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Larkspur Cove Read Larkspur Cove Author Lisa Wingate Liversite.co.uk Adventure Is The Last Thing On Andrea Henderson S Mind When She Moves To Moses Lake After Surviving The Worst Year Of Her Life, She S Struggling To Build A New Life For Herself And Her Son As A Social Worker Perhaps In Doing A Job That Makes A Difference, She Can Find Some Sense Of Purpose And Solace In Her Shattered Faith.For New Moses Lake Game Warden Mart McClendon, Finding A Sense Of Purpose In Life Isn T An Issue He Took The Job To Get Out Of Southwest Texas And The Constant Reminders Of A Tragedy For Which He Can T Forgive Himself But When A Little Girl Is Seen With The Town Recluse, Mart And Andrea Are Drawn Together In The Search For Her Identity The Little Girl Offers Them Both A New Chance At Redemption And Hope And May Bring Them Closer Than Either Ever Planned.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 368 pages
  • Larkspur Cove
  • Lisa Wingate
  • English
  • 23 May 2017

About the Author: Lisa Wingate

Lisa Wingate is a former journalist, an inspirational speaker, and the bestselling author of than twenty novels Her work has won or been nominated for many awards, including the Pat Conroy Southern Book Prize, the Oklahoma Book Award, the Utah Library Award, the Carol Award, the Christy Award, and the RT Reviewers Choice Award Her work was honored by the Americans for More Civility for pro

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    I m a little bit conflicted when it comes to the rating for Larkspur Cove because despite the slow start, I did end up really enjoying the read The characters drew me into the story, and I loved the first person narration of Andrea and Mart It was cool to get the story from both of their perspectives versus one or the other The bit of mystery about the sweet little girl that Andrea saw with a local loaner really compelled me to keep reading I wanted to find out just who Birdie was how she wound up at Moses Lake The romance between Andrea and Mart felt genuine to me and had some very sweet moments I did want to see a bit development there perhaps a little revelation out of both of them Their baggage from the past was never explored very well, though I suppose it might have just been an assumption that they were in the process of making peace with it It just seemed all tied up in a bow when in reality they had not disclosed that much information with one another.I did love Lisa Wingate s writing style There were several lines that I highlighted to look back at again later, lots of gems worthy of contemplation The setting itself was also very well done, and the lake lifest...

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    I needed this book I ve always enjoyed Lisa Wingates stories And I m not sure this is any better than her other ones other than it was what I needed right now o Some of my favorite lines Joy, I realized, isn t so much a circumstance you find yourself in but a choice you make or Maybe he saw in me a man who d been raised going to chruch every Sunday, and gotten mad at God, and quit Maybe he could tell that deep down inside me, there was a part that d started to face the fact that you re not always going to understand why God does things the way He does, but you don t do yourself any good by turning your back on your faith, either or Maybe I just needed to accept my parents for who they were and get over myself Maybe I was finally at a place in my life where I could then there was, Stop looking ahead Stop looking back Stop Look around You ve got to take your chances as they are God gives what He gives, and only He knows why If you re smart, you open the gift while it s on the table Enjoy it Be thankful for it Live every minute of it while it s happening In the stillness was a voice, soft like the mourning dove, yet persistent like the endless refrains of the mockingbird It beckon...

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    SUMMARY Adventure is the last thing on Andrea Henderson s mind when she moves to Moses Lake After surviving the worst year of her life, she s struggling to build a new life for herself and her son as a social worker Perhaps in doing a job that makes a difference, she can find some sense of purpose and solace in her shattered faith For new Moses Lake game warden Mart McClendon, finding a sense of purpose in life isn t an issue He took the job to get out of southwest Texas and the constant reminders of a tragedy for which he can t forgive himself But when a little girl is seen with the town recluse, Mart and Andrea are drawn together in the search for her identity The little girl offers them both a new chance at redemption and hope and may bring them closer than either ever planned.REVIEW A litte bit romance, a little bit suspense, and a little bit mystery, the author wrapped this all up in a nice package Each chapter opened with a delightful quote from the Wall of Wisdom at the Waterbrid Bait and Grocery at Moses Lake It has a good storyline along with characters filled wi...

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    This was a slow read for me At times it felt repetitive, however I still ended up enjoying it The characters and the overall story were interesting enough, although I did crave to have a little depth to the story and all the emotions that were brought forth I was able to relate to the mom who was in her late thirties with a young teenage son though So many of the emotions expressed in their relationship with each other were very authentic I also enjoyed the setting of the lake I was e...

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    A kite is like a man s life, my granddad had said as I weighed the choice between letting that kite soar and holding it down No matter how much he tries, he can t make it than a piece of paper and a ball of twine, on his own He s got to give it over to something bigger, let the Good Lord breathe into it After that, he just has to do two things turn his eyes toward heaven and keep hold of the string Lisa Wingate is a master storyteller and I found myself, once again, completely enthralled in her fiction Complex characters struggling with true to life issues that seem insurmountable at times Gut wrenching and inspiring and so very hopeful I particularly related to Andrea as she tries to find her footing after a messy divorce My he...

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    Two lives connected by one small child Recently divorced Andrea Henderson moves herself and her teenage son to her parent s vacation home in Larkspur Cove, in Moses Lake, Tx Professionally, she has to start over and takes a job as a counselor in the area on the other side of the lake a side her family avoided She finds out how difficult this can be her first day when she gets a flat tire on the way to her appointments While stuck out there with little phone reception, she sees a man drive past her with a small unkempt girl in the passenger seat Not sure she can trust this man, she motions him on to avoid him stopping, but she can t get the image of the little girl from her mind.Martin Mart McClendon has also found a home in Moses Lake after a tragic accident takes the lives of his brother and nephew in which he blames himself Racked with guilt over the deaths, he s taken a job there as a game warden to distance himself from his family On the same day Andrea s car breaks down, Mart catches her son getting into trouble on the lake with some of the local rich kids When he meets Andrea he thinks she s just another rich parent not willing to see what her child has done wrong and she also gets the wrong impression of him.Soon they find themselves working together to find the identity of the young child Bertie staying with Len, a man that s ...

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    This is the second book by Lisa Wingate that I ve read There s something about her writing that draws me in She creates realistic characters that I come to care about There is mystery,suspense and romance in this book Also,min this book there is scripture ...

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    I love it when people realize that God is with them, and that He really does have a purpose for them.

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    I really related well with the characters The writing was beautiful and lyrical My only complaint is it all wrapped up really suddenly and quickly at the end Also not all of the issues were resolved I can only hope it is wrapped up in the 2nd book but I don t think these characters a...

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    I fell in love with all the characters of this book It has amazing quotes that I could apply to my own life You will not be disappointed by this author.

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