The Doorbell Rang

05 April 2017 | By Pat Hutchins | Filed in: addition.

Each ring of the doorbell brings friends to share the delicious cookies Ma has made in this beloved classic n nThis enjoyable read aloud picture book about friendship, sharing, and cookies can also be used to introduce basic math concepts to young children n nThe Doorbell Rang was named a Notable

Math Curse

06 January 2017 | By Jon Scieszka | Filed in: addition.

Did you ever wake up to one of those days where everything is a problem You have 10 things to do, but only 30 minutes until your bus leaves Is there enough time You have 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants Can you make 1 good outfit Then you start to wonder Why does everything have to be such a prob

Each Orange Had 8 Slices

19 May 2019 | By Paul Giganti Jr. | Filed in: addition.

This original counting book uses familiar objects to introduce beginning math concepts and reinforce visual literacy Dynamic illustrations combine with simple yet challenging questions to stimulate young learners to move beyond simple counting to complex mathematical tasks Full color.

Zero the Hero

10 November 2019 | By Joan Holub | Filed in: addition.

Zero Zip Zilch Nada That s what all the other numbers think of Zero He doesn t add anything in addition He s of no use in division And don t even ask what he does in multiplication Hint Poof But Zero knows he s worth a lot, and when the other numbers get into trouble, he swoops in to pro

Hershey's Kisses Addition Book

24 October 2017 | By Jerry Pallotta | Filed in: addition.

To illustrate math concepts, this book features a cast of miniature clowns struggling under the weight of life sized Hershey s Kisses Illustrations.

Grapes Of Math

15 November 2019 | By Greg Tang | Filed in: addition.

Let Scholastic Bookshelf be your guide through the whole range of your child s experiences laugh with them, learn with them, read with them Eight classic, best selling titles are available now Category Math Skills How many grapes are on the vine Counting each takes too much time Never Fear, I ha

Blank 133x176

08 April 2019 | By Loreen Leedy | Filed in: addition.

Animal students learn about addition from the world around them.

Domino Addition

04 August 2018 | By Lynette Long | Filed in: addition.

It s time to spread out your dominoes and learn how to add Learning to add is fun when you use dominoes This bold, colorful counting book shows you how.First learn how to use simple addition to find the total number of dots, from zero to twelve, on each domino Then see if you can find the dominoe

Pigs Will Be Pigs: Fun with Math and Money

10 August 2017 | By Amy Axelrod | Filed in: addition.

Join the pig family as they add, subtract, multiply, divide, and think about how money works in order to satisfy their big pig appetites The pigs are very hungry, and there s no food in the house Mr Pig suggests eating out but oh, no The Pigs are out of money So the family goes on a money hunt I

Mall Mania

11 March 2019 | By Stuart J. Murphy | Filed in: addition.

Shopping, counting, and a birthday present all add up to a surprise ending on Mall Mania Day A lighthearted look at addition strategies This nonfiction picture book is an excellent choice to share during homeschooling, in particular for children ages 5 to 7 It s a fun way to learn to read and as

Stack the Cats

28 October 2018 | By Susie Ghahremani | Filed in: addition.

One cat sleeps Two cats play Three cats stack Cats of all shapes and sizes scamper, stretch and yawn across the pages of this adorable counting book And every now and then, they find themselves in the purrfect fluffy stack

The Casual Vacancy

14 February 2019 | By J.K. Rowling | Filed in: addition.

A BIG NOVEL ABOUT A SMALL TOWN n nWhen Barry Fairbrother dies in his early forties, the town of Pagford is left in shock n nPagford is, seemingly, an English idyll, with a cobbled market square and an ancient abbey, but what lies behind the pretty fa ade is a town at war n nRich at war with poor, te

Math Fables Too: Making Science Count

14 June 2019 | By Greg Tang | Filed in: addition.

From 1 to 10, these lessons that count are math magic for learning addition.For children who have graduated from MATH FABLES, MATH FABLES TOO will help kids learn to count and, important, lay the groundwork for addition When children learn to group numbers at an early age, everything else