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Cute Cute Thumbscrews Press, 2011 Is A Chapbook Of Poetry And Illustrations By Jordan Castro And Mallory Whitten.

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    Jordan Castro and Mallory Whitten s CUTE is a true example of brilliant poetry, combining the warmth and naivet of children s books with the bleakness and uncertainty of existentialist literature The many anthropomorphic animals observed throughout these poems are cute and...

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    Was able to read about ineffably depressing existential themes without realizing it because there were cute drawings of animals Read it twice and realized on the second time how sad meaningful life affirming self referential it was It s like a Trojan horse or something Great Great collabo.

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    I m really glad that I read this just now because my mood has been altered and I feel encouraged and also kind of alone but mostly encouraged like maybe I will make a good dad some day if that s related at all.

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    cute is now available to purchase as a.pdf for 1

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