Fifth Sun: A New History of the Aztecs

28 January 2020 | By Camilla Townsend | Filed in: world history.

In November 1519, Hernando Cort s walked along a causeway leading to the capital of the Aztec kingdom and came face to face with Moctezuma That story and the story of what happened afterwards has been told many times, but always following the narrative offered by the Spaniards After all, we have

Humans: A Brief History of How We F*cked It All Up

28 January 2020 | By Tom Phillips | Filed in: world history.

An exhilarating journey through the most creative and catastrophic f ck ups in human history, from our very first ancestor falling out of that tree, to the most spectacular fails of the present day In the seventy thousand years that modern human beings have walked this earth, we ve come a long way.

Killing the SS: The Hunt for the Worst War Criminals in History

28 January 2020 | By Bill O\'Reilly | Filed in: world history.

Confronting Nazi evil is the subject of the latest installment in the mega bestselling Killing series As the true horrors of the Third Reich began to be exposed immediately after World War II, the Nazi war criminals who committed genocide went on the run A few were swiftly caught, including the

SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome

28 January 2020 | By Mary Beard | Filed in: world history.

In SPQR, an instant classic, Mary Beard narrates the history of Rome with passion and without technical jargon and demonstrates how a slightly shabby Iron Age village rose to become the undisputed hegemon of the Mediterranean Wall Street Journal Hailed by critics as animating the grand

Upheaval: Turning Points for Nations in Crisis

28 January 2020 | By Jared Diamond | Filed in: world history.

In his international bestsellers Guns, Germs and Steel and Collapse, Jared Diamond transformed our understanding of what makes civilizations rise and fall Now, in his third book in this monumental trilogy, he reveals how successful nations recover from crises while adopting selective changes a