The Jew of Linz Wittgenstein Hitler and Their Secret

The Jew of Linz Wittgenstein Hitler and Their Secret Battle for the Mind [Download] ➵ The Jew of Linz Wittgenstein Hitler and Their Secret Battle for the Mind By Kimberley Cornish – Offering the theory that Hitler and Wittgenstein were in the same class at school this book proposes that the latter was the specific target of Hitler's bile in Mein Kampf in which he describes a Jew Offering the theory that Hitler and of Linz ePUB ↠ Wittgenstein were in the same class at school this book proposes that the latter was the specific target of Hitler's bile in Mein Kampf in which he describes a Jew at school and that Hitler's beliefs about Jews came from the experience The Jew MOBI :↠ of meeting Wittgenstein at this time It also argues that Wittgenstein a secret Stalinist had his revenge on Hitler by recruiting Blunt Philby and other spies at Cambridge who undermined the German cause by passing military information to the Russians.

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  1. Tim Pendry Tim Pendry says:

    I am rather amazed that I re read this thoroughly weird book possibly because I was seduced by its first chapters Essentially it postulates on slim evidence that the course of history was changed by boyhood contact in Linz between Ludwig Wittgenstein and Adolf HitlerThe seduction of the first chapters is that Cornish really has done some interesting and uite deep research on connections between Hitler's world and Wittgenstein's world which are suggestive of many things that could be possibleIt could be that their boyhood contact did trigger different interpretations of Schopenhauer that became world changing It could be that Hitler's antisemitism was also triggered by Wittgenstein? It could be that Wittgenstein was an agent of the Comintern? And so forthHis points may not be proven but they are not entirely implausible given the evidence he provides but then he ruins the glamour of it all by over claiming reading far too much into probable coincidences And it really proves little if students' rooms were very close together at TrinityThe book then about half way through switches to meet another agenda entirely following a rather intelligent disuisition on Schopenhauer Collingwood Wittgenstein and magical thinking that slides back and forth into the doubtful territory of Hitler's alleged occultismThere is merit in exploring the influence of Schopenhauer on both Wittgenstein's mystical aspects and certainly on Hitler's thought which was uncomfortably often far sophisticated than our politically necessary demonisation of him ever permitsBut Cornish then as before overplays his hand with a rather dubious if well argued in technical terms attempt to rescue the 'no ownership' theory of mind the base of a great deal of 'spiritual' and New Age nonsense from Hitler and restore it as some kind of truthTo be frank the last half of the book was just downright boring academic philosophy based on self evidently false assumptions about the mind and rather disconnected from the previous half which was a series of well researched if over played historical researchesEually frankly it being the re read I simply skipped most of this second half because it soon became pretty clear that it was extended special pleading for nonsense If anything the net result was to diminish my previous appreciation of Wittgenstein I never liked SchopenhauerThis book is two decades old Since then we have detected a strong revival of interest in Schopenhauer's Idealism amongst gloomy bourgeois nihilists as the hippy model of universal consciousness always nonsense transforms into despair at the world eually nonsenseThe turn back to Schopenhauer is an essentialist pose a fear of engaging with what Nietzsche actually said against him and contra Wagner but it is one that suits the new breed of traditionalists and Kali Yuga Rightists who prefer Lovecraft to lifeThis book is not uite of that ilk It is hard to gauge Cornish's politics though he clearly condemns antisemitism and does not like communism But the fluffy Eastern approach to Mind that underpins the book seems directed at resisting reality by reinventing it a very bourgeois poseMy resistance to all this is a matter of personality I never deny this but I see those who insist on the 'no ownership' theory of Mind as also representative of a personality type so desperate for meaning in the universe that they will jump through hoops to get the one they needSo all in all despite the useful and suggestive research on the worlds of Hitler and Wittgenstein and the thoughtful references on magical thinking this cannot take up space in my library any longer 'Spiritual writing' is always going to be dead weight when space is scarce

  2. Matthew W Matthew W says:

    An ambitious philosophical speculative work on the possible influence of Ludwig Wittgenstein on a very young Adolf Hitler I can honestly say that I have never read a book that attempts to do what The Jew of Linz attempts which alone makes it worth reading Just expect the book to go all over the place with analysis of the philosophies of Nazi theorist Alfred Rosenberg The Upanishads Richard Wagner Arthur Schopenhauer Ludwig Wittgenstein the most analyzed of course etc Also expect a somewhat in depth look at the history of rich aristocratic Jews from Austria and Germany Jews that Richard Wagner the mystical father of National Socialism hated with a passion Apparently many of these Jewish families who usually ended up converting to Catholicism were very anti Semitic in their views including Ludwig Wittgenstein who I must say has some of the best arguments against the Jews that I have ever read One could say The Jew of Linz is a work of historical philosophical Philo Semitism

  3. Liedzeit Liedzeit says:

    Witzige Idee muss man zugeben Hitler und Wittgenstein kannten sich aus Realschultagen und L hat A den Judenhass beigebnracht weil beide eigentlich ähnliche Interessen hatten Musik Architektur Malerei Aber das Photo ist schon aussagekräftig Absurd wird das Ganze als Wittgenstein auch noch als sowjetischer Topagent enttarnt wird Obwohl auch hier wirklich merkwürdig dass er einen Ruf nach Kasan erhalten hat

  4. Gary Power Gary Power says:

    Simply astonishing is the history of Wittgenstein and Hitler With Wittgenstein having an annoying habit of correcting people and Hitler hating being corrected so much he once said that the composer was wrong when someone pulled him up about a mistake in his singing Whether Wittgenstein set Hitler on course to being a Jew hater is not proved by this book but it certainly is suggested in an almost eerily believable fashion

  5. Schopfi Schopfi says:

    a sensationalist narrative held together by a carefully comprised sellection of circumstantial evidence I personally have no problem with that The problem I have is the topic of the holocaust being molded into a form that is in some aspects very problematic 1 great men history as a space created by the few and experienced passively by the many to say no hitler no holocaust as if it was caused only by hitler2 a stench of teleology especially in the conclusio

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