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  • Format Kindle
  • Uncompromising Honor
  • David Weber
  • Anglais
  • 15 August 2018
  • 9781481483506

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Uncompromising HonorFIRST NEW HONOR HARRINGTON NOVEL IN FIVE YEARS New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal And International Best Sellingphenomenon David Weber Delivers Book In The Multiple New York Times Best Selling Honor Harrington Series, The First New Honor Harrington Novel Since S Shadow Of Freedom HONORS FINISHING WHAT SHE STARTED The Solarian Leagues Navy Counts Its Superdreadnoughts By The Thousands Not Even Its Own Government Knows How Enormous Its Economy Truly Is And For Hundreds Of Years, The League Has Borne The Banner Of Human Civilization, Been The Ideal To Which Humanity Aspires In Its Diaspora Across The Galaxy But The Bureaucrats Known As The Mandarins, Who Rule Todays League, Are Not The Men And Women Who Founded It So Long Ago They Are Corrupt, Venal, Accountable To No Oneand Theyve Decided The Upstart Star Kingdom Of Manticore Must Be Destroyed Honor Harrington Has Worn The Star Kingdoms Uniform For Half A Century And Served Her Monarch And Her People Well In The Course Of Those Years, The Woman The Newsies Call The Salamander Has Grown From A Tactically Brilliant But Politically Nave Junior Officer To Supreme Fleet Command And A Seat On The Highest Military And Political Councils Of The Grand Alliance Very Few People Know War The Way Honor Harrington Does Very Few Have Lost As Many Men And Women, As Many Friends, As Much Family, As She Has Yet Despite That, Hers Has Been A Voice Of Caution She Knows The Mandarins And The Solarian League Navy Are Growing Increasingly Desperate As The Truth Of Their Technological Inferiority Sinks Home, But She Also Knows The Sheer Size Of The League And She Knows How Its Citizens Will React If The Grand Alliance Takes The War To The League, Attacks Its Star Systems, Destroys Its Infrastructurekills Its Civilians Todays Victory, Bought On Those Terms, Can Only Guarantee A Future War Of Revenge Against A Resurgent Solarian League And Its Navy Honor Knows The Grand Alliance Must Find A Victory That Doesnt Require Incursions Deep Into Solarian Space, Doesnt Leave A Legacy Of Bottomless Hatred, And The Strategy She Supports Has Been Working The League Is Sliding Towards Inglorious Defeat As It Steadily Loses Ground In The Protectorates And The Verge As Its Central Government Teeters Towards Bankruptcy And Even Some Of Its Core Systems Opt To Secede In The Face Of The Mandarins Corruption As The Solarian Navy Finally Realizes It Cannot Face An Alliance Battle Fleet And Win But The Mandarins Have Embraced A Desperate New Strategy, And In Pursuit Of That Strategy, The SLN Has Committed Atrocities Such As The Galaxy Has Not Known In A Thousand Years The League Have Violated Its Own Eridani Edict Against Mass Civilian Casualties, Violated The Deneb Accords Prohibition On War Crimes And They Have Finally Killed Too Many Of The People Honor Harrington Loves Hers Is The Voice Of Caution And Compromise No Longer, And The Galaxy Is About To See Something It Has Never Imagined The Salamander Is Coming For The Solarian League, And Hell Is Coming In Her Wake About Uncompromising Honor A Balanced Mix Of Interstellar Intrigue,counterespionage, And Epic Fleet Actionwith All The Hard And Software Details And Tactical Proficiency That Weber Delivers Like No One Else Along With A Large Cast Of Well Developed, Believable Characters, Giving Each Clash Of Fleets Emotional Weight Booklistmoves As Inexorably As The Star Kingdoms Grand Fleet, Commanded By Series Protagonist Honor Harrington Weber Is The Tom Clancy Of Science Fiction His Fans Will Relish This Latest Installment Publishers Weekly E Ach Book Contains Food For Multiple Tastes And Provides A Feast Readerswill Get Enough Hardware Geek Stuff And Space Battles To Make Their Palms Sweaty Those Who Love Political Intrigue Will Nigh Have Their Brains Explode From Following All The Tentacles Of Strategy Those Who Love Fully Drawn Characters With Everything At Stakewill Have Lots To Cheer About And Those Who Love Bad Guys Committing Atrocious Deeds, Only To Get What They Deserve From The Good Guys, Will Sleep Contentedly At Night Because Justice Has Been Served Uncompromising Honorprovide S A Long, Luxurious Trip That Is Emotionally And Intellectually Gratifying New York Journal Of Books West Webers Books Are Enjoyable As Fiction And Profound As Works Of Art In Them Great Power Competition Makes Its Way Into The Space Age On A Galactic Scale Battles Are Described In Vivid, Suspenseful Detail Both Sides Grapple To Do Their Duty As They Understand Itand It Is The Human Touches That Make This Book So GrippingWebers Fans Will Greatly Enjoy Uncompromising Honor And Be Left Eagerly Awaiting The Next Installment Of This Magnificent SeriesMark Vandroff,Center For International Maritime Security About Shadow Of Freedom, In The Honor Harrington Series This Entry Is Just As Exciting As Webers Initial Offering The Result Is A Fast Paced And Action Packed Story That Follows Our Characters As They Move From Reaction To Command Of The Situation Weber Builds Shadow Of Freedom To An Exciting And Unexpected Climax Daily News Of Galveston About Mission Of Honor, In The Honor Harrington Series Weber Combines Realistic, Engaging Characters With Intelligent Technological Projection And A Deep Understanding Of Military Bureaucracy In This Long Awaited Honor Harrington NovelFans Of This Venerable Space Opera Will Rejoice To See Honor Back In Action Publishers Weekly This Latest Honor Harrington Novel Brings The Saga To Another Crucial Turning PointReaders May Feel Confident That They Will Be Honored Manytimes And Enjoy It Every Time BooklistAbout David Weber And The Honor Harrington Serieseverything You Could Want In A Heroine Excellent Plenty Of Action Science Fiction Age Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant Anne McCaffrey Compelling Combat Combined With Engaging Characters For A Great Space Opera Adventure Locus Weber Combines Realistic, Engaging Characters With Intelligent Technological ProjectionFans Of This Venerable Space Opera Will RejoicePublishers Weekly Honor Harrington Main Series On Basilisk Station The Honor Of The Queen The Short Victorious War Field Of Dishonor Flag In ExileHonor Among Enemies In Enemy Hands Echoes Of Honor Ashes Of Victory War Of Honor The Shadow Of Saganami At All Costs Storm From The Shadows Mission Of Honor A Rising Thunder Shadow Of Freedom Uncompromising HonorWith Over Eight Million Copies Of His Books In Print And Thirty Titles On TheNew York Timesbestseller List,David Weberis A Science Fiction Powerhouse In The Vastly Popular Honor Harrington Series, The Spirit Of CS Foresters Horatio Hornblower And Patrick OBriansMaster And Commanderlives Oninto The Galactic Future Books In The Honor Harrington And Honorverse Series Have Appeared On Twenty One Bestseller Lists, IncludingThe Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, AndUSA TodayAdditional Honorverse Collaborations Include A Spin Off Mini Series Manticore Ascendant WithNew York Timesbest Selling Author, Timothy Zahn And With Eric Flint In TheCrown Of Slaves,andCauldron Of Ghostscontributing To His Illustrious List OfNew York Timesand International Best Seller Lists Best Known For His Spirited, Modern Minded Space Operas, Weber Is Also The Creator Of The Oath Of Swords Fantasy Series And The Dahak Saga, A Science Fiction And Fantasy Hybrid Weber Has Also Engaged In A Steady Stream Of Best Selling Collaborations, The Starfire Series With Steve White The Empire Of Man Series With John Ringo The Multiverse Series With Linda Evans And Joelle Presby And The Ring Of Fire Series With Eric Flint David Weber Makes His Home In South Carolina With His Wife And Children

About the Author: David Weber

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Uncompromising Honor , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés David Weber auteurs dans le monde.