Only for You (Sugar Lake #2)

12 August 2020 | By Melissa Foster | Filed in: category romance.

n Love only works when your heart is in the right place Hers could be right next door nSingle mom Bridgette Dalton doesn t have time to stop and smell the roses not even in her own flower shop But that doesn t mean she hasn t noticed Bodhi Booker Her ruggedly handsome next door neighbor would be

Law and Disorder (The Finnegan Connection, #1)

12 August 2020 | By Heather Graham | Filed in: category romance.

n Trust the enemy n n nDesperate to escape her kidnappers, Kody Cameron can turn to only one man and he s holding a gun Outnumbered and trapped in the deadly Everglades, she has little recourse, but something in this captor s eyes makes her believe she can trust him Does she dare to take the risk

Her Backup Boyfriend (The Sorensen Family, #1)

12 August 2020 | By Ashlee Mallory | Filed in: category romance.

One little white lie leads to than she planned n nStraight laced lawyer Kate Matthews always plays by the rules But when her ex gets engaged and a big promotion is on the line at work, she blurts out that she has a new boyfriend And now that she s proved she has a life outside of work, every

Her Surprise Engagement

12 August 2020 | By Ashlee Mallory | Filed in: category romance.

Single mom Daisy Sorensen doesn t believe in fairytale endings at least not for her All she wants is to enjoy a much needed, stress free family vacation at a friend s Lake Tahoe home So of course everything that can go wrong does Including a gorgeous man and his daughter showing up in the middle

His Undercover Princess (Tempt Me, #1)

12 August 2020 | By Avery Flynn | Filed in: category romance.

Stylist Elle Olsen lives in fear of someone discovering her secret identity as Princess Eloise But the men who killed her entire family in a bloody coup have done just that and now they re coming for her All Elle wants is to disappear into anonymity again, but the panty melting billionaire who kid

His Christmas Assignment (Bachelor Bodyguards #1)

12 August 2020 | By Lisa Childs | Filed in: category romance.

Return to Payne Protection for the latest scandal in this brand new Bachelor Bodyguards series Once a bad boy, always a bad boy At least that s what Candace Baker tells herself after being scorned by fellow bodyguard Garek Kozminski And her hot Payne Protection coworker hasn t just returned to hi

The Rancher's Baby (Texas Cattleman's Club: The Impostor, #1)

12 August 2020 | By Maisey Yates | Filed in: category romance.

She s having her best friend s baby Only from n New York Times n bestselling author Maisey Yates When a torrid, possibly dangerous scandal comes to Royal, Texas, Selena Jacobs is nearly caught in the middle Until her best friend Knox McCoy ensures her safety by moving in Selena has loved Knox for

Confessions (The Battling McGuire Boys #1)

12 August 2020 | By Cynthia Eden | Filed in: category romance.

Meet the first of The Battling McGuire Boys from New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden n nDesperate to prove she s being framed for murder, Scarlett Stone entrusts her reputation and her life to the man who once broke her heart Grant McGuire, a sexy former army ranger turned detective, has

Seduced by the CEO (Chicago Sons #2)

12 August 2020 | By Barbara Dunlop | Filed in: category romance.

Falling for the CEO is a minefield of secrets in this tale from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Barbara Dunlop n nBorn on the wrong side of the bed, Riley Ellis is done playing second fiddle to his half brother the legitimate heir Determined to make his own company a success, Riley n

Teasing Her SEAL

12 August 2020 | By Anne Marsh | Filed in: category romance.

Subject Navy SEAL Gray Jackson n nObjective Stay on mission And out of her bed n nSurgeon Laney Parker is on her honeymoon Alone Without her cheating fianc , she s enjoying her nonrefundable vacation at Fantasy Island, an exotic resort filled with lush greenery, white beaches and staff who app

His Mistress with Two Secrets (The Sauveterre Siblings #2)

12 August 2020 | By Dani Collins | Filed in: category romance.

n Pregnant with the billionaire s babies n n n n nAfter the painfully public demise of her intense fling with renowned tycoon Henri Sauveterre, Cinnia Whitley discovers she s pregnantwith twins Cinnia burns with the memory of his touch, but bearing a new generation of the Sauveterre dynasty will bin

Pursued by the Rogue (Fairy Tales of New York, #1)

12 August 2020 | By Kelly Hunter | Filed in: category romance.

A no strings affair between two dedicated professionals It should have been the perfect solution n nUgly duckling Dawn Turner doesn t do relationships She has her reasons and they re good ones But she can t resist the magic in Finbar Sullivan s touch, so she negotiates the next best thing with him

Undercover Connection

12 August 2020 | By Heather Graham | Filed in: category romance.

Danger is hiding in the hot Miami night n nMuch to their mutual annoyance, FBI agent Jacob Wolff and Miami detective Jasmine Adair discover they re both undercover to bust a notorious organized crime group But amid a glamorous South Beach nightclub opening, their key informant is killed, leaving Jac