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Psyché Psyche Is A Tragedy Ballet In Five Acts And In Verse, Written By Moli Re, Pierre Corneille And Philippe Quinault.The Subject Is Taken From Apuleius S Metamorphoses The Story Of Psyche And Cupid Is Told By An Old Woman To A Young Girl Who Has Been Kidnapped By Brigands Apuleius S Version Was Far Too Bold And Too Charged Sexually For The 17th Century Stage, And The Story Had Been Adapted To The Morals Of The Time On Several Occasions.Moli Re Did Not Versify The Entire Play The Plot Is His He Versified The Prologue, The First Act And The First Scene Of Acts Two And Three Pierre Corneille Versified The Rest Of The Play Philippe Quinault Wrote All Of The Poetry That Was Set To Music.The Book Has No Illustrations Or Index Subjects Drama General Drama Continental European

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    An interesting change to an Ancient story I ll have to read the Golden Asse by Apuleius to see how they compare The 18th century poets writers seemed to have a bit of a different take on the Roman Greek Gods, so I m curious as to how this has been changed.

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    Wow Pretty dramatic for Moliere, but he did have Corneille s help in writing this play More dancing and music than in his strictly comical satirical plays..which is good, because the long speeches DO get a bit tedious This must have been an amazing spectacle when staged I just hope they used an an...

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    Well nothing spacial to say about this play of Moliere Semms like a fast improvisation for Louis XIV with a lot of dansers and fanfars You can almost feel the presence of this old stype pompous speaking Interesting to read to feel that Did not find a lot of interesting things to say.

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