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Constantine the Great: And the Christian Revolution PDF Epub Constantine The Great And The Christian Revolution George Philip Baker Contra Saustall.eu Roman Emperor Constantine Is One Of The Most Momentous Figures In The History Of Christianity, A Ruler Whose Conversion Turned The Cult Of Jesus Into A World Religion Classical Scholar Baker Tells Of The Changing Roman World In Which Constantine Rose To Power An Empire Where Feudalism Was Replacing The Old Senatorial Government And The Lands Of The Empire Were Split Into Two Regions It Was Also A Place Where Customs From The East Were Replacing The Old Roman Values, Preparing The Way For The Byzantine Empire Baker Describes Constantine S Unique Conversion Which Apparently Did Not Prevent Him From Sacrificing To Idols , His Wars To Control First The Roman Army And Then The Germans And The Lands Of Asia Minor, And Finally The Founding Of Constantinople And The Establishment Of The Monarchial System That Dominated Europe For Over A Thousand Years.

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    I wasn t but 30 pages in when I felt my boots were heavy with mud and I was reading in bed I also discovered, mysteriously, I had been transported to Roman York for an inordinate amount of timeG.P.Baker wrote this book in 1930 and it shows Galerius, one of the contestants for Diocletian s empire is described as He certainly had the Mongol touch in his temper To some sorts of feeling he was entirely obtuse He ruled by terrorism pg 73 Another case of this presumptive knowing of the human condition is as follows A slave who knew his job and cared to put his back into his work could be reasonable sure of a holding and eventual freedom Only the less competent and less trustworthy need remain in servile condition pg 209 How does Baker separate wheat from the chaff Through obedience And some day you ll have your chance Or you ll be called the Beast for as long as you are held to the read...

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    Thought it was an extremely interesting read.

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    A little outfashioned but still really good account on the late Roman Empire and Constantine reign

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