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Royal Blood A Royal Wedding Brings Lady Georgiana Rannoch To Transylvania And Lands Her In A Truly Draining State Of Affairs In The Fourth Mystery In The New York Times Bestselling Royal Spyness Series London, 1932 With Her Hateful Brother Binky In Town, Georgie Has Been Desperately Seeking An Escape So When An Invitation From The Queen Of England Arrives Asking Her To Represent The Royals At A Wedding In Transylvania Legendary Home Of Vampires She S Delighted To Accept But When The Bride Starts Acting A Little Batty And A Prominent Wedding Guest Is Poisoned, Something Must Be Done Lest The Couple S Vows Become Till Undeath Do They Part

  • Paperback
  • 305 pages
  • Royal Blood
  • Rhys Bowen
  • English
  • 14 July 2019
  • 9780425243749

About the Author: Rhys Bowen

Constable Evan Mystery

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    Review written January 8, 20173 1 2 Stars Another fun and cozy 1930s mystery adventure with Lady GeorgieBook 4Her Royal Spyness is one of my favorite cozy mystery audiobooks series Always jolly fun to meet the British Queen s amateur spy in the 1930s Time for the fourth installment Year 1934Our heroine Lady Georgie, aka Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie Rannoch, is a cousin of King George V of England and when the Queen ask it s hard to say a simple NO Our poor penniless heroine is consequently leaving London for far away east Europe to represent the royalties at a foreign relatives a Romanian princess wedding.Our Gergie is this time traveling with a quite hopeless actually hilarious. newly found chambermaid Queenie and two older very proper English ladies as chaperones They all arrives in a very cold, white and snowy Transylvania and already the second evening is there a murder case to solve They are all running around in this big castle in the middle of royalties and of course are there blood drinking vampires and scary howling wolves in the corners Luckily is gorgeous sexy, as always shamelessly flirting, Darcy O Mara will it ever be appearing as well Hmmm I was listening with a loving dorky oldish style UK stuff big happy smile This fourth installment Royal Blood isn ...

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    i love how cozy the books in this series are.i have come to like the characters so much.i absolutely loved the addition of queenie in this book its also going to be continued i m going to get to read antics of her i am so looking forward to it.

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    I m a glutton for frustration, I think The 4th installment in the Royal Spyness series fits perfectly with the first three all lightning fast reads with hardly a likable character to be found Georgie simply must lose her virginity immediately I don t want to hear another word about it Maybe Bowen could have Georgie and Darcy sleep together between books And don t get me started on Belinda Best friend my foot She spends all of her time either shagging, crashing events, or criticising Georgie I find myself preferring Georgie s horrible mother over Belinda At least you always know where you stand with Mommy Dearest One other frustration is Georgie s willingness to keep thinking vampires might be responsible for the mayhem in the castle Matty a blood sucker Of course not I find it incredible and highly unlikely that Georgie would attribute, even for a moment, the murders to fanged foes She may have periodic lapses in common sense remember her astonishing naivete in advertising herself as an escort but she s not a dolt.To Royal Blood s defense, there s some fun to be had here The plot moves faster and takes sudden turns than in the first three novels But my ongoing complaints about the poop like cast of characters and the continued focus on Georgie s sexless life have become greater obstacles to my enjoyment as the series progresses Maybe I would feel di...

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    I absolutely love this series Such a fun,entertaining historical cozy.

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    As always, I enjoyed another great Georgiana adventure In this edition she is to represent the Royal family by attending a wedding of the Prince of Transylvania, at a family castle in Transylvania Hilarity ensues when she is, at the last minute, indentured with a maid who is anything but cultured or proficient Upon her arrival, after a long journey fr...

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    I m increasingly dissatisfied with this series, probably because it suffers so much in comparison to the other series I m reading The problem with this one is that Georgie comes off as kind of stupid, particularly in supposing that real vampires could be responsible for the mayhem surrounding her school friend s nuptials I also didn t like her temporary maid Queenie, who is also extremely stupid but is meant to be endearing, and the fact that Queenie is going to be a recurring character or at least appear in the next book makes me less interested in reading it And I m getting tired of Georgie and Darcy dancing around the issue of whether they have a relationship or not I didn t realize how much I liked Georgie s grandfather until he wasn t in the book, and it turns out he s one of my favorite parts of the series, so that might have contributed to my ...

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    Royal Blood4 StarsLady Georgianna Rannoch is sent to represent the British Royal family at a wedding in Transylvania However, events soon escalate out of control at gloomy Bran Castle when Georgie sees the bride drinking blood an annoying politician is poisoned at the dinner table, and her incompetent maid disappears into thin air Can Georgie solve the mystery before she becomes one of the undead Rhys Bowen s Her Royal Spyness series is silly and predictable, but also a lot of fun, especially the audiobook version narrated by the incredible Katherine Kellgren As with previous installments, the murder investigation isn t the most original, and the identity of the culprit is easy to guess Nevertheless, Georgie s detecting skills are improving although her willingness to accept vampires as an explanation, even if for a short time, is a bit mind boggling Darcy O Mara put...

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    The fourth book in the Her Royal Spyness series sees Lady Georgiana Georgie to her family and friends sent off to Transylvania to represent the royal family at the nuptials that will unite Prince Nicholas of Bulgaria to Princess Marie Teresa of Romania Georgie, in danger of being on the shelf at the ripe old age of 22, suspects that this is yet another ploy by her royal relatives to set her up with the Romanian Crown Princewhich wouldn t be so bad except that he prefers men and goes by the unattractive nickname of fishface Georgie has important matters to worry about soon enough however what with the possibility of vampires scaling the castle walls and an important political figure dropping dead at dinner.This is just a fun series Period It s nothing to be taken seriously and if you re looking for solid mysteries you won t find them here What you will find is a highly likable heroine, some fun and quirky secondary characters, and some smile inducing shenanigans I continue t...

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    Okay, I admit it, I caved and pushed on through to read this one, even though I try to make it a personal rule not to read than two books from the same series in a row I keep that rule, because I find that I get burnt out on characters in a series, especially if it s a long series, if I read than two in a row But I am absolutely NOT burnt out on this series or the characters yet Georgie is once again extremely charming and hilarious in her sleuthing Darcy and Belinda, also, come to Transylvania, though in a roundabout way in Belinda s case, so the main crew is on center stage for the majority of this book You see a lot of Darcy and scenes with he and Georgie, also in this book, which is a very good thing, though I still wish Ms Bowen would reveal about Darcy and what he does for a living, but he s still a good, solid character.A new character joins the cast for this installment, Queenie, a hilarious maid who is employed by Georgiana and is helpless when it comes to doing her job I really liked Queenie, he didn t know quite how to be a proper maid, but she tried and was extremely earnest in her trials.The plot was simply amazing, you couldn t go wrong with it A spooky Transylvanian castle, legends of vampires, a few murders, and a royal wedding It was wonderful However, the mystery was quite lacking Before in her books Ms Bowen has done a wonderful job of plotting the mystery, however in this book it fell quite flat The murderer wa...

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    11 1 17This one had to be my favorite one out of the whole series I enjoyed laughing while reading this book Loved how the setting took place in Romania in a nice creepy large gothic like a castle of course someone died, murdered and Georgie was on it trying to find out who the murder was I had my ideas on who it could have been, but I was completely wrong But loved the story and I can t wait to move on to book 5 now.Reread 9 22 18I love this cozy read Better the second time Love the sense of h...

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