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    This is a delightful book What may dissatisfy some is that most of the characters are pencil sketches rather than oil paintings To be fair most everyone gets their five minutes in the spotlight but it s hard not to want to know just a wee bit Things are tied up at the end but a part of me would ve like a twentieth chapter rather than jumping straight to the epilogue but I can t gripe I ve done the same myself, skipped all the stuff I couldn t be bothered writing about and giv...

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    Misadventures Dr Pawel Kohoutek, veterinarian and womanizer, looks out the window one morning to see his mistress approaching his house The woman, expecting love and children and a future, does not make things easy As he frantically run...

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    Prosa bonita, aj , pero que aburrida me he dado Un intento de La Insoportable Levedad del Ser, pero de mal lograda melancol a y que la mayor parte del tiempo me pareci que expon a una situaci n absurda Ya s , ya s , its a metap...

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    Exceptionally funny and smart Each Pilch s book surprises me.

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    Vie patie Dieve, nesi auk iau Tavo vardo be reikalo, ta iau i kur ita moteris visada ir visur visk ino Kohoutekui baisiai norisi t sti savo samprotavimus, nes pas mon je jau ia, kad itai gali atne ti palengv jim i klibusiems jo nervams, bet kur ten, n ra n kalbos apie palengv jim , siaubas dar kart perveria jam k n bei siel lyg dervuoti a menys Paprotys grasinti mirtimi buvo senas nam paprotys Nemirtingus posakius apie u mu im Kohoutekas gird davo nuo tada, kai i moko gird ti A tave u mu iu, sakydavo Kohouteko motina Kohouteko t vui Nors imk ir u mu k, sakydavo jiedu, kai Oma v l pasl pdavo kok nors valg Grok, antraip u mu iu tave, sakydavo panel s Vandos motina panelei Vandai Tuoj a j u mu iu, sakydavo Oma, kai senelis v l gr davo girtas kaip lavonas Kohoutekas apsiver ia ant ono ir atsigula embriono poza, o gulint embriono poza jo mintys kaip visuomet ima suktis apie piktadaryst Kohoutekas tyl damas i ri savo aktuali moter ir staiga jam auna paprasta lyg ab c l mintis Kohoutekui tampa ai ku, jog jo aktuali moteris yra pami l eroti kas pras iok lis kitaip Kohouteko nepavadinsi Kohoutekas sutiko moter , kurios eidavo su juo, nes daugyb met b davo nelaimingai simyl jusios ir d l to daugyb met eidavo su kiekvienu Vyras nes juk tai tur jo b ti vyras , kuris pirm kart dav moteriai instrument , Kohouteko manymu, buvo vienas i svarbiausi pasaulio harmonijos prot vi Kohoutekas u uod alyvmed io kremo kvap ir kartu su tuo kvapu j u liejo didysis prareg jimas Prareg jimas prareg jimu,...

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    Poor Kohoutek gets himself in so much trouble and his efforts to deal with his current woman who decides to pack up and come to live with him are almost slap stick comic as he attempts to prevent his wife, child, grandmother, and a houseful of relatives boarders from discovering his hidden woman Kohoutek s mentor and teacher, Oyermah, gives him advice to help him deal with t...

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    La prosa es correcta pero la historia me aburre como pocas veces.

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    Kada atva iavai Dabar, atsak aktuali Kohouteko moteris.puosel jama ant mogi ko darbo ne moni komis s lygomis etika.

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    Pilch es un estilista excepcional.

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    Zar wno j zykowo jak i tre ciowo s absza od innych ksi ek Pilcha Wszystko wydaje si by troch rozpuszczone, rozwodnione, jakby w ksi ce znalaz o si tylko kilka procent zwykle zabawnego, tre iwego Pilcha a reszta by a wod.

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Inne rozkosze PDF Epub Inne Rozkosze By Jerzy Pilch Oknalubliniec.eu Pawel Kohoutek, Veterinarian And Womanizer, Looks Out The Window One Morning To See His Mistress Approaching His House That S Bad She Is Hauling Her Suitcase Containing Her Books And Her Backpack Containing Everything Else She Owns That S Worse So Kohoutek Does The Only Thing He Can He Hides His Current Woman In The Attic Of The Family Slaughterhouse Farce Ensues As Kohoutek Attempts To Hide The Woman From His Eccentric Family, Their Lodgers, And Various Offbeat Visitors A Best Seller In Jerzy Pilch S Native Poland, His Current Woman Is An Enjoyable Literary Send Up Of What Often Passes For Love.