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X-Men Masterworks Vol. 3 EPUB X Men Masterworks Vol 3 Author Roy Thomas Ls17.eu Join The Original X Men Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Angel And Iceman In These Early Adventures From The Days When Marvel S Merry Mutants Were The Quirkiest Quintet In Comics Than The Worldwide Wunderkinds They Are Today Across Ten Issues, You Ll See The X Men Confronted By A Host Of Villains Weird And Varied From Count Nefaria And His Horde Of Henchmen To The Locust And The Aztec Inspired Kukulc N You Ll Also Witness The First Appearance Of X Men Mainstay Banshee And Read The Rare Stories When A Sixth Mutant Member, The Mimic, Joined Professor X S Squad Also Featured Are The Beginnings Of The Long Ranging Factor Three Saga, And The Classic Battle Between Mimic And The Super Adaptoid And All Are Painstakingly Restored To Offer The Best Presentation Of These Marvel Classics Collecting X MEN 1963 22 31

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    This collection contains issues 22 31 from the original run The original team consisted of Cyclops, Angel, The Beast, Iceman, and Marvel Girl Jean Grey Professor X and his giant mutant brain are on hand to lead the team I mentioned in my reviews of the first two X Men Marvel Masterworks that those early issues can be awfully cheesy, and that remains true for issues 22 31 as well Yeah There are a lot of silly costumes and a lot silly dialogue in this book These issues were published from 1966 67, and the standards expectations of the medium were different than they are today Some people will find this level of cheese delightful, while others will find it overwhemingly obnoxious Personally I kind of enjoyed it in a nostalgic sort of way, but I had to limit myself to one issue at a time to avoid severe eye rolling.The first X Men Marvel Masterworks is interesting as it contains the original issues that started it all The second introduces the Juggernaut and the Sentinels for the first time, so it too represents some X Men history This one Not so much The X Men are mostly battling a random bunch of 3rd rate villains that I had never heard of, and this colle...

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    Cyclops is still whiny as heck

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    I don t usually rate a x men book this low but it started out as a hot read with some unusual characters It quickly got boring and repetitive I usually dont start a book and not finish so I did the noble thing and finished this book It an above average book which some may deem worth reading.

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    Reading silver age comics can be jarring when you are used to modern comics These issues of the X men are hyper dense in terms of the text per panel that make much of this collection drag even as a modern reader like me could also celebrate these early stories as the foundation of the decades long superhero soap opera it would build to Roy Thomas is a solid writer and it is refreshing to see heroes sidelined for multiple issues with injuries rather than rely on healing factors or time jumps to get the full squad back to peak performance For example, Cyclops injures Angel and he is basically out of action for the next four issues What holds this collection back is Werner Roth s art It just isn t very good You would be tempted to blame it on the period he was working in but the one issue Roth isn t responsible for, Issue 30 The Warlock Wakes is innovative and interesting in a way the other nine issues in this collection never sniff at, Roth just doesn t seem to have th...

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    Roy Thomas takes over as writer and things get well, just about exactly the same, honestly I m not sure how much of a hand Stan The Man had in the plotting and characterization of these books he s listed as editor , but it certainly seems like the folks at Marvel figured it ...

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    Complete slogIt feels like no real advances happen for the overall plot Just some teases of a secret organization There s a lot of returning villains and or villains from other comics and it honestly does nothing for me Also, the complete verbal diarrhea on every page is mentally draining.

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    my mom hates this cover, xD

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    Very middle of the road fare, with no interesting developments With the exception of Banshee no interesting villains are used, all one shot wonders.

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    Cheesy Fun.

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    Roy Thomas starts off his tenure as writer of the X Men by showing off his knowledge of Marvel history this could have been a good thing, had he done something interesting with forgotten characters or former X Men villains However, he just sort of parades meaningless moments and characters who should have been forgotten and doesn t do anything spectacular with them Yes, he does create the Banshee, but he makes him a confusingly motivated ancient man and needs several tries before he can do something with him A great deal of the issues in this collection feature a dead end plot thread of Jean leaving the team to attend Metro College enrolling during the summer, for no reason It s a dead end because Jean usually finds the time to join them on their missions anyway Despite initially feeling relief she is no longer a fighter, she apparently takes the time to sew new uniforms for everyone and rejoins them anyway All supporting plot threads that could have been interesting, such as Ted Roberts, Jean s classmate who suspects the teens are the X Men, are inexplicably dropped without any resolution Thomas even brings the Mimic back as a teammate o...

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