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Playthings of the Gods PDF Epub Playthings Of The Gods Author Selena Green Millionapartments.us Forget What You Think You Know About Greek Mythology The Gods Are Back If They Ever Left And This Time They Re Using Our Modern World As Their Playground Enjoy Fourteen Stories That Take You From Deity Inhabited Skyscrapers To Cobwebbed, Gated Manors, And Everywhere In Between Frayed Tapestry By Imogen Howson Naiad By Erin Fanning Autumn Equinox By Jennifer Rachel Baumer Naxos By Megan Arkenberg Skylight By Amanda Sun Cursed By Lisa Gail Green The Resistance By Margaret Buck Spear Among Spindles By S.Q Eries Road To Magdalena By Kevin Singer Hylas By Elizabeth Zuckerman The Long Summer By Phoebe North Awake, She Dreams By Isabelle Santiago How There Came To Be Seasons By Natalie Wendt Bliss By Caroline Schmeing

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    Okay, maybe I m slightly biased But I really did enjoy reading it Even everyone else s stories D

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    I was so excited when I won this book on a blog contest Lots of fun to read these retelling of familiar Greek mythology written by an array of authors.