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Journey To You Steve Olsher, Founder And President Of The Reinvention Workshop, Reveals The Principles And Exercises He S Field Tested For Over 20 Years In This Life Changing And Transformative Book That Guides You To Become Who You Were Born To Be Journey To You Presents A No Holds Barred, Practical Blueprint For Life That Empowers You To Reconnect With Who You Really Are Leverage Your Natural Talents, Honing In On The Key Areas Where You Re Wired To Succeed Uncover And Eliminate Barriers You Ve Unconsciously Created Live With Clear Direction And Focus By Implementing The S.L.A.P The Seven Life Altering Principles Identify Your WHAT That Is, The One Vocation You Re Compelled To Pursue And Establish A Plan Of Action For Achieving Your Natural Born Greatness Create At A Glance References That Identify Your Life S Purpose, Goals And Inspirations Unlike Conventional Self Help Guides, Journey To You Enables You To Achieve Fundamental Change At The Deepest Level Of Your Being Change That Embeds Within You And Becomes Inseparable From Your Thoughts And Actions Journey To You Is A Quest For The Most Precious Of Destinations Your True Self Let Steve Guide You Through It.

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    Choose your life don t let your life choose you.Journey To You presents a no holds barred, practical blueprint for life that empowers you to enables you to achieve fundamental change at the deepest level of your being change that embeds within you and becomes inseparable from your thoughts and actions Reconnect with who you really are Leverage your natural talents, honing in on the key areas where you re wired to succeed Uncover and eliminate barriers you ve unconsciously created Live with clear direction and focus by implementing The S.L.A.P The Seven Life Altering Principles Identify your WHAT that is, the one vocation you re compelled to pursue and establish a plan of action for achieving your natural born greatness Create at a glance references that identify your life s purpose, goals and inspirations.Steve Olsher, Founder and President of The Reinvention Workshop, reveals the principles and exercises he s field tested for over 20 years in this life changing and transformative book that guides you to become who you were born to be.Unlike conventional self help guides, Journey To You...

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    Nice book to know what you were in this world for, and incredible process to know your ultimate passion.

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