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If Tomorrow Comes Tra Gli Straordinari Personaggi Femminili Creati Da Sidney Sheldon, Tracy Whitney Quello Dalla Personalit Pi Sfaccettata E Accattivante Giovane, Bella E Idealista, Il Suo Futuro Si Prospetta Sereno, Finch Un Accusa Ingiusta Le Fa Conoscere L Inferno Di Un Penitenziario Femminile Da Qui Esce Una Nuova Tracy, Fredda E Audace, Decisa A Vendicarsi Dei Suoi Persecutori E Di Tutti Coloro Che Si Assicurano Ricchezza E Potere Con La Violenza E La Sopraffazione.

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    I didn t think I should write a review owing to the fact that than 1000s of reviews were written as to how awesome this book is but I had to point out and pour my heart out about so many things that I couldn t resist myself.In the present day context, where women are being treated better than in the past, we come across books with female protagonists being entirely SPINELESS, super weak and helpless.But this book, written around 1985, was able to really highlight the fact that women are not effing dumb little birds I am not trying to be a ranting feminist or anything but it really bothers me, how women are portrayed in books these days They piss the shit out of me even That s why it s surprises me how a book written by MAN in the 80 s could make such a beautiful iron hearted woman when these days women writers still write their female characters in a weak vulnerable way.I am not saying all women need be strong or anything like that What I mean is it would be nice to have protagonists like this in a few popular books I am not talking about dysopia It s the NA genre where I see the trend of doormats Tracy is this women who is framed by mafia gang who cause the death of her Mother for a crime she hadn t done She is then sent to jail and encounters the worst things any woman can ever en...

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    A true masterpiece from the master story teller Sidney Sheldon I bet many book lovers would have this one in their favorite list and its the most famous book by Sheldon Also this one occupies the top 1 , listed terms of reader base This is my third read of Sidney , first being Doomsday Conspiracy and the second Tell me your dreams Undoubtedly If tomorrow comes is my new favorite of Sheldon I have aplenty reasons to like this book and an iota amount of dislike though This wasn t at all boring , like the other two mentioned books It moved at a steady pace and never my guess was correct in this fateful story of Tracy Whitney One thing I loved about Sidney Sheldon is that , he establishes the characters firmly to the story line that is far different even from the imagination so that you wouldn t stop admiring them Such are the characters of Tracy Whitney , Jeff Stevens , Ernestine , Cooper , Reynolds, and so on Perhaps he makes oneself keep betting to guess what s next exciting thing going to happen in the story What a huge difference between the lady at the beginning of the story dreaming about the What if tomorrow comes and the same lady at the end dreaming about the t...

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    If Tomorrow Comes, Sidney SheldonIf Tomorrow Comes is a 1985 crime fiction novel by American author Sidney Sheldon It is a story portraying an ordinary woman who is framed by the Mafia, her subsequent quest for vengeance towards them and her later life as a con artis...

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    I ve seen the miniseries If Tomorrow Comes several times and I have read this book many years ago But I wanted to read this book again since I ve planned to read the sequel by Tilly Bagshawe It s just been a couple of months since I saw the miniseries last, so my memory is quite fresh when it comes to the story I must confess that I do prefer the miniseries, but I still love this book and they have made a very good job with the miniseries because most of the story is there from the book Of course, there are some differences Like for instance, Tracy meeting Jeff in the beginning of the miniseries instead on the train in the book I much prefer how they first met in the miniseries, it feels like fate than the one in the book There are things like that in the book, like heists, dialog, and a differe...

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    Another my fave of Sidney Sheldon with impressive 4.8 Stars So Tricky. this is what thief ish book should be I love reading the book with thief characters, but I have never read the book that have A LOT of clever robbering plans The robberies are complicated and very well planned I really admire Sheldon of how he can think and create them Tracy and Jeff are such intelligent, smart, and sly characters and I love them I also really enjoy the romance between these two Tracy and Jeff are like rival for each other, their equal match They outwit each other in the game of robbery Yeah, I found myself giggle over their war It s that cute This book remind me so much of Catspaw by Anne Stuart which t...

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    For what it is, it s brilliant I read this book AGES ago, sometime in my teens It was the first, and the best, of any Sidney Sheldon books I ever read And though it is not a literary masterpiece, it is great...

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    Captivating and fast paced.I wish they make a new movie with Jennifer Lawrence playing Tracy.

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