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10 thoughts on “Design Like You Give a Damn {2}

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    I liked the format of the first book a little better It seemed like there wasvariety of projects andin depth But this one was also very interesting

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    From building material innovations such as smog eating concrete to innovative public policy that is repainting Brazil s urban slums, Design Like You Give a Damn 2 serves as a how to guide for anyone seeking to build change from the ground up.

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    This book was as good as the first one Both books in this series focus on building indigenous buildings using local materials, that are high quality and very functional for a people group The diversity of the buildings and cultures is amazing.

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    Awesome Full of information and pictures and facts that will blow your mind.

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    Very inspirational stories of architects working for society rather than well, other architects.

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    A fascinating look at wise and intelligent design around the world blessed with many photographs and a very informative text.

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Design Like You Give a Damn {2} Design Like You Give A Damn 2is The Indispensable Handbook For Anyone Committed To Building A Sustainable Future Following The Success Of Their First Book, Architecture For Humanity Brings Readers The Next Edition, With Than 100 Projects From Around The World Packed With Practical And Ingenious Design Solutions, This Book Addresses The Need For Basic Shelter, Housing, Education, Health Care, Clean Water, And Renewable Energy One On One Interviews And Provocative Case Studies Demonstrate How Innovative Design Is Reimagining Community And Uplifting Lives From Building Material Innovations Such As Smog Eating Concrete To Innovative Public Policy That Is Repainting Brazil S Urban Slums, Design Like You Give A Damn 2serves As A How To Guide For Anyone Seeking To Build Change From The Ground Up.Praise For Design Like You Give A Damn 2StartFragment The Resourcefulness Of The Projects In The Book Is Inspiring, Its Information Practical See Stohr S Chapter On Financing Sustainable Community Development And Its Numerous Factoids Sobering