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The Earth as Modified by Human Action There Can Be No Doubt That Moisture Is Given, Out By Trees And Evaporated In Extremely Cold Winter Weather, And Unless New Fluid Were Supplied From The Roots By The Exercise Of Some Vital Function, The Tree Would Be Exhausted Of Its Juices Before Winter Was Over But This Is Not Observed To Be The Fact, And, Though The Point Is Disputed, Respectable Authorities Declare That Wood Felled In The Depth Of Winter Is The Heaviest And Fullest Of Sap.

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    In 1864, George Perkins Marsh published Man and Nature, the book that was the granddaddy of the modern ecology movement Marsh was the U.S Minister to Italy, and while overseas, he visited the sites of many ancient civilizations This was a troubling and mind expanding experience for him.Wandering through the realms of e...

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    Man and Nature was first published in 1864, so some of its ecological ideas are understandably dated Yet Marsh s prose is enjoyable especially the footnotes and his concern with the extent of the changes produced by human action in the physical conditions of the globe we inhabit 3 was prescient.

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    I m still reading this, but I think I m going to have to buy it because it is taking too long as a library book Good insights already into humanity s intent on altering landscapes and the environment for our own gain.

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    This guy was talking about the dangers of global warming and deforestation in 1864 Boy, are we slow to catch on.

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    Vermont native gives a prescient explanation and analysis of the natural world and the physical, ecological and philosophical effects of man s civilization on its health and continued vitality Way ahead of his time.

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    I wanted to read George Perkins Marsh s, a famous Vermonter, most well known book as it is considered to have been a significant contribution to the conservation movement He documents the destruction of several environments but believe mankind could restore them Marsh promoted management of ...

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    If anyone finds this book, please let me know The liberry dunna have it

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