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Pompeii and Other Lost Cities History Meets Archaeology In This Fantastic Book Uncover The Secrets Behind The World S Lost Towns, Tombs Shipwrecks And Treasures Find Out How Archaeologists Discovered These Priceless Finds And Uncover Captivating Historical Facts Transport Yourself Describes The Historical Circumstances That Led To Cities Such As Pompeii And Machu Picchu Being Lost And The Archaeological Discoveries That Found Evidence Of These Cities.

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    This book give numerous details about various lost cities including Pompeii and Machu Pichu It had fun facts and possible reasons for abandonment for each city written about I learnedabout lost cities and theories about why they became lost.I would definitely keep this in my classroom...

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    I really like the format of this series There is a two page spread on the history of the lost city and then a two page spread on how it was found There are great little nuggets of history that will whet your appetite forinformation Everyone has...

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    lumayan informatif, tapi info tentang pompeii sendiri cuma beberapa lembar saja.

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