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Awakening the Sacred Body Awakening The Sacred Body Brings The Ancient Art Of Tibetan Breathing Practices To The Mainstream Teacher Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche Outlines The Theory And Process Of Two Powerful Meditations The Nine Breathings Of Purification And The Tsa Lung Movements That Can Help You Change The Way You Think, Feel, And Experience The World.The Simple Methods Presented In Awakening The Sacred Body And On The Accompanying DVD Focus On Clearing And Opening Your Energetic Centers To Allow The Natural Human Qualities Of Love, Compassion, Joy, And Equanimity To Bloom These Practices, Which Bring The Mind And Breath Together With Specific Body Movements, Can Help You Connect To Your Inner Wisdom And Achieve A Relaxed Yet Aware State Of Mind.

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    In this book, the author shares the Tsa Lung and 9 purification breaths techniques and explains how to work with them The book also comes with a DVD, so that you can actually see how to do the exercises I found the writing to be clear and explicit and it made it easy to learn the exercises Doing these exercises in conjunction with o...

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    This book describes and provides a context for practices I learned in a workshop with a senior student of Tenzin Wangyal, Marcy Vaughn My experience has been that these practices called tsa lung are both very simple and very powerful The DVD that accompanies the book shows Wangyal Rinpoche himself performing the exercises, so who knows, you may well be able to learn them from that alone Although I did not take up these practices for my physical health, to my amazement...

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    Simple Clear Direct Short Profound Inspiring What could you want from a book

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    This is a fabulous book with wonderful practices that use the body as a gateway into one s true nature I totally recommend it to anyone who is looking for real transformation in their life.

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    ANF 299.5

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    Excellent book complete with dvd on the Tibetan Tsa lung practices, which I tearh and practice I highly recommend.

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