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Nightmares Dreamscapes ➳ [Read] ➮ Nightmares Dreamscapes By Stephen King ➾ – From the FlapA solitary finger pokes out of a drain Novelty teeth turn predatory Flies settle and die on an old pair of sneakers in New York and the Nevada desert swallows a Cadillac Meanwhile the leg From the FlapA solitary finger pokes out of a drain Novelty teeth turn predatory Flies settle and die on an old pair of sneakers in New York and the Nevada desert swallows a Cadillac Meanwhile the legend of Castle Rock returns and grows on you What does it all mean What else could it mean First there was Night Shift then Skeleton Crew and now Stephen King is back with a third collection of stories a vast many chambered cave of a volume with passages leading every which way to hell and a few to gloryThe long reach of Stephen King's imagination and the no holds barred force of his storytelling have never been so richly demonstrated There's something here for readers of every stripe and predilection classic tales of the macabre and the monstrous cutting edge explorations of the borderlands between good and evil brilliant pastiches of Chandler and Conan Doyle even a teleplay and a non fiction bonus a heartfelt piece of Little League baseball that first appeared in The New YorkerIn story after story several published here for the first time he will take you to places you've never been before places that are both dark and vividly illuminated Fair warning You will lose a good deal of sleep But Stephen King writing to beat the devil will do your dreaming for youCan you believe Then come.

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  1. Susan Susan says:

    Ever read a story out loud to a friend knowing it's not the kind of story they'd read on their own?I do that all the time even snippets of novels to give them a taste I read Crouch End out loud to one of my sisters in a weird ScottsEnglish accent that I tend to use when reading Lovecraftian horror She accused me of robbing her of sleep for a week That's the sign of a good storyI've read several of these out loud to friends and family and I love the way they react to the tone of the story whether it's Dolan's Cadillac and my brother in law's attitude goes from 'why bury a perfectly good car' to something appropriate to The Moving Finger and my cousin's refusal to use the bathroom unsupervised while visiting me I like to share these little gems with naysayersI've even been known NOT to let them know the name of the story or author because of their preconceptionsHeck ask me about reading Canturbury Tales to my foster mom one semester in college re read Home Delivery from Book of the Dead 1202005 story was adapted into graphic novel format with Glenn Chadbourne in Secretary of Dreams vol 1

  2. Raelene Raelene says:

    I was afraid to go to the bathroom after reading this book

  3. Johann (jobis89) Johann (jobis89) says:

    “I don’t talk about this much because it embarrasses me and it sounds pompous but I still see stories as a great thing something which not only enhances lives but actually saves them”This was my very first encounter with a King short story collection And I was NOT disappointed The variety of stories in this collection is insane it goes from vampires to baseball to chattery teeth to fingers crawling out of the drain in your sink Some stories were absolutely brilliant My favourites were Chattery Teeth You Know They Got A Hell of A Band The Moving Finger Rainy Season and Popsy They made me laugh they freaked me out and they're definitely memorable Like a town full of dead Rock n Roll stars as ghostswho could think of that apart from King? BrilliantSome others were not my favourite I'm not a fan of baseball in any way so a lot of Head Down was lost on me I overall got the point of the story and enjoyed that but it was wasted on me I also had heard so much about The Night Flier but ultimately felt disappointed overall The Fifth uarter was also not a highlight for me it was okay but no doubt I'll have forgotten about it in a few weeksOverall an enjoyable read a great variety of stories But because I didn't ADORE all the stories I've taken away a star Now it's onto the next one

  4. Jeff Jeff says:

    Reading this particular King collection of short stories is akin to going carousing with that certain friend that everybody has the one that’s a little off kilter the one that a night on the town can depending on certain factors like for instance meds taken or not provide a number of experiences Pick your own drinking adventure if you willa Hanging out at the local pub and shooting the breeze this odds this happens is 501b Pulling the friend out of a bar fight they initiatedc Helping friend track down former flame nearly getting beaned by a shillelagh hurled from a seventh floor apartment because friend was being too loud and imploringly whinyd Peeing off a bridge or rooftope Ending up behind or in a dumpster 100 miles away from where you started with no memory on how you got theref Laughing hysterically and loudly at the most inside of jokes to the detriment of the other patrons Hahahahahahahahahhag Doing the mug shot and finger print thing at the local station house Why? No ideah Checking out a friend who plays in a Pablo Cruise tribute bandi Arguing with cab driverbartenderwaitressleather clad 6’5” 300 pound bikerj Getting beat up by a cab driverbartenderwaitressleather clad 6’5’’ 300 pound bikerk Looking for the all night bar in the West Village that serves the best burgers and somehow ending up in Greenpoint or the BronxYou might ask what the hell is the point of a litany of possible examples of your debauched life Jeff? Well in a nutshell random Goodreader in terms of uality this collection is all over the place and mostly forgettable With the exceptions of a few stories like The End of the Whole Mess Crouch End Umney’s Last Case and Suffer the Children this one’s a wash Too many of the stories barely generate any interest or seem to be examples of King just whimiscally phoning it in or pandering to his rabid hardcore fan base “It’s a story about a set murderous chattery teeth” Random hardcore fan “Awesome” It’s interesting that King’s non fiction piece “Head Down” about a Maine Little League tournament has tension and drama than most of the other fictional stories combinedMy Pretty Pony needs to be shot behind the barn and taken to the nearest glue factoryThis was a buddy read with le Ginger and Stepheny two ladies who wouldn’t be caught dead watching a Pablo Cruise tribute bandThree stars instead of two because today is pay day

  5. Marie Marie says:

    Classic master of horror Stephen King delivers to us readers on a silver platter creepy short stories that make us not want to go to sleepNo wonder I have been having restless nights while reading this book Personal favorites are Dolan's Cadillac The Night Flier Chattery Teeth The Moving Finger and The House on Maple Street For readers that want farfetched strange creepy weird crazy out of this world stories then look no further than this book For Stephen King fans this is a must have book for your collection Giving it five stars for keeping me creeped out

  6. Erin Erin says:

    Nightmares Dreamscapes is the 7th Stephen King book I've read this year As always I blame my friend Kelsea for starting my Stephen King binge She was reading Gerald's Game and I decided to read it with her I had read King in years and while I always liked him I didn't really give him or his books much thought but reading Gerald's Game triggered something inside me and I suddenly felt like reading every Stephen King book I could get my hands on Luckily my sister is a King fan and she gave me her box of King books and I have since bought some of my own including this book Nightmares Dreamscapes is a collection of short stories I find myself drawn to his short story collections than his books for some reason As with all short story collections this book is a mixed bag I'm in a great mood so I'm going to only focus on the stories I loved You Know They Got A Hell Of A Band Is my favorite story in this collection I like stories about peculiar little towns and this one is so entertaining It reminded me of Children of the Corn in a great way Sneakers This is a controversial pick I read some reviews of this story and everyone except me seems to hate it I love a good ghost story Dolan's Cadillac I love love this story because its not only a story about revenge but importantly its a love story Rainy Season Another peculiar little town and another story of people not listening to warningsSorry Right Number I'm told this teleplay was for Tales From The Darkside and I plan on finding it so I can watch itNightmares Dreamscapes is Stephen King at his most playful I know I'm in the minority but I love playful and funny King I'm not sure what King I'll read next right now I'm trying to decide between Salem's Lot It and Four Past Midnight Recommended to King's Constant Readers

  7. Ron Ron says:

    Here’s a little fact you’ll see this if you read the intro of this book “7 years between Night Shift and Skeleton Crew Another 7 years between Skeleton Crew and Nightmares Dreamscapes or thereabouts” I’m just glad King has written so many stories A lot good ones in this collection but unlike the first two books I found no true stand outs and it’s considerably longer Night Shift had uitters Inc and Last Rung of the Ladder to name only two Skeleton Crew included The Mist and The Raft If I were to pick two favorites from this one they would be Dolan’s Cadillac and Chattery Teeth Down the road who knows it may all be different for me For now here’s a take on a few of themDolan’s Cadillac This is a study in patience and revenge How many people could wait years to exact revenge? Never forgetting keeping the hate inside Plan the right time the best place Get the sumbitch who killed my wife Turns out this was my second time reading about Robinson It came back as a whole so no surprise ending Still pretty good Funny aside When King first finished writing this story he loathed it See about that in the notes section at the end of his bookThe End of the Whole Mess Bobby is a genius with a heart of gold What struck me is how adeptly King sees the world twenty years into the future eerily similar to today’s and the end of this one hits home Another nice fact Bobby is actually very much based on Stephen’s real life brother DaveChattery Teeth Surprising is the word here I knew what was going to happen but I didn’t know what was going to happen I bet King had some fun writing about these teeth It shows in the flow with a little bit of humor mixed with gore and straight up good story telling – “Chomp”The Moving Finger Where does King come up with this stuff? King says later that “his favorite sort of short story has always been the kind where things happen just because they happen” The perfect example is displayed right here You Know They Got a Hell of a Band I mention this one not because it’s that good but because it just may be King’s own personal dream nightmare in written form He loves Rock n Roll so to see so many legends together in a place that “should be” wondrous because of it just makes me think he would love and hate this town simultaneouslySorry Right Number A short written in the form of a screenplay that’s kind of fun The unusual format was at first annoying and then uite likeable as I adjusted to it uickly I might add What I thought would be spooky turns into a decent drama thinkerCrouch End Near the beginning the words “dimensions” and “Lovecraft” pop out of the text It is eerie although not particularly scary Later on a sign reads “Cthulhu Kyron” King has used that first term in other works Homage to Lovecraft Wouldn’t be the firstThe Doctor’s Case Turn from Lovecraft to Arthur Conan Doyle Many writers love Sherlock Holmes so why not write a case of their own and pay respects to Doyle King comes up with a pretty good tale here that puts Watson in the forefront not that he can overshadow Holmes in the endPS Don’t skip the afterward notes A plus for fans who likes to know how King’s stories come to fruition

  8. Pantelis Andreou Pantelis Andreou says:

    Well this turned out to be a neat collection for the most part Far from the best collection but there are a few gems here and some stinkers detailed review for each story follows1 Dolan’s Cadillac 25 stars i was so excited for this one but it was just a revenge story and a pretty boring one too it went on and on2 The End of the whole mess 3 stars i’m still conflicted with this one there were aspects that i loved the ending for example but I don’t know I’ll probably read it again in the future3 Suffer the little children 5 stars love love love this short and very creepy4 The night flier 2 stars this made me so angry there was so much potential with this one but for me it really felt like a whole bunch of nothing The creature seems to be frightening though5 Popsy 5 stars now why the hell wasn’t the night flier like this?6 It grows on you 2 stars I didn’t really get it plus not really memorable either all i remember is something about a house that grows something7 Chattery teeth 4 stars a little silly but real fun8 Dedication 35 stars that one was disgusting as hell not very pleasant9 The moving finger 5 stars incredible terrifying story I’ll never look down the drain the same way again or the toilet10 Sneakers 5 stars a ghost story a really well written ghost story I’m up for this11 You know they got one hell of a band 5 stars probably my favorite in the entire collection It has to be read even if it’s the only story you’ll read from this collection12 Home delivery 5 stars what can i say I’m a sucker for zombies13 Rainy season 4 stars terrified of frogs and toads so I’ll give you that14 My pretty pony 2 stars yeah didn’t get this one either15 Sorry right number 4 stars twilight zone story here16 The ten o’ clock people 4 stars thank god i don’t smoke17 Crouch end 4 stars lovecraft style at its glory18 The house on Maple street 3 stars the same way i felt with it grows on you19 The fifth uarter 4 stars I wasn’t expecting to like this one but i did It felt like a country for old men20 The doctor’s case 3 stars sherlock holmes well its passable21 Umney’s last case 25 stars another case here this went over my head22 Head down 1 star actually dnf could not care less about baseball23 Brooklyn August 2 stars poems poems poems24 The beggar and the diamond 3 stars weird way to end a collectionOverall rating 35 45

  9. J.K. Grice J.K. Grice says:

    The audio book version of NIGHTMARES AND DREAMSCAPES is just fantastic Really cool stories with famous people narrating like Grace Slick Rob Lowe Tim Curry Jerry Garcia and others For such a big collection I thought the majority of the stories were very good DOLAN'S CADILLAC MY PRETTY PONY and YOU KNOW THEY HAVE A HELL OF A BAND were 3 of my favorites I thought it was rather odd that King included his true life baseball account HEAD DOWN in this book That part of the anthology wasn't terribly interesting to me and I didn't even listen to the entire recording Another odd detail regarding the live version of NAD is that until fairly recently it was only available on cassette tapes Even now the stories have been divided up and sold with just 4 tales to a CD Strange?

  10. Edward Lorn Edward Lorn says:

    I've read Nightmares and Dreamscapes than any other King book be it collection or novel There are many reasons for this The easiest to explain is that this was the most easily accessible of King's collections for me It came in the mail through the Stephen King Library those of you who've followed my Decades with King posts will know the story of how I used to steal my mother's packages out of the mailbox once a month while Night Shift and Skeleton Crew were locked up in the Great Book Closet because they were to uote my mother Too scary for her pumpkin Hey stop laughing Anyfloop that's the easiest to explain The harder answer is that I was in a horrible place when this book came out I needed the escapism And while this is not my favorite of King's collections that would be his first Night Shift I believe it is the perfect place to start if you plan on giving Stephen King a try It has on display everything people love and hate about him his verbosity his humor his mastery of mimicry his eclectic nature his massive successes and his most stunning failures Some of my favorite stories are collected in this book As are some of the worst stories I've read Anything King writes about baseball I hate Loathe is actually a better word My father was a huge baseball fan and Dad was one of the main reasons my teens were so awfulThis is my first time listening to these stories In the past I had always read them My opinions haven't changed much as far as best and worst but I have a better appreciation for stories like The Doctor's Case and Sorry Right Number due to the exemplary performances by their narrators Tim Curry does two tales in this collection and both of them are marvelous I think that's the first time I've used the word marvelous in a review and I regret nothing And then you have absolutely horrible narration brought to you by Yeardley Smith Lisa Simpson's voice on the Simpsons whose performance is laughable because of who she sounds like by default the story she narrates is good but it's brought down a whole star by her goofy ass voice and Joe Mantegna who completely phoned in his performance; his child voices are the worst I've heard Not some of the worst but the absolute worst He sounded like an adult making fun of how a kid sounds I can only guess he was asked to do this because he played a part in Thinner around the same time this book was published and they were contractually obligated to use his dry delivery which is completely void of give a fuck because they'd already paid him or something Anyway Mantegna's narration is garbage Probably in my top five worst performances up there with everything William Hurt has ever readBelow you will find a story by story review of this Nightmares and Dreamscapes's audiobook series I tried to keep it to one sentence per but well you'll see If you make it to the bottom all the way to the Notes section you'll get some insider info on me Or you know you can skip ahead to that or not read it at all Whatever floats your balloon animalShall we?Part One of this three part audiobook seriesSuffer the Little Children as read by Whoopi Goldberg gets three stars for rehashing that old Invasion of the Body Snatchers plot horror authors are so fond ofCrouch End as read by Tim Curry is one of the best audiobook performances I've heard and the story deserves every single star I can give it because it's creepy good Rainy Season as read by Lisa Simpson I mean Yeardley Smith gets four stars for being weird enough to make me giggle and cringe at the same timeDolan's Cadillac as read by Nick Andros himself Rob Lowe doesn't hold up to a second reading and has become as tedious and as boring as a twice told joke I'm giving it two stars for this reread This one really hurts because I loved this story the first time around Now I can't remember why Rob Lowe did a great job thoughThe House on Maple Street as read by Tabitha King gets four stars for being a neat little tribute to Ray Bradbury while being its own thing tooUmney's Last Case as narrated by the one and only Robert P Parker is a piece of metafiction that showcases nods to King's heroes and a few mentions of some of his real life friends but only manages to be three star's worth of entertainingOne star to both Head Down as read by Stephen King and Brooklyn August as narrated by Stephen J Gould because I give not a single fuck for baseball I hate all sports in general Hockey is okay but I loathe baseball most of allPart Two of this three part audiobook seriesChattery Teeth as narrated by Annie Wilkes herself Kathy Bates gets all five stars and remains one of my favorite stories of all timeMy Pretty Pony as read by the late Jerry Garcia gets four stars for explaining the ever uickening passage of time in a touching story about a grandfather and his grandsonSneakers as narrated by David Cronenberg has four star's worth of creepitude going on I forgot how much I liked this story Cronenberg's narration made it even better than I remember Wish it had a better ending thoughDedication as read by Lindsay Crouse is two stars worth of voodoo that doesn't really go anywhereThe Doctor's Case as narrated by Tim Curry see's King tackle Sherlock Holmes in this two star outing because it seems that all authors must tackle Holmes at some point or something Tim Curry makes this story bearableThe Moving Finger as narrated by Eve Beglarian gets three stars for being about a finger in a drainThe End of the Whole Mess as narrated by Ferris Bueller gets five stars for Matthew Broderick's performance Home Delivery as narrated by Uncle Stevie himself gets five stars for having an axe wielding pregnant womanPart Three of this three part audiobook seriesIt Grows on You as narrated by Stephen King gets a single star for boring me to tearsThe Fifth uarter as read by Gary Sinise is three star's worth of crime fictionYou Know They Got A Hell of a Band as read by Grace Slick gets five stars for having a concept so cool I don't need air conditioningThe Night Flier as read by Frank Muller gets five big ones for being one of the only vamp stories I can stomachPopsy as read by Joe Mantegna gets two stars for being ruined by the narrator Sorry Right Number as read by a full cast gets as many stars as I can throw at it I haven't been that unsettled in a long time The audiobook is the way to go with this story makes sure phone's turned offThe 10 O’Clock People as read by Joe Morton gets four stars because I used to be chained to the same habitNotes as read by Stephen King is probably my favorite part about this book Open you copy of Nightmares Dreamscapes and read the notes in the back if you've read all the stories of course and you'll see why I decided to start publishing my fiction I'd been writing since I was six but this notes section made me believe I could make it somewhere with my imagination King thinks some of his work is shit? You don't say Nightmares Dreamscapes made me want to show the world my creativity and On Writing taught me how If you don't like my stuff blame King for inspiring me The Beggar and the Diamond as read by Domenic Cuskern is a lovely story King's long time friend Surendra Patel told him once upon a when Hardcore King followers might remember a character named Surendra Patel in Pet Sematary Not sure when Patel passed but Under the Dome is dedicated to him Long day and pleasant nightsIn summation I love and hate this book For all the reasons stated above I can only give it three stars but it will forever be the book that got me through a tough time It didn't necessarily save my life but it took my mind off life long enough for me to cope with some rather heavy shit Final Judgment The sampler platter at your favorite bar

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