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    This and Sylviane Diouf s Servants of Allah complement each other well Diouf discusses West African Muslims in the Americas Allison studies how Americans perceived North African and other Muslims in the early years of the United States I liked Allison s exposure of Islamic stereotypes in European philosophy and literature, as well as his portrayal of Federalist vs Republican debates over a proper response to the Barbary pirates Debates over preemptive action vs diplom...

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    Some interesting facts about America during the Barbary Wars, but overall there is too much analysis of literature and few other primary sources Many of the chapters don t flow together into a coherent whole.

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    The book is collection of articles on theme of American dealing with Barbary States Some of the chapters are intense than others I enjoyed the first, second, and the fourth the most.

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    This text, with supplementary material, allows the reader to understand the early misunderstandings between the U.S and the Barbary nations beginning not long after the establishment of the U.S s independence The concepts of trade, early foreign sovereignty, slavery, and negotiation between the barbary nations, give the reader a better understanding of how perceptions about the east formed Chapter 4 and 5 are especially great in pointing out the hypocrisy of early U.S decl...

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    This was interesting, but a dry read.

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The Crescent Obscured: The United States and the Muslim World, 1776-1815 Download The Crescent Obscured The United States And The Muslim World, 1776 1815 Author Robert J Allison Petrasrobert.eu From The Beginning Of The Colonial Period To The Recent Conflicts In The Middle East, Encounters With The Muslim World Have Helped Americans Define National Identity And Purpose Focusing On America S Encounter With The Barbary States Of North Africa From 1776 To 1815, Robert Allison Traces The Perceptions And Mis Perceptions Of Islam In The American Mind As The New Nation Constructed Its Ideology And System Of Government A Powerful Ending That Explains How The Experience With The Barbary States Compelled Many Americans To Look Inward With Increasing Doubts About The Institution Of Slavery David W Lesch, Middle East Journal Allison S Incisive And Informative Account Of The Fledgling Republic S Encounter With The Muslim World Is A Revelation With A Special Pertinence To Today S International Scene Richard W Bulliet, Journal Of Interdisciplinary History This Book Should Be Widely Read Allison S Study Provides A Context For Understanding Recent Developments, Such As America S Tendency To Demonize Figures Like Iran S Khumaini, Libya S Qaddafi, And Iraq S Saddam Richard M Eaton, Eighteenth Century Studies