect World Can Only Be Achieved By A Common Understanding Of Our Mutual Backgrounds And That Our Diverse Religions Are All Merely Branches Growing From One Single Tree.

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    This book literally changed my life I had no idea how much the morals of our society were based on biblical values and how much the bible brought to the world Ken Spiro really opened my eyes the way no other author has The...

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    In this remarkable work, Ken Spiro takes us through four thousand years of history to show how the ethical and moral values that are held dear in the West, such as respect for human life, social responsibility, political pluralism, peaceful co existence, tradition, family etc, all originate from the Jewish civilization, which grew up in Israel, and gave the world the Bible The Torah says the Jews need to be A Light Among The Nations.He begins by taking us through a tour of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, which are often credited with being the predecessors of Western civilization, and shows us a rather horrific picture of how a lot of what they believed and practiced was quite antithetical to Judeo Christian values.Hence we learn about the nastier side these ancient civilizations and the wide scale acceptance and practice, defended by Plato, Aristotle and company of such things as infanticide, sexual abuse of children woman abuse, and extreme sexual depravity, as well as the total disregard for welfare of the poor or equal justice.He then shows us how the Torah and the teachings of Ancien...

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    AWESOME CRYSTAL CLEAR WORKIf I have to choose an introductory book for a Jewish fellow who is looking to read a short essay with a comprehensive content about the history and essence of the Jews as religion, nation, and race, this is the book Written with an easy language and very clear and concise concepts, nobody will have the same view of everyday world after finishing these rich pages The author Historian and Rabbi, makes at the beginning a survey of the biggest ancient civilizations Greece and Rome considered the producers of the ideas, ways of life and principles that gave rise to the development of the Western World and shows how traditional school teaching was wrong, in fact the first seeds of the principles ruling today Western civilization originated in the five books of Moses, On a second part it dedicates some chapters to briefly explain the Dark Middle Ages in Europe and how the Church distorted and censored Jesus preaching, based on the holy values of the Books of Moses, in order to promote mass ignorance and monopolize economic power Finishes with very convincing elements explaining how the United States from its very beginnings with the Mayflower pilgrims arrival in Massachusetts helped to constitute a free democratic nation following the values of every individual right to life, freedom, justice, education for all and social benefits based on the mandates of the Jewish Holy Book,...

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    A dozen years ago I was taken with it, as it asserted what I already believed to be true about the past and the present the past had emerged, as well as what I had wanted to believe about ALL of it from a Orthodox and Jewish perspective AS simply the most objective and correct perspective In time, I ve come to think that the parts that were true depictions of events, etc actually required truth context than was given to be taken seriously as true assessments for example, often, Christianity and Christian communities played very different roles than presented and the parts that were false were just that Oft times, it wasn t even so much that the error could not have been known at the time of the writing it was ideologically committed selection of a less nuanced, less informed perspective examples, ancient Greek and Roman sexuality It wasn t simply the difference between an academ...

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    I enjoyed this tour de force of Jewish western history It is very readable and provides a quality overview of a vast body of history In addition, I was fortunate enough to discuss this book with the author A vibrant guy full of humour and conviction.

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    A few historical mistakes Edward VI of England was 15 when he died, not 24 and a lot of white washing makes for a poor read.