This Is Not A Drill: An Extinction Rebellion Handbook

02 June 2020 | By Extinction Rebellion | Filed in: earth.

Extinction Rebellion are inspiring a whole generation to take action on climate breakdown nNow you can become part of the movement and together, we can make history n nIt s time This is our last chance to do anything about the global climate and ecological emergency Our last chance to save the w

Losing Earth: A Recent History

02 June 2020 | By Nathaniel Rich | Filed in: earth.

By 1979, we knew nearly everything we understand today about climate change including how to stop it Over the next decade, a handful of scientists, politicians, and strategists, led by two unlikely heroes, risked their careers in a desperate, escalating campaign to convince the world to act before

Inconspicuous Consumption: The Environmental Impact You Don't Know You Have

02 June 2020 | By Tatiana Schlossberg | Filed in: earth.

A compelling and illuminating look at how our daily habits impact the environment Vanity Fair If you re looking for something to cling to in what often feels like a hopeless conversation, Schlossberg s darkly humorous, knowledge is power, eyes wide open approach may be just the thing Vogue

The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable

02 June 2020 | By Amitav Ghosh | Filed in: earth.

Are we deranged The acclaimed Indian novelist Amitav Ghosh argues that future generations may well think so How else to explain our imaginative failure in the face of global warming In his first major book of nonfiction since In an Antique Land, Ghosh examines our inability at the level of litera

Falter: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out?

02 June 2020 | By Bill McKibben | Filed in: earth.

Thirty years ago Bill McKibben offered one of the earliest warnings about climate change Now he broadens the warning the entire human game, he suggests, has begun to play itself out n nBill McKibben s groundbreaking book The End of Nature issued in dozens of languages and long regarded as a clas

A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars

02 June 2020 | By Seth Fishman | Filed in: earth.

This picture book is one in a gazillion Jane O Connor, the New York Times bestselling author of the Fancy Nancy series n nDid you know that the earth is covered in three trillion trees And that seven billion people weigh about the same as ten quadrillion ants Our world is full of constantly chang

From Tree to Sea

02 June 2020 | By Shelley Moore Thomas | Filed in: earth.

An original book with wide appeal School Library Journal A delight to share again and again School Library Connection n nSimple on the surface, this sweet story imparts important truisms about the planet we call home BookPage Thomas s exhortations celebrate both natural beauty and hu

When Planet Earth Was New

02 June 2020 | By James Gladstone | Filed in: earth.

It has taken billions of years for Earth to become the planet it is today When Planet Earth Was New looks back to the very beginning, using a poetic approach grounded in scientific fact to give an overview of how the planet has changed over time from hot lava to the formation of oceans to the evol

Gem: The Definitive Visual Guide

02 June 2020 | By D.K. Publishing | Filed in: earth.

Gem is a dazzling visual guide to precious stones, organic gems, and precious metals that weaves together beautiful, specially commissioned images and science, natural history, mythology, and true stories of adventure and discovery n nFrom diamonds to sapphires to limestone, this comprehensive guide

Tiny Little Rocket

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There s a tiny little rocket that will take you to the stars.It only flies there once a year but zips you out past Mars.Its fins are solid silver with a door made out of gold.There s a cozy pilot seat inside for a person young or old.Climb aboard for a bedtime picture book.