Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda

02 April 2020 | By Roméo Dallaire | Filed in: rwanda.

On the 10th anniversary of when UN peacekeepers landed in Rwanda, Random House Canada proudly publishes the unforgettable 1st hand account of the genocide by the leader of the mission Digging deep into shattering memories, Dallaire has written a powerful story of betrayal, na vet , racism

Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust

02 April 2020 | By Immaculée Ilibagiza | Filed in: rwanda.

Immaculee Ilibagiza grew up in a country she loved, surrounded by a family she cherished But in 1994 her idyllic world was ripped apart as Rwanda descended into a bloody genocide Immaculees family was brutally murdered during a killing spree that lasted three months and claimed the lives of nearly

Machete Season: The Killers in Rwanda Speak

02 April 2020 | By Jean Hatzfeld | Filed in: rwanda.

During the spring of 1994, in a tiny country called Rwanda, some 800,000 people were hacked to death, one by one, by their neighbors in a gruesome civil war Several years later, journalist Jean Hatzfeld traveled to Rwanda to interview ten participants in the killings, eliciting extraordinary

Running the Rift

02 April 2020 | By Naomi Benaron | Filed in: rwanda.

Running the Rift follows Jean Patrick Nkuba, a gifted Rwandan boy, from the day he knows that running will be his life to the moment he must run to save his life, a ten year span in which his country is undone by the Hutu Tutsi tensions Born a Tutsi, he is thrust into a world where it s impossible

Baking Cakes in Kigali

02 April 2020 | By Gaile Parkin | Filed in: rwanda.

Once in a great while a debut novelist comes along who dazzles us with rare eloquence and humanity, who takes us to bold new places and into previously unimaginable lives Gaile Parkin is just such a talentand Baking Cakes in Kigali is just such a novel This gloriously written taleset in modern day

The Girl Who Smiled Beads: A Story of War and What Comes After

02 April 2020 | By Clemantine Wamariya | Filed in: rwanda.

A riveting story of dislocation, survival, and the power of the imagination to save us Clemantine Wamariya was six years old when her mother and father began to speak in whispers, when neighbors began to disappear, and when she heard the loud, ugly sounds her brother said were thunder It was

Our Lady of the Nile

02 April 2020 | By Scholastique Mukasonga | Filed in: rwanda.

For her most recent work and first novel Notre Dame du Nil, originally published in March 2012 with Gallimard in French Mukasonga immerses us in a school for young girls, called Notre Dame du Nil The girls are sent to this high school perched on the ridge of the Nile in order to become the

Life Laid Bare: The Survivors in Rwanda Speak

02 April 2020 | By Jean Hatzfeld | Filed in: rwanda.

To make the effort to understand what happened in Rwanda is a painful task that we have no right to shirk it is part of being a moral adult Susan Sontag In the late 1990s, French author and journalist Jean Hatzfeld made several journeys into the hilly, marshy region of the Bugesera, one of the

An Ordinary Man: An Autobiography

02 April 2020 | By Paul Rusesabagina | Filed in: rwanda.

The riveting life story of Paul Rusesabagina the man whose heroism inspired the film Hotel Rwanda As his country was being torn apart by violence during the Rwandan genocide of 1994, hotel manager Paul Rusesabagina the Oskar Schindler of Africa refused to bow to the madness that surrounded

The Antelope's Strategy: Living in Rwanda After the Genocide

02 April 2020 | By Jean Hatzfeld | Filed in: rwanda.

A powerful report on the aftereffects of the genocide in Rwanda and on the near impossibility of reconciliation between survivors and killers In two acclaimed previous works, the noted French journalist Jean Hatzfeld offered a profound, harrowing witness to the unimaginable pain and horror in the

Petit pays

02 April 2020 | By Gaël Faye | Filed in: rwanda.

Avant, Gabriel faisait les quatre cents coups avec ses copains dans leur coin de paradis Et puis l harmonie familiale s est disloqu e en m me temps que son petit pays , le Burundi, ce bout d Afrique centrale brutalement malmen e par l Histoire Plus tard, Gabriel fait revivre un monde jamais

A Thousand Hills: Rwanda's Rebirth and the Man Who Dreamed It

02 April 2020 | By Stephen Kinzer | Filed in: rwanda.

A Thousand Hills Rwanda s Rebirth and the Man Who Dreamed It is the story of Paul Kagame, a refugee who, after a generation of exile, found his way home Learn about President Kagame, who strives to make Rwanda the first middle income country in Africa, in a single generation In this adventurous

A Sunday at the Pool in Kigali

02 April 2020 | By Gil Courtemanche | Filed in: rwanda.

A Sunday at the Pool in Kigali is a moving, passionate love story set amid the turmoil and terror of Rwandas genocide.All manner of Kigali residents pass their time by the pool of the Mille Collines hotel aid workers, Rwandan bourgeoisie, expatriates, UN peacekeepers, prostitutes Keeping a

Land of a Thousand Hills: My Life in Rwanda

02 April 2020 | By Rosamond Halsey Carr | Filed in: rwanda.

In 1949, Rosamond Halsey Carr, a young fashion illustrator living in New York City, accompanied her dashing hunter explorer husband to what was then the Belgian Congo When the marriage fell apart, she decided to stay on in neighboring Rwanda, as the manager of a flower plantation Land of a