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Air Assault AIR ASSAULT Is The First Full Scale Account Of The Development Of Airmobile Warfare, A Concept That Has Revolutionized Ground Military Operations Beginning With The Early Innovators Of The Parachute And Glider In The First Decades Of This Century, It Goes On To Cover Airborne Operations During World War II And The Birth Of Helicopter Air Mobility, Ending With An Analysis Of Airmobile Operations In Vietnam Based On After Action Reports Long Hidden In The Archives At Leavenworth And In Washington And On An Extensive Series Of Interviews, The Book Casts New Light On The Infighting As Well As The Actual Field Combat That Produced The Story Of Air Mobility Its Real Beginnings, Essentially Experiments, Came At The Start Of World War II And Were Surprise Attacks By German Parachutists The Lightning Quick Takeover Of Norway And The Assault On The Impregnable Belgian Fortress Of Eben Emael Increasingly Complex Operations Took Place Throughout The War, In Crete, Malta, North Africa, Sicily, Normandy, Holland, And Germany The Russians Employed Airborne Forces In Vyazma And Kiev The Japanese Experimented With Air Assaults In The East Indies Important Attacks Took Place In New Guinea, Burma, And Corregidor The Use Of The Helicopter In Korea Revealed New Possibilities In The Search For Greater Air Mobility Since Then The Concept Has Been Tested In Hundreds Of Combat Actions In Vietnam AIR ASSAULT Traces The Development Of Air Mobility In Clear, Dramatic Detail, Illuminating The Past, The Present, And The Future Of Airmobile Warfare.

  • Hardcover
  • 365 pages
  • Air Assault
  • John R. Galvin
  • English
  • 06 May 2019

About the Author: John R. Galvin

John Rogers Galvin was an American army general who served as the sixth dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and a member of the U.S Commission on National Security 21st Century.

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