Washed In Blood (Heaven's Guardians MC, #1)

21 July 2017 | By Ashley Lane | Filed in: motorcycle.

Blinded by anger, the man who had sworn to protect me, shot me in a fit of rage when I was only sixteen years old He thought he killed me But my job wasn t finished yet My days are spent as President of the Heavens Guardians MC Nights are spent searching for the scum of the earth Rapists, Mu

Shaker (Blackwings MC, #5)

12 September 2019 | By Teagan Brooks | Filed in: motorcycle.

Shaker I didn t do relationships Because I had been burned I didn t do repeats Because I was burned, again I slipped and allowed a repeat And I was burned for a third time Then I found her Beaten and bruised I knew only I could protect her And I wanted to As a friend I wouldn t fall in l

Ariel, Always Enough (Iron Orchids #1)

05 August 2017 | By Danielle Norman | Filed in: motorcycle.

Some things in life were inevitable death, taxes, and lying, whoremongering men nOne woman would never be enough for one man nSo I traded in men for a Harley nNothing beats that kind of power between my legs nThen I blinked nAnd he was there n nSome things in life were inevitable death, taxes, and

Kid (Cerberus MC, #2)

03 February 2019 | By Marie James | Filed in: motorcycle.

I fell in love with an underage girl n nThe day we met she downed a bottle of pills and tried to jump off a bridge n nNot exactly the love story you want to tell your grandchildren, is it n nI could go into detail Give you the nitty gritty, but I m worried that the details won t matter when you find o

Wicked Whiskey Love (The Whiskeys: Dark Knights at Peaceful Harbor, #4)

19 January 2019 | By Melissa Foster | Filed in: motorcycle.

WICKED WICKED LOVE is a USA Today Bestseller n nAfter escaping abusive parents and, later, an abusive relationship, Sarah Beckley has spent a lifetime watching snakes shed their skin With two small children to care for and another on the way, she s finally found a home in Peaceful Harbor with the bro

Shadow (Cerberus MC #3)

10 May 2019 | By Marie James | Filed in: motorcycle.

I m no stranger to a woman warming my bed n nJust like riding my bike, the freedom I get from deciding if one night should turn into two, or if a number should be deleted altogether, is thrilling n nI ve never been dishonest about what my expectations are n nWhat s new for me is being the one ghosted n

Out of Time (Nine Minutes, #2)

19 May 2018 | By Beth Flynn | Filed in: motorcycle.

RECOMMENDED FOR READERS 18 AND OLDER DUE TO STRONG LANGUAGE, SEXUAL SITUATIONS AND VIOLENCE Out of Time is book two in a series It is not a standalone novel I highly recommend that you read my first novel, Nine Minutes, to be able to understand the background stories of the main characters There

Blizzard (The Brotherhood Journals)

15 January 2018 | By Addison Jane | Filed in: motorcycle.

For Blizzard, the feeling of betrayal was one he knew well n nHis father was a long time member of the Brothers by Blood MC He believed the brotherhood came first, even before his wife and child At first Blizzard didn t even blame his mother for walking out on them That was until he learned that

Too Hard to Handle (Black Knights Inc., #8)

08 July 2018 | By Julie Ann Walker | Filed in: motorcycle.

The Man is back n nDan The Man Currington is back in fighting form with a mission that takes him four thousand miles south of BKI headquarters, high in the Andes Mountains of Peru He s hot on the trail of a rogue CIA agent selling classified government secrets to the highest bidder, when Penni D

Tethered Souls

27 October 2019 | By Beth Flynn | Filed in: motorcycle.

My family has secrets I m always the good girl, doing what s necessary to keep my loved ones safe I ve kept the darkest secrets from everyone I know As painful as it is to hold them all inside where they live and gnaw away at me, that s where they must stay n nI haven t seen my closest childhood f

Prose Before Bros (Green Valley Library, #3)

09 November 2019 | By Cathy Yardley | Filed in: motorcycle.

Nothing about being a librarian prepared Thuy Nguyen for such a wide variety of casseroles Or life in a small town Or becoming a farmer n nBut what can she do when her catastrophe prone best friend begs her for help After all, Maddy has always been there for Thuy It s time to return the favor n nI

Mixed with Trouble (Cash Bar, #6)

22 April 2019 | By Hayley Faiman | Filed in: motorcycle.

Lea was born into the Notorious Devils life A daughter of a traitor She fell in love at the age of fourteen, maybe even before that She is determined to become a woman that he can love, even if she can never have him When trouble appears in her life, she is forced to call upon the Devils to sa