The Feather Thief

04 May 2019 | By Kirk Wallace Johnson | Filed in: natural-history.

On a cool June evening in 2009, after performing a concert at London s Royal Academy of Music, twenty year old American flautist Edwin Rist boarded a train for a suburban outpost of the British Museum of Natural History Home to one of the largest ornithological collections in the world, the Tring m

The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World

02 April 2019 | By Stephen Brusatte | Filed in: natural-history.

The dinosaurs Sixty six million years ago, the Earth s most fearsome creatures vanished Today they remain one of our planet s great mysteries Now The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs reveals their extraordinary, 200 million year long story as never before n nIn this captivating narrative enlivened

The Secret Wisdom of Nature: Trees, Animals, and the Extraordinary Balance of All Living Things ― Stories from Science and Observation

10 July 2019 | By Peter Wohlleben | Filed in: natural-history.

The final book in The Mysteries of Nature trilogy by the New York Times bestselling author of The Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben n nNature is full of surprises deciduous trees affect the rotation of the Earth, cranes sabotage the production of Iberian ham, and coniferous forests can make it r

Eruption: The Untold Story of Mount St. Helens

25 July 2018 | By Steve Olson | Filed in: natural-history.

For months in early 1980, scientists, journalists, and nearby residents listened anxiously to rumblings from Mount St Helens in southwestern Washington State Still, no one was prepared when a cataclysmic eruption blew the top off of the mountain, laying waste to hundreds of square miles of land an

The Lost Words

04 May 2018 | By Robert Macfarlane | Filed in: natural-history.

From Acorn to Weasel a gorgeous, hand illustrated, large format spellbook celebrating the magic and wonder of the natural world n nAll over the country, there are words disappearing from children s lives Words like Dandelion, Otter, Bramble, Acorn and Lark represent the natural world of childhood, a

A Honeybee Heart Has Five Openings

10 January 2018 | By Helen Jukes | Filed in: natural-history.

This book has found a special place in my heart It s as strange, beautiful and unexpected, as precise and exquisite in its movings, as bees in a hive I loved it HELEN MACDONALD, author of H IS FOR HAWKA fascinating, insightful and inspiring account of a novice beekeeper s year of keeping honeybe

Adventures of a Young Naturalist: The Zoo Quest Expeditions

05 April 2019 | By David Attenborough | Filed in: natural-history.

In 1954, a young television presenter named David Attenborough was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to travel the world finding rare and elusive animals for London Zoo s collection, and to film the expeditions for the BBC n nNow the greatest living advocate of the global ecosystem this is t