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    A History of the Canadian Economy, by Kenneth Norrie and Douglas Owram, is an interesting look at the development of the Canadian economy from per Confederation to the 1980 s The book heavily focuses on both considering and critiquing the staples theory of Canadian economics This theory indicates that the Canadian economy developed through economic linkages to staples such as furs, timber, agricultural products and fish within Canada Slowly, supporting industries like ship building, hunting and gathering, and financing developed as a by product of the hunt for staples for export to European markets The two authors refute this in some instances, but it does hold true in several examples Lower Canada Quebec developed due to French interests in the fur trade, as French explorers expanded the borders of their settlements, built trading posts, and expanded rapidly along river banks Agriculture in this area supposedly developed to support this industry However, the case is clearly not so cut and dry The authors use another form of development to refute the staples theory military development Canada was first split between French and British interests, and then, after the ousting of the French, threatened by American expansionism from the south This required the development of forts to house troops, and garrisoning supplies for the forts and billeted soldiers Halifax w...

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A History of the Canadian Economy A History Of The Canadian Economy, Provides A Chronological Account Of Canada S Economic And Social Development From The Time Of Pre European Settlement To The Present Written By An Economist And A Historian, It Provides An Interdisciplinary Treatment Of Nearly Five Centuries Of Canada S Past.