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  1. Kat Kat says:

    lightning mcueen christine

  2. Matthew Matthew says:

    I am very excited to have finished this book Future Matthew may look back and wonder why this is So for historical reference this is the first book I have finished since the Coronavirus panic began It is now Monday March 30th and the last time I finished a book was Saturday March 14th – and even the rest of March before that was slow because the panic was on its way I am pretty sure this is the longest I have gone between finishing a book since joining Goodreads in 2012 I just haven’t been able to focus on reading at all Two things helped with this one – it was a reread and it was an audiobookI do like these classic Stephen King novels This one is not my favorite by any stretch but it is so well known and truly embodies 80s era King I wouldn’t suggest anyone start their King adventure here but it is not a bad read if you have tried a few others already As you may know King has had a few demonic automobiles in his time and even inspired his offspring to take after him with NOS4A2 but this is where it all began A reread was a good idea because I have forgotten so much even some of the biggest plot points like view spoiler the evil car was not so much an unexplainable possession as much as the demon of its former owner LeBay hide spoiler

  3. Kerstin Kerstin says:

    I have a real guilty pleasure lovelove realtionship with Stephen King books I don't care how literarily unhip that is Christine was the first big girl book I ever read I was in the fourth grade and we'd just moved to California I didn't have any friends or anywhere to go yet so I spent my days poking around in the library like any good nerd I'd heard somewhere that Stephen King books contained scandalous curse words so I picked it out of the library's King collection because the title resembled my own name I would never have been allowed to check that book out so I read the whole thing on the sly curled up on a bean bag in the back of the library shitting my pants and unable to explain to my parents why I suddenly refused to go through the garage to take the bins out on trash day Ah youth

  4. Annemarie Annemarie says:

    I went into this book thinking I'd be giving it a high rating and considering it was written by Stephen King my favourite author I'm not surprised at all that I was proven to be correctI feel like theoretically this story could have been told in a much smaller amount of pages After all the premise isn't too complicated and it would have bee easy to rattle through all the events just with the simple purpose of telling a scary story But of course Stephen King being Stephen King made this entire thing a lot than a simple horror story and added a lot depth to it And that's exactly why he's my favourite writer He made me fall in love with all the characters even the ones I hated yes I am aware that this is a contradiction but King develops his characters in such a fantastic way you see the positive aspects of even the most evil beings and thus I can't bring myself to despise anyone 100% They are all just so darn brillant and fascinatingI normally would find the concept of a murdering car ridiculous and too over the top I'm not really into paranormal stuff and things like that but once again I noticed how King can write about the most unbelievable things in a most believable way If there would have been a note at the end telling me all of this had really happened I would have accepted it without asking any uestions That's how good of a storyteller he isA highly entertaining and suspenseful read and a definite recommendation

  5. Joe Valdez Joe Valdez says:

    Fans of the Netflix series Stranger Things who might be unaware of how freely the creators sampled '80s pop culture right down to the title font need look no further than three novels by Stephen King one I've read Firestarter one I'm reading this month It and one I'll review now Published in 1983 the same year that Stranger Things takes place Christine is an often haunting and at times bittersweet tale about growing up; specifically that time when adulthood threatens to detour cherished friendships and careen others off Dead Man's Curve Coincidentally this tale includes an antiue car possessed by evilUnfolding through the fall of 1978 and into a bitter New Year in the fictional town of Libertyville Pennsylvania Christine is divided into three parts the first and third narrated by Dennis Guilder a twenty two year old reflecting on his tragic senior year of high school Captain of the football and baseball teams and All Conference swimmer Dennis is best friend to Arnie Cunningham a childhood friend whose road detours into oily skin chess and derision by many of their peers The meek only child of two academics at Horlicks University Arnie takes a bold but troubling step toward adulthood while cruising with Dennis in his '75 Plymouth DusterArnie falls in love at first sight with a 1958 Plymouth Fury he spots rusting in a yard Dennis sees only a lemon but is unable to convince his friend to walk away from it With a nest egg built from his summer job with the Penn DOT on a road crew Arnie leaves a cash deposit with the car's owner a nefarious coot with a bad back lewd disposition and forked tongue named Roland D LeBay; the old timer refers to the junker as Christine Believing his friend is being suckered Dennis is taken aback by how enad Arnie a gifted machinist who has never owned his own wheels is of the red and white street rod which Arnie begins calling Christine Dennis is certain that Arnie's parents particularly his controlling mother will scotch the dealThat's it I thought now feeling a little sad as well as upset They'll beat him down and LeBay will have his twenty five dollars and that '58 Plymouth will sit there for another thousand years or so They had done similar things to him before Because he was a loser Even his parents knew it He was intelligent and when you got past the shy and wary exterior he was humorous and thoughtful and sweet I guess is the word I'm fumbling around forSweet but a loserHis folks knew it as well as the machine shop white soxers who yelled at him in the halls and thumb rubbed his glassesThey knew he was a loser and they would beat him downThat's what I thought But that time I was wrongAfter witnessing Arnie fire the first shot in a rebellion against his parents Dennis grows wary of Christine Returning with Arnie to purchase the rustbucket from LeBay Dennis climbs behind the wheel and receives a flash of the decaying car restored to new and speaking to him Let's go for a ride big guy Christine seemed to whisper in the hot summer silence of LeBay's garage Let's cruise He suddenly finds himself not wanting to walk in front of the car Watching Arnie drive away in it Dennis witnesses LeBay break down in tears Holding firm that the old bastard has ripped his friend off Dennis is told that he doesn't know half as much as he thinks he doesWith the sun going down Arnie and Dennis are able to reach Darnell's Do It Yourself Garage where cigar chomping interstate trafficker Will Darnell has cornered the town's automotive needs He takes advantage of Arnie overcharging him for the stall and the tools the teen will need to restore his wheels One of Arnie's classmates a menacing hulk named Buddy Repperton works at the garage and starts to harass Arnie but when Repperton smashes one of Christine's headlights Arnie fights back and bloodies him Darnell fires Repperton and realizing he might be able to use a kid like Arnie offers him a job making deliveries Dennis warns his friend not to fall into debt with Darnell but Arnie becomes hostile to any attempts to separate him from ChristineDennis begins having bad dreams about Christine Learning that Roland LeBay has passed away Dennis accompanies Arnie to the funeral He introduces himself to LeBay's estranged brother George and managing a word in private behind his friend's back Dennis shares his apprehension over the '58 Plymouth Fury George later reveals some troubling family history LeBay's fury was legendary He entered the Army at a bad time the 1920s working in the motor pool where he raged against the shitters he felt had it in for him In 1958 LeBay bought Christine and became obsessed with the car keeping it even after his six year old daughter choked to death in the backseat and his wife committed suicide in it He believes that Arnie would be better off getting rid of the car And as if he had read my thoughts of a few minutes before he went on I don't believe in curses you know Not in ghosts or anything precisely supernatural But I do believe that emotions and events have a certain lingering resonance It may be that emotions can even communicate themselves in certain circumstances If the circumstances are peculiar enough the way a carton of milk will take the flavor of certain strongly spiced foods if it's left open in the refrigerator Or perhaps that's only a ridiculous fantasy on my part Possibly it's just that I would feel better knowing the car my niece choked in and my sister in law killed herself in had been pressed down into a cube of meaningless metal Perhaps all I feel is a sense of outraged proprietyDennis observes dramatic changes in Arnie His friend's skin clears up While none of the girls who've known him as a pizzaface will take a second look at Arnie a graceful transferring senior named Leigh Cabot is an exception; Dennis watches as the Viking ueen he would've gotten around to asking out begins dating his friend instead At lunch Dennis comes upon Buddy Repperton circling Arnie with a switchblade while the bully's lackeys Don Vandenberg and Moochie Welch cheer him on The two on three melee is broken up by the shop teacher Certain that Repperton meant to cut Arnie Dennis rats him out for the switchblade resulting in Repperton's expulsion He vows revengeArnie's transformation has an eerie parallel to the resurrection of Christine Darnell marvels at how expertly Arnie was able to get his car road ready without putting in the labor Introduced by Arnie at a football game Dennis notices that Leigh is no comfortable around Christine than he is Arnie's rebellion against his mother over the car intensifies and his father seems to reach a truce paying for Arnie to park Christine at an airport garage instead of the house Repperton finds out where Arnie is garaging his wheels and with the help of Don and Moochie trashes it Soon after the boys are hunted down by the Plymouth Fury which its victims recognize too late has no driver or the corpse of Roland LeBay at the wheelLeigh who loves Arnie and would enthusiastically consent to sex if she didn't have to lose her virginity in Christine is spooked by how precious her boyfriend is of his car She's saved from choking to death in it only by the grace of a hitchhiker she urged Arnie pick up on their way home from McDonald's Presenting him with an ultimatum Arnie chooses Christine over Leigh Laid up in the hospital with a broken leg Dennis bonds with his best friend's girl over the disturbing changes she's recognized in Arnie They connect the tragedy of Roland LeBay and the deaths in their town Christine They also become romantically entwined wary that anyone Arnie is angry with has met a gruesome end on the road When he does find out the teenage lovers have only one recourse The first idea had been Leigh's Molotov cocktails We would she said fill some wine bottles with gasoline take them to the Cunningham house in the early morning hours light the wicks Wicks? What wicks? I asked Kotex ought to do just fine she answered promptly causing me to wonder again about her high cheekboned forebearers and toss them in through Christine's windowsThe conceit of a 1958 Plymouth cruising the streets of America to the oldie but goodies of Chuck Berry or Richie Valens with a corpse at the wheel is laughable It doesn't even seem like it'd be scary King seems to have backed into his plot by wanting to write about teens rock 'n' roll and cars and realizing that cursed children or music had been done reversed into the possessed car idea What makes Christine a fantastic novel is a uality that King has sustained from his earliest work Carrie The Shining The Dead Zone Firestarter which aren't about monsters chasing after characters but characters who realize they are the monster I notice elements that keep drawing me back to King's work There's the change of seasons for one Road conditions under freezing weather play a crucial role in this novel as do Christmas shopping and New Year's Eve countdowns There are the characters often kids who know that monsters are in the lurk but unable to convince adults are forced to confront the threat themselves by improvising a plan and thus learning something about themselves and growing up There is the bittersweet taste of innocence being lost in some way that can never be recovered I feel myself becoming emotionally attached to the characters and invested in their wages again doomAs with some of King's doorstoppers Christine is only 120000 words the novel took me over a week to finish but it occurs to me that some of the most memorable road trips are the long ones the journeys where the destination is earned and felt I found the pleasure of delayed gratification wonderfully present in a longer novel at least one with prose and dialogue as intimate as King's Nothing definitively supernatural occurs until page 238 and rather than spook the reader right off the bat King writes about childhood using music movies sports fast food and beverages and slowly builds the tragic relationships of his characters ultimately to the point of poignancy Christine was adapted to film during the Stephen King Land Rush of 1983 1990 when a dozen of his novels novellas or short stories were dragged to the screen Featuring Keith Gordon as Arnie John Stockwell as Dennis Alexandra Paul as Leigh the movie was directed by John Carpenter whose previous thrillers traffic in pulsating doom but here as a director for hire goes through the motions of a killer car movie devoid of the teenage angst or desolate winter of the novel Its riches are those surrounding the kids and the car with performances by Robert Prosky Harry Dean Stanton and Roberts Blossom and the music of George Thorogood and The Destroyers the best rock 'n' roll ever featured in a Carpenter film

  6. Dita Dita says:

    It took me over a week to listen to all 19 hours of this classic and it is still EVERYTHINGOne of the scariest books ever King was a master then and he still reigns today

  7. Matt Matt says:

    “I put my hands on the wheel and something happenedEven now after much thought I’m not sure exactly what it was A vision maybe – but if it was it sure wasn’t any big deal It was just that for a moment the torn upholstery seemed to be gone The seat covers were whole and smelling pleasantly of vinylor maybe that smell was real leather The worn places were gone from the steering wheel; the chrome winked pleasantly in the summer evening light falling through the garage door Let’s go for a ride big guy Christine seemed to whisper in the hot summer silence Let’s cruise” Stephen King ChristineThe huge advantage to having come to realize Stephen King’s genius so belatedly is that I have a massive back catalogue to peruse Without any great hurry I’ve been picking off his novels – most of them classics – one or two per year Even at this languid pace however I feel like I’ve completed the top layer the crème de la crème of the King canon Now I have to think a little bit harder about what I want to read next In all honesty I did not feel any urgency to crack the covers of Christine The story of a killer car possessed of some kind of demonic force did not tickle my fancy Indeed after seeing the film version I thought the concept kind of silly What’s so scary? I thought Just get off the street Which is a tactic the characters in the film did not take to heart But I have learned to trust King and even though nothing about Christine really interested me I decided to take his 1983 tale about a 1958 Plymouth Fury for a spin Boy is it goodDespite being 526 pages long gratuitous book lengths being a King specialty this is a stripped down story A love triangle if you will where boy loves girl girl loves boy and boy really loves car irritating girl There are only four main characters Dennis Guilder a jock with a sensitive side; Arnie Cunningham a pizza faced outcast who is best friends with the loyal Dennis; Leigh Cabot the pretty new girl at school who for some reason takes a shine to Arnie; and the titular Christine a beat up red over white Fury with personality We open with Dennis introducing us to his best friend Arnie a smart high schooler hounded by bullies and his overbearing parents with few friends save Dennis Within the first few pages Arnie sees the rusting hulk of a car named Christine and falls impossibly in love with it Or herWith little logic or forethought Arnie buys the car starts to fix her up and grows slowly obsessed with the vehicle alienating everyone else in his life At first the fixation seems annoying but relatively harmless Soon though strange things start to happen It should not spoil anything to say that some of those things are deadly This is Stephen King after all There are hints that Christine has certain powers both over her own chassis wheels and windshield and over the minds of others Christine is divided into three parts Parts I and III are narrated in the first person by Dennis; the middle section is told in the third person Whatever the perspective the prose is classic King His Tarantino esue penchant for pop cultural references is on full display especially the careful curation of rock and roll standbys that are uoted throughout Being classic King I will add is not always a good thing If you have followed King throughout his career he has a few nasty tics that carry over from one project to the next It is one thing to rail on fat people and make incestuous observations; it is another thing to do this in multiple novels At a certain point it feels pathological In short part of the reason this is 526 pages long is Dennis making weird asides about his sister’s breasts and his parents’ lovemaking King is known for creating his own hermetically sealed world in Maine where Castle Rock Jerusalem’s Lot and Shawshank Prison exist across several titles Christine is set in Libertyville Pennsylvania which is not the usual King stomping grounds Nevertheless he makes it real and he makes it his own right down to the detailed descriptions of every highway road and side street Christine is set in 1978 and part of the fun for me is nostalgia for a time shortly predating my birth and childhood Rock music is edgy there are brown sugar sandwiches for dinner and people drink milk for refreshment which is gross Hand in hand with this Mayberry like innocence is the shadow of Vietnam the Arab oil embargo and a country not entirely sure of its place in the world Typically I do not like the supernatural King’s novels work for me because he labors overtime to ground the fantastical in a believable reality so potent that you often forget the otherworldly aspect completely It should go without saying that he accomplishes this feat in Christine The best pieces of art operate on multiple levels That is especially true with King For instance his masterpiece Pet Sematary is not simply a spine tingler about an Indian burial ground where dead things come back to life but probably the best book ever written about death and loss In Christine there is plenty of mayhem and graphic violence and a mystery with evil at the core of the riddle Yet within these pages there is also a serious meditation on longing and desire on growing up and losing yourself I was going to be a senior in high school next month andwhen school started again it meant the end of a long uiet phase of my life I was getting ready to be a grown upAnd I think I understoodthat what really scares people about growing up is that you stop trying on the life mask and start trying on another one If being a kid is about learning how to live then being a grown up is about learning how to dieKing is the type of author who we will only fully appreciate once he is gone and we start to look back over his output It will suddenly occur to literary critics that they can’t name three Pulitzer Prize winners but they can name ten King novels they’ve treasured forever Christine is a perfect example of what I’m talking about In many ways the whole idea – a sentient car – is absolutely implausible ludicrous even laughable However in King’s utterly confident hands it draws you in entirely The goofy central conceit the dated references the contrived endgame should have made this a joke At best Christine should have been filed on the so bad it’s good shelf Instead it is pure entertainment Instead it is unforgettable

  8. Carol Carol says:

    35 StarsBIG fan of Stephen King but not so much of CHRISTINE Reading a 700 page bookespecially one written by SK usually does not bother me in the least but CHRISTINE was just too longtoo wordywas expecting wicked deeds than the movieThe storyline IS creepy good with a possessed red 1958 Plymouth Furyher deadlights and moldering stenchon the prowl seeking justice from anyone who dislikes herso best stay out of her wayBesides a feared CHRISTINE there's a great cast of teen characters bullies weird parents and an evil presence from the beyond to keep things rolling along AND as in many KING novels you'll find a variety of dark nightmares hear many a cool oldie from the 50's and 60's and take a ride to the submarine races you're an oldie like me if you remember that oneNot a favorite for me but NOT bad either

  9. Kemper Kemper says:

    You never forget your first time and the memories of my initial encounter with Stephen King when he lured me into the back of a 1958 Plymouth Fury and had his way with me are still clear over 30 years laterFor the record he wasn’t gentleI was a wee lad of 13 when this came out and Stephen King had established his reputation as America’s boogeyman after his breakout in the ‘70s I wasn’t much of a horror fan and despite my increasing reading of ‘grown up’ fiction had no interest in the King novels and movies that were freaking the adults out Then one day I was sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office and read a magazine article about King and his new book centered on a haunted killer car“That sounds pretty cool” I thought After my appointment I went to the library which was right around the corner from my doctor’s office Ah small towns I can’t remember if I actually was able to get it then or if I had to put my name on the hold list I suspect that a new King novel probably had a waiting list In either case I soon got my grubby little mitts on a copy and read my first Stephen King novel The countless hours since devoted to reading his work and the small fortune I’ve spent accumulating his books over the years are a testament to how deeply the hook was setLooking back now that seems kind of odd because Christine is not my favorite King novel In fact it’d be well down my personal list after others like The Stand The Shining or The Dark Tower series Still it’s a pretty good King novel and was than enough to put me on the King path that I’ve been on ever since despite the occasional rocky patches I still remembered being surprised at how relatable the story was The way I’d heard adults talk made me think that the entire book would be a bloodbath Instead I was shocked to see that King actually focused most of the early part of the book on a couple of small town high school guys who didn’t seem any different from the older teens I knew I remember thinking that this was the first book I’d read that had people living in a way that seemed familiar to me That’s why when the horror started creeping in from the edges; it made it that much worseGeeky loser Arnie and high school stud duck Dennis have been friends since they were children As they’re getting ready to start their senior year Arnie spots a For Sale sign on a rusting piece of shit 1958 Plymouth Fury nicknamed Christine by its owner a nasty old bastard named Roland LeBay Despite Dennis’s best efforts to talk him out of it Arnie insists on buying Christine which puts him at odds with his academic parents especially his domineering mother who has managed to control every aspect of his life to that pointAs Arnie works on what seems to be a miraculous restoration job on Christine he becomes increasingly obsessed with the car and angry at the world Dennis was uneasy about the vehicle from the beginning and gets suspicious as his best friend seems less and less like himself When people who crossed Arnie start turning up dead via bizarre vehicular homicides Dennis’s dread of Christine leads him to believe the impossibleIt’d be easy to dismiss this as the book about the evil car but like most good horror there’s a human theme lurking in the story In this case it’s about how childhood friends can drift apart and how inexorable that can be in some circumstances Dennis and Arnie wouldn’t be that much different than anyone who gets wrapped up in the changes that adulthood is about to lay on them only to look up and realize that the person who always used to be at their side has gone their own way That’s a sad fact of life that King uses as the foundation of the book only he uses a murderous car as the wedge he drives between them instead of the mundane distractions that usually do the jobThe other hook that he hangs the story on is based on the old nerd gets revenge fantasy Despite Arnie’s sweet nature he’s so incapable of standing up for himself that even Dennis finds him pathetic at times When Arnie develops a backbone and begins dating the prettiest girl in school you can’t help but root for him even as you know that the cause of these changes is Christine and therefore can’t be a good thingWith all this going for it then why doesn’t Christine rank higher in the King pantheon? A couple of factors drag it down At the time it was published this was King’s longest book other than his epic novel The Stand and that one was about the end of the world so some wordiness wasn’t out of line Some of the bloat that would often characterize his later work was beginning to creep into this one The set up of Arnie and Dennis’s history and Arnie’s status as the unlucky geek of their school goes on too long Also the character of Dennis is just a little too good to be true Not every teenage boy is a raging sociopath but after a while I did find it hard to believe that a good looking star athlete with plenty of girls chasing after him would really be best friends with the school misfit as well as a loving and respectful son to his parents Then there’s the fact that while the destruction of Arnie’s personality is a big chunk of the book the actual bloodshed comes at the wheels of Christine and while King writes several gruesome death scenes and creates some very creepy moments it’s still just a car Even with magical evil powers you still think you could get away by just going into a tall building and waiting until it runs out of gas Despite the elements that keep it from being considered among his best work Christine is still a good example of what King does best by mixing human weakness with supernatural elements to create a story that keeps you turning pagesAlso posted at Kemper's Book Blog

  10. Dirk Grobbelaar Dirk Grobbelaar says:

    If I admitted that I probably enjoyed this than The Shining – would that amount to sacrilege? Good Review vs Evil Review Good ReviewThere isn’t much I didn’t particularly enjoy about the novel except perhaps for one or two pacing issues Then again the book is only about 500 pages which is a lot less than some of those other King books It is incredibly creepy at times which I found surprising since the idea of a “haunted car” might seem a bit well corny It’s everything but In fact the story is a curious cross between true nostalgia and horror The musical theme prevalent throughout the novel with references to songs about cars was a nice touch In keeping with the theme King also incorporates a lot of throwaway references to American muscle cars into the story “so and so drives a 66 Camaro” and the like It adds a nice touch of authenticity The sympathetic first person narrative of Parts 1 3 was striking and I really felt for name withhold due to spoiler when things started going awry My horror had changed to a deep and terrible sorrowI suppose that is really what this novel is about and Christine is just a vehicle for a bigger story about obsession and possession Terrible pun I know but unintended Evil ReviewOf course the warning signs were there the smell of decay every time I opened the book; the fact that the book kept popping up everywhere I went; and then when my wife told me to choose between her and Christine I suppose it is a bit of a problem if you start rooting for the baddie in a horror novel but the way Christine goes after those shitters varmints is righteous man But seriously though this is one cool book It happens to be scary too and there she it is

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Christine❰Ebook❯ ➥ Christine Author Stephen King – Master storyteller Stephen King presents the classic #1 national bestseller of the ultimate vehicle of terror “This is the story of a lover’s triangleIt was bad from the start And it got worse in Master storyteller Stephen King presents the classic national bestseller of the ultimate vehicle of terror “This is the story of a lover’s triangleIt was bad from the start And it got worse in a hurry” It’s love at first sight for high school student Arnie Cunningham when he and his best friend Dennis Guilder spot the dilapidated red and white Plymouth Fury for sale—dubbed “Christine” by its original cantankerous owner—rusting away on a front lawn of their suburban Pennsylvania neighborhood Dennis knows that Arnie’s never had much luck in the looks or popularity department or really taken an interest in owning a car but Christine uickly changes all that Arnie suddenly has the newfound confidence to stick up for himself going as far as dating the most beautiful girl at Libertyville High—transfer student Leigh Cabot—even as a mysteriously restored Christine systematically and terrifyingly consumes every aspect of Arnie’s life Dennis and Leigh soon realize that they must uncover the awful truth behind a car with a horrifying and murderous history Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and heaven help anyone who gets in Christine’s way.

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