The Perfect Betrayal (Zombie Fallout #13)

24 February 2020 | By Mark Tufo | Filed in: zombies.

Mike and his squad launch a rescue for Trip, but nefarious forces have aligned against them He marshals his team together, but will it be enough Etna Station and everything Mike cares about is on the brink of collapse All will be lost unless Mike can convince his team to heed the crazed warnings

Dead Meat: Day 3 (Dead Meat, #3)

24 February 2020 | By Nick Clausen | Filed in: zombies.

The dead have awakened Driven by insatiable hunger In eternal search of fresh meat The infection spreads like the plague Nothing stands between the undead and humanity Is it too late to save the world from disaster Day 3 of the zombie apocalypse The story picks up from Day 2 We meet William

Nowhere To Hide (Zombies! #4)

24 February 2020 | By R.S. Merritt | Filed in: zombies.

Welcome to Book 4 of the Zombies series This series is meant to be read in order, so if you haven t read or listened to Books 1 3 yet you re in for a treat In this addition to the series the world becomes a complicated place for Kyler as he s asked to do things that are gradually eating

Red Eye The Armageddon Series Episode 4

24 February 2020 | By Claire C. Riley | Filed in: zombies.

EPISODE 4 COMING DECEMBER 5th About the episode The code word is coconuts Things come to a head between two members of the group and a line is firmly draw when someone gets the wrong idea The group realises that the world as they know it might not ever be right again About the series When

Sin & Salvation (Demigods of San Francisco, #3)

24 February 2020 | By K.F. Breene | Filed in: zombies.

Valens has noticed his two missing employees It won t be long before he knows who is responsible It won t be long before he claims his vengeance The race is on Kieran and Lexi must scrape together an army worthy of taking on the Demigod of San Francisco before he destroys them all But Valens

The Culling Trials 3 (Shadowspell Academy, #3)

24 February 2020 | By K.F. Breene | Filed in: zombies.

You Don t Choose The Academy The Academy Chooses You The last of the Culling Trials is here I foolishly thought I d survived the worst My team is falling to pieces around me and my heart is shattered for the losses I ve endured But I can t stop when I m so close to the end There are too many

The Tainted (Dominion of Ash #1)

24 February 2020 | By Frost Kay | Filed in: zombies.

Alternate cover edition of ASIN B07JMFR7V6 She never should ve taken the dare.In a destroyed world plagued with pestilence and monsters, nothing was easy It s brutal, deadly, and most often, short.Hazel thought she understood who her enemies were starvation, infection, her mama s disgusting lima

How to Break an Undead Heart (Beginner's Guide to Necromancy, #3)

24 February 2020 | By Hailey Edwards | Filed in: zombies.

Grier finally has the one thing she s always wanted Boaz Pritchard Too bad her dream boyfriend is keeping her up nights, just not in a sweaty or fun way Boaz has dialed down the Southern charm and stopped returning her calls His job forces him to keep secrets, but his radio silence is cranking

The Last Kids on Earth (Last Kids on Earth, #1)

24 February 2020 | By Max Brallier | Filed in: zombies.

Ever since the monster apocalypse hit town, average thirteen year old Jack Sullivan has been living in his tree house, which he s armed to the teeth with catapults and a moat, not to mention video games and an endless supply of Oreos and Mountain Dew scavenged from abandoned stores But Jack alone

A Scare of a Dare (Diary of a Minecraft Zombie, #1)

24 February 2020 | By Zack Zombie | Filed in: zombies.

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Has a Fresh New Look Ever wonder what it would be like to be a Minecraft Zombie In the first book of this hilarious Minecraft adventure series, we get to read the diary of an actual 12 year old, Minecraft Zombie Take a peek at what is really going on between the hollow

Dungeon Desolation (The Divine Dungeon, #4)

24 February 2020 | By Dakota Krout | Filed in: zombies.

The necromantic armies are on the warpath and nowhere is safe Even the presumed sanctuary of the floating dungeon controlled by Cal is threatened The leadership of nearly all the sentient monarchies has been wiped out, and only the races most suited to repelling the advancing darkness have an

When The Dead Have It Easy (The Veil Diaries #7)

24 February 2020 | By B.L. Brunnemer | Filed in: zombies.

Disclaimer The Veil Diaries is turning into New Adult from this book on Which means I recommend the 18 age group Adult situations, graphic descriptions, and foul language will be in the books My name is Alexis, Lexie to most everyone And I m a Necromancer It s not as much fun as it

Catharsis (Awaken Online #1)

24 February 2020 | By Travis Bagwell | Filed in: zombies.

This is an alternate cover edition for B01J0E8Z8A On paper, Jason has a great life He attends a prestigious private school on scholarship and his parents are reasonably well off Yet life hasn t been easy for Jason He has spent most of high school being tormented by both the students and faculty

The Walking Dead, Vol. 32: Rest In Peace

24 February 2020 | By Robert Kirkman | Filed in: zombies.

The conflict in the Commonwealth hits a fever pitch could this be the end of civilization as we ve come to know it Collects THE WALKING DEAD 187 193.


24 February 2020 | By Tom Taylor | Filed in: zombies.

What happens to the World s Finest if the world ends With death spreading across the planet, who will live and who will turn in this apocalyptic tale of heroism, sacrifice and annihilation It s the end of the world as we know it Six hundred million people worldwide are instantly turned into