Big Summer

02 June 2020 | By Jennifer Weiner | Filed in: womens fiction.

The 1 New York Times bestselling author of the nothing short of brilliant People Mrs Everything returns with an unforgettable novel about friendship and forgiveness set during a disastrous wedding on picturesque Cape Cod.Six years after the fight that ended their friendship, Daphne Berg is sho

The Jane Austen Society

02 June 2020 | By Natalie Jenner | Filed in: womens fiction.

Just after the Second World War, in the small English village of Chawton, an unusual but like minded group of people band together to attempt something remarkable n nOne hundred and fifty years ago, Chawton was the final home of Jane Austen, one of England s finest novelists Now it s home to a few d


02 June 2020 | By Curtis Sittenfeld | Filed in: womens fiction.

From the New York Times bestselling author of American Wife and Eligible, a novel that imagines a deeply compelling what might have been What if Hillary Rodham hadn t married Bill Clinton n nIn 1971, Hillary Rodham is a young woman full of promise Life magazine has covered her Wellesley commenceme

Happy & You Know It

02 June 2020 | By Laura Hankin | Filed in: womens fiction.

A dark, witty page turner set around a group of wealthy mothers and the young musician who takes a job singing to their babies and finds herself pulled into their glamorous lives and dangerous secrets n nAfter her former band shot to superstardom without her, Claire reluctantly agrees to a gig as a


02 June 2020 | By Nora Roberts | Filed in: womens fiction.

A family ranch in Big Sur country and a legacy of Hollywood royalty set the stage for Nora Roberts emotional new suspense novel n nCaitlyn Sullivan, a daughter of Hollywood royalty, was already a star at ten, but still loved to play hide and seek with her cousins at the family home in Big Sur It wa

The Wife Stalker

02 June 2020 | By Liv Constantine | Filed in: womens fiction.

Breezing into the tony seaside paradise of Westport, Connecticut, gorgeous thirtysomething Piper Reynard sets down roots, opening a rehab and wellness space and joining a local yacht club When she meets Leo Drakos, a handsome, successful lawyer, the wedding ring on his finger is the only thing she

I'd Give Anything (Love Walked In, #4)

02 June 2020 | By Marisa de los Santos | Filed in: womens fiction.

From the New York Times bestselling author of Love Walked In and Belong to Me comes a profound and heart rending story about a horrific tragedy that marks one woman and her hometown and about the explosive secrets that come to light twenty years later Ginny Beale is eighteen, irreverent, funny, and

Real Men Knit

02 June 2020 | By Kwana Jackson | Filed in: womens fiction.

When their foster turned adoptive mother suddenly dies, four brothers struggle to keep open the doors of her beloved Harlem knitting shop, while dealing with life and love in Harlem n nJesse Strong is known for two things his devotion to his adoptive mom, Mama Joy, and his reputation for breaking he

The Lion's Den

02 June 2020 | By Katherine St. John | Filed in: womens fiction.

Belle likes to think herself immune to the dizzying effects of fabulous wealth But when her best friend, Summer, invites her on a glamorous getaway to the Mediterranean aboard her billionaire boyfriend s yacht, the only sensible answer is yes Belle hopes the trip will be a much needed break from h

A Happy Catastrophe

02 June 2020 | By Maddie Dawson | Filed in: womens fiction.

FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF MATCHMAKING FOR BEGINNERS COMES A NOVEL ABOUT LOVE, LOSS, AND THE BEAUTIFUL MESS OF FAMILY n nMarnie MacGraw and Patrick Delaney have been in love for a few years now, enough to realize that they are imperfectly perfect together Still, there are somethings that maybe

Accidentally Family (Pecan Valley #1)

02 June 2020 | By Sasha Summers | Filed in: womens fiction.

Welcome to Pecan Valley, where the town may be small but the townspeople will always lend a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on Where good times, good humor, and good people will always lead to happily ever after n nLife for Felicity, and her teen children, is finally back on track After her div

The Banty House

02 June 2020 | By Carolyn Brown | Filed in: womens fiction.

In the fading town of Rooster, Texas, all that s really left is a service station, a church and the Banty House, a long ago Depression era brothel For than seventy five years, Betsy, Connie, and Kate Carson have called their mama s house a home The three eccentric sisters get by just fine wit

The Happy Ever After Playlist

02 June 2020 | By Abby Jimenez | Filed in: womens fiction.

From the USA Today bestselling author of The Friend Zone comes an adorable and fresh romantic comedy about one trouble making dog who brings together two perfect strangers n nTwo years after losing her fianc , Sloan Monroe still can t seem to get her life back on track But one trouble making pup wit

If I Had Your Face

02 June 2020 | By Frances Cha | Filed in: womens fiction.

A riveting debut novel set in contemporary Seoul, Korea, about four young women making their way in a world defined by impossibly high standards of beauty, secret room salons catering to wealthy men, strict social hierarchies, and K pop fan mania Even as a girl, I knew the only chance I had was to