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    Ah, love poems Odes and paeans, poesies and praises Pretty words to prove the depth of one s feelings, to coax a smile to a dear one s face to help the poet get laid Oh, come on You know that s probably the REAL reason half of history s poetry was written Percy Bysshe Shelley wanted to get his ashes hauled With this collection of poetry, Hal Sirowitz manages cut right to the heart genitals of the matter That s right The title refers to before, during and after S E X These being modern times, many of the poems deal with the will you call me later aspect of the glorious union There are also discussions of how to dispose of the condom, including how not to spill its contents.Tall Tale Make sure you flush the condomdown the toilet, she said Youdon t have to worry about an alligatoreating it choking to death, Therearen t any alligators living in the sewers.It s just an urban legend Your father probably told you that, because hedidn t want you spending too much timeon the toilet He probably needed to sit there.Favoring the Nose The fact that you had to hide your penis from other men, she said, wheneveryou used the lockers or bathroomsmakes you want to show itto me But I drather look at your nose.At least when something comes outof it you cover it upwith a handkerchief You don t get it all over me.And there s also some advice here that men would be wise t...

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    All of the poems in this volume are about sexual relationships Sirowitz is a local NY poet once Poet Laureate of Queens who has found some pockets of fame on NPR and, oddly, in Norway His punchy poems are wry, often raucously funny, vignettes that track through the four sections of the book from dating and first nights through to breakup They don t offer much insight or accumulate into a complex portrait of human relations I think of Sirowitz of a satirist than a poet His little narratives are deceptively ordinary, like an startling observation or complaint you might overhear on a subway or on the street Did any of your former girlfriends ever tell you, she said, that you have sex on the brain That s all you think about I m sure they weren t as frank as me Instead of telling you, they just stopped seeing you Or Each time I ve come to this bar, she said, I ve seen you here You look like you come here often You must be having trouble finding a steady girlfriend I hope you don t think I m being critical I can t find a partner either I go to different bars, so it isn t as obvious Or I ve noticed that the amount of times you ve been kissing me, she said, has been declining at a steady rate the we have sex I m hoping it doesn t stop altogether Sex wi...

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    A really interesting collection of poems Sorowitz has captured the spirit of a character almost without ever writing about that character His poems so thoroughly express how others relate to the persona that we gain a sense of who he is.Stylistically, these poems are short and pithy, making the book a really quick read Sorowitz blends a fabulous sense of humor into the poems, even those describing the most gut wrenching rejection and personal cri...

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    Interesting collection of short comment poems from a woman talking about before, during, and after sex Some of these are wise and insightful and others less so Many are humorous, but most reflect the casual, shallow, uncommitted, and recreational approach to sexual intercourse in which many ...

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    This was my first time reading a collection of poems by Hal Sirowitz I thought his poems were a mixture of realistic yet mellow dark comedy I have three favorites The Impossible Dream , Getting Rid of His Ghost , and Paris Without You All three p...

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    Funny True Funny.

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Before, During, and After: Poems The Title Of Hal Sirowitz S New Collection Before, During, And After, Is All About The One Word It Elides Sex In This Book, Sirowitz Shares The Ups And Downs Of His Romantic History From Adolescence To Adulthood Sometimes Hal Strikes Out, Sometimes He Gets Lucky, But He Kisses And Tells In The Inimitable Sirowitz Style That Has Inspired Hilarity And Hal O Mania From New York To Norway And Of Course, His Mother Still Has Plenty To Say On The Subject.